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Comment Not an issue (Score 3, Informative) 137

It's not actually meant for anything like that at all.

In the video, the cops explain (in Dutch, so I completely understand that this isn't obvious to parent) that it's meant to take out the odd drone that is - often inadvertently - flying somewhere where it really shouldn't, such as near an airport, or somewhere where an air ambulance needs to land. Nowhere in the video is it claimed that the system will be used to stop terrorists, smuggling, mass idiocy, or anything like that. Consider it the air equivalent of a police canine unit.

Comment Win-10 Nag included in the deal? (Score 1, Insightful) 103

I have Windows Update on a pure as-needed basis and glad I do after hearing about the supremely unethical 'Hey! Upgrade to Windows 10! Hey!' nag that came in some updates.

On another front a friend was having trouble with his boot drive and as we were shutting it down Windows jumped in to install a bunch of updates - that finished corrupting the boot drive and many, many hours were dedicated to recovery and repair.

I'll give these patches a look but want no shady behavior out of the Redmond Mob.

Comment Re:Happy the game is in still Development... (Score 1) 76

Happy the game is in still Development.... I really thought all work stopped completely and 3.4.3 was going to be the last version ever made by the Dev Team.

I'd still fire up the old version and play it. So many happy memories. I also was lucky enough to enjoy the color versions of NetHack, Larn and Moria on the Amiga.

Comment A society that hates the hunch (Score 1) 445

Hi I've got a website that discusses a scientific theory of mine. I have NEVER claimed it is anything but a theory, but lately I've been pretty beat up by the new google SEO techniques. Like I'm some kind of carnival barker. There are four kinds of knowledge in this world. Google's new plan only acknowledges one of them. 1. Fact - Information that is reproducible and verified. 2. Theory - Information that is reproducible, but not yet verified. 3. Failed Theory - Information that has been proven false. 4. Faith - Information that has no mechanism of reproduction. Problem is Google's new system only considers #1. So everyone else is freaking out. Google's target is #3 and is squashing #2 and #4 as collateral damage. The experiment failed. Back out Google!

Comment Sad no one mentioned the French TGV (Score 2) 189

- Has been operating on conventional rail (cost $ vs. $$$ for maglev) since 1981.
- Is holding the world record of 574,8 km/h on conventioanl rail since 2007.
- Is linking all major cities in France and some abroad (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK).
- Has commercial speeds of 280km/h for the oldest ones, to 320km/h for the current generation.
- Costs a fraction of the price of the maglev.

But, YMMV. And by all means go Japan !

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