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Submission + - Community of Hacker Dojo raises a Kickstarter! (

c0sine writes: For those who do not know. Hacker Dojo is one of the premier hacker / co-working / community spaces in the San Francisco Bay area. It is a member run and operated; and open to general public — center full of technologists, entrepreneurs and gurus. On top of contributing to the local community also provides information, software and other resources for anyone interested in starting or running a (non affiliated) hackerspace.
Recently the City of Mountain View, concerned that the space is not zoned for teaching classes, has shut down more than half the space, stopped all large classes and conferences, and has given Hacker Dojo 6 months to do a quarter million dollars of improvements or face being shut down.
Their fundraising total is now ~$170K out of $250K. The kickstarter goes for 10 more days. Here is a recent article about them in Venture Beat (

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - A hackerspace's options: raise a quarter million dollars or die. ( 3

katicli writes: "What would you do if your city threatened to close your local hackerspace unless you did a quarter million dollars in upgrades? Hacker Dojo is facing just such a question. The City of Mountain View, concerned that the space is not zoned for teaching classes, has shut down more than half the space, stopped all large classes and conferences, and has given the hackerspace 6 months to do a quarter million dollars of improvements or face being shut down.

This shows a troubling trend for next-generation educational and maker spaces, as spaces such as old schools and churches, which are zoned for "Assembly" are not easy to rent.

Hacker Dojo has raised $130,000 from corporate sponsors and charity events so far and is doing a Kickstarter to hold them over for another $30,000 while the rest is raised."

Comment Article is wrong (Score 5, Informative) 388

Today, the House voted to adopt the resolution (H. Res. 200) that will allow it to consider the actual resolution to overturn the regulation tomorrow. Note the words "Providing for consideration" in the title of the actual vote.

Granted, the House is still likely going to vote for the measure, but saying it's already passed is inaccurate.

Comment I read the (slashdotted) article (Score 1) 655

I generally agree with the article that starting with the 2005 series is the easiest way to get into Doctor Who. There are a few references to old stuff that you won't get, but they're subtle and not important to understanding what's going on.

If you want to start with the classic series, the more accessible places to start are either with Season 7's Spearhead from Space (the Third Doctor) or Season 12's Robot (the Fourth Doctor). Many episodes in the first six seasons were thrown out by the BBC, so they can only now be watched through audios and slide-show like reconstructions which can a bit challenging to watch. There are some restoration issues with the Third Doctor's stories, but at least all of the episodes are there.

Note that not all of classic Who has been released on DVD, so some of it may be a bit hard to find (at least legally).

New EU Net Rules Set To Make Cookies Crumble 290

NickstaDB writes "From the BBC article: 'From 25 May, European laws dictate that "explicit consent" must be gathered from web users who are being tracked via text files called "cookies." These files are widely used to help users navigate faster around sites they visit regularly. Businesses are being urged to sort out how they get consent so they can keep on using cookies.'"

Comment Re:Download Your Profile (Score 1) 368

And you've explained exactly how it's at least a better analogue, if not a good one. Facebook isn't likely to disappear any time soon, so backing up my pictures likely won't even matter, but if it does, I'll be glad I did back up my pictures. (Though, actually, I couldn't care less about mine, so I don't back mine up, but that's not the point.)

Comment Re:Imagine the worst person you know with a PC... (Score 1) 304

Their terminology is obviously off, but their intention is clear. During the election the private key is split into chunks that are distributed among different people and they delete (securely, I hope) the pieced together version. Thus, in order to use said private key you (theoretically) either need to make a mathematical breakthrough or get all of those guys to give up their piece. After the election, these guys get together and put the private key back together. Assuming they don't screw up the implementation or leave other glaring holes elsewhere, this is an entirely reasonable scheme.

Comment Re:Hmm... WA politics... (Score 1) 304

Your naïveté is cute if you actually think your average voter has done legitimate research. I will grant you that low turnout means only people who care (either about a position or about voting in general will show up, and most of them will have a strong opinion one way or another, but the level of research doesn't tend to be beyond party lines or media favourites.

Comment Re:Watson did really well, but... (Score 1) 674

Did I ever say that Watson was going to be a doctor? So much of modern diagnosis beyond the really common diagnoses is basically doing what Watson does that a doctor armed with a Watson derivative will be far stronger than either a human doctor or Watson alone. He doesn't need to deduce, infer, learn, plan, or resolve; the doctor can do that using the information that Watson can provide, and Watson can provide that information much faster than a human trying to do a lookup, and, since he doesn't need to stop looking as soon as he finds something that kinda fits. We're still many years off from replacing doctors, but Watson will make for an /impressive/ supplement.

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