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Comment Re:NIMBY (Score 1) 436

I have no idea where your 1.21 GW per person figure comes from, but for your family's safely I hope it is hyperbole, since it would take about 1,000,000 toaster overs to generate that kind of power, though far be it from me to judge how dark you like your toast.

Presumably it's to power everybody's DeLorean time machines. No worries though. By the time we reach that point, we'll all just be able to use our Mr Fusion to recharge our hoverbboards and self-drying clothes.

Comment The actual analogy... (Score 2) 140

One of the commenters from TFA finally explained it, the problem is it's still a very bad analogy. Farmed rats !=manufactured bugs. The actual analogy is wild rats == significant bugs and farmed rats == insignificant bugs. He's not saying the "bug farmers" are manufacturing the bugs, just that they're finding new and creative ways to break the software that would in all likelihood never occur outside of a lab setting.

So, like I said, a very bad analogy.

Comment Re:Break It Down Now (Score 1) 961

Once everyone is at step two, we can proceed with the clusterfuck that is world politics... Can we all just scientifically get to step two and then we'll go from there? The climate scientists are the experts.

You may not realize it, but posts like this are a big part of the problem. We've already reached step three, hell, we had reached it over a decade ago. Remember the Kyoto Protocols? There has been a coordinated effort by conservative politicians and "think tanks" in the service of the energy industry to convince the American public that "the science isn't conclusive" and "the jury is still out" indefinitely, so that they can keep on polluting like they have been for years.

We reached step three 15 years ago, the right was just too busy fellating big business to notice.

Comment Re:How is this news? (Score 1) 226

Eh - our beer may leave something to be desired, but American whiskey is actually pretty darned good

I'm gonna say you're wrong on both counts there. Maker's Mark is shit compared to stuff like Glenfiddich, Yamazaki, or any of the good colors of Johnny Walker. On the other hand, There actually exists some good beers, brewed right here in America. Personally, I like just about everything that New Belgium makes, and most Dogfish Head stuff I've tried wasn't bad.

Comment Re:Powerpoint in the military (Score 2, Interesting) 194

I love the 3 slides/page handout because it comes with a handy note-taking area next to each slide.

I hate those things. Unless you are a very concise note taker, there is never enough room for decent notes, and IMHO they make the slide itself way too small. Also, (and I know this is as much the presenter's fault as the format) I HATE when the slides are "made available" electronically by distributing .pdf's of them in that format.

Comment Re:Welcome to the 21st Century Courtroom (Score 2, Insightful) 776

Everyone is suitably impressed that you lost your hearing killing brown people. That doesn't change the fact that this is exactly the kind of thing you were supposed to be fighting against. Targeting US citzens? The only difference between this and what the commies were doing is that we've upgraded from secret police in the middle of the night to robots in the sky.

Comment Re:Not Scientists (Score 1) 429

I have to say I agree with the OP. I got my Ph.D. in Animal Sciences from a University with a Vet School. Several of the courses I took were taught over in the Vet School and later I taught in a couple of classes attended by Vet Students. MS and Ph.D. students (ie scientists) are expected (and in turn expect) to learn concepts, apply critical thinking skills, and reason out problems from day one. Vet Students (the AnSci equivalent to Med Students) are expected to memorize facts for 2 to 2.5 years. There is no expectation of critical thinking, no reasoning out complex problems, no application of previously learned concepts to novel situations until year 3 in Vet School.

They are very highly trained, but the training they recieve is very different from the training I recieved. I very quickly started thinking of MD's and DVM's as biological mechanics by default. Nothing I've seen in my interactions with them has led me to believe that I am mistaken to think of the individuals that way until they proove otherwise on a case by case basis.

Comment Re:What we really need (Score 1) 85

In the US, unless a game gets an Adult Only rating (which, aside from porn games, pretty much never happens anymore) it isn't "censored" by its rating...and as far as I know, there are no laws about selling M-rated games to minors...most stores just won't do it. Besides, with the advent of the Internet and things like Steam, not being able to buy a game because you are "underage" is mostly a thing of the past.

As far as the sex vs violence thing, feh...I would much rather my young child see a titty getting fondled rather than a head getting shot off (although, again, if they can prove to me they understand the difference between "entertainment" and "real life", I honestly don't care what they see.)

Comment Re:Very Interesting... (Score 1) 807

I imagine the first question on everyone's mind will be, "Why do we need a new web browser?" To which I imagine the truthful answer is: "We don't. At least not for technical reasons."

To take advantage of the forefront in "tabs at the top" technology, of course. I am personally very excited that science has progressed to the point where we can now have tabs above the address bar.

This was my favorite part of TFA. Guess what? I use Opera, so I can put my tabs above the adress bar right now!

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