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Comment Re:It will go unnoticed (Score 2) 89

I don't have any desire to get a Windows "Chrome" Book- we have a couple of Chromebooks at home for the kids, but I won't be getting them a Microsoft equivalent one unless it is demonstrably better.

That said the "Under 20 second Cold Boot" isn't a goal- it's a worst case scenario. They very well might boot in 6 seconds just like a Chromebook does. Until it is released we can't know. They're saying the very worst device in this classification would have to be able to boot in 20 seconds, not the best, nor the average, but the worst.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 1) 330

Eight years? Yeah, right. Trump will be lucky to make two. If he doesn't force congress to impeach him, or resign on his own, his "incredible" health will certainly fail him. He makes Newt Gingrich look like Richard Simmons.

I would almost prefer Trump to Pence to be honest.

Pence is not quite so obviously bat insane. Pence is probably more conservative than Trump, he's also more liked by his own party than Trump, so will be able to get more passed.

Sure, Pence won't do the ludicrous racist and xenophobic things that Trump is trying (and failing for the most part) to pass but he could potentially be more damaging to our economy long term.

If Trump doesn't get us into a ridiculous war, he can't get as much done as Pence could. Pence would be more diplomatically capable of getting stuff passed.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 2) 330

About half of Congressional Republicans hate him with passion — and would rather collude with the opposition than with him.

If this were the case the House Intelligence Committee Republicans wouldn't be dragging their feet on the Russia investigation.

They may not like Trump, but they hate the Democrats more, and if they were to start working with Democrats, they'd upset a good number of their voting base.

Many republicans may not like Trump, but they realize that they have to be careful in how they handle anything that might bring Trump down. Mid term elections and next general election will be impacted by Trump's approval ratings.

High approval ratings for Trump will mean Republicans will have an advantage going into elections. Low approval ratings for Trump could mean many Republicans lose their seats.

Right or wrong many people view the parties based upon how/what the president is doing. Trump may not be a traditional Republican (in fact he's more liberal than Hillary by some measures), but the people are going to judge the republican party based on what Trump does. If Trump gets solidly tied to Russia, many republicans will lose their seats, even if they are republicans that don't like Trump.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 2) 330

All presidents break a sizable portion of their campaign promises. Some of them are promises they couldn't fulfill. Others are promises that they changed their mind on, or never had any will to fulfill.

Trump was amusing, in that he broke a lot of his promises before he even took office (such as prosecuting Hillary). They're all the same though in one regards: Presidential candidates of all parties say what they think will get them elected moreso than they say what they really intend to do.

Comment Re: Engineers? (Score 1) 435

If you're designing Computer hardware, then I don't have a problem with the title "Engineer".

The problem is, the jobs I've had that had "Engineer" in the title, or ones I've applied to and didn't get in the past, or seen advertised, the vast majority of them were not "Engineering". The Engineer part is becoming a more and more meaningless title, meant to make the job sound more grandiose in most cases.

This does three things: 1) obfuscates what the job really does. 2) diminishes what an Engineer really is. 3) makes "software developer" or "programmer" sound like less of an important or demanding job than it is.

If you're really an engineer- that's fine to call yourself an engineer.

If you're designing and writing software systems or websites, you're no more an engineer than you are a software surgeon or a software lawyer.

Comment Re:Engineers? (Score 1) 435

Computer Engineers, Software that Potsy....

It's changing a title of a job from one that is functional and meaningful, to one that is meant to stoke the ego and sound grandiose at the expense of being accurate.

The problem is, just like "Janitor" became "Custodian" became "Sanitation Engineer", the same thing is going to happen to programming. Give it a few decades a programmers will be called "Software Surgeons".

Personally, I would rather just be called what I am, and not given some stupid title. I'm not so shallow that I need some flowery title applied to what I do to do it well.

Comment Engineers? (Score 3, Insightful) 435

Why would Engineers write code? Shouldn't those Engineers get back to driving the trains and leave the programming for the programmers?

/ Call me a Software Developer. Call me a Programmer. Call me a Code Monkey even. I am not an Engineer. Calling programmers "Engineers" is stupid. It's like calling janitors "sanitation experts" or secretaries "office administrators". Call a rose a rose and stop all this silly flowery job titles.

Comment I'm not installing (Score 4, Insightful) 97

There is no way I'm letting Facebonk have access to my brain even if it's just to read a brain signal that says "click". Next I know they'll tap into the pleasure centre and post a facebook post everytime I get sexually aroused.

I don't want everyone on Facebook to know when I visit the farm.

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