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Comment Re:Gov't data (Score 1) 102

Have you ever been able to trust it? I doubt it, so nothing has really changed in this regard and the timing of this question seems partisan.

To a degree, yes. Obviously a healthy amount of skepticism is needed and you need to be aware that governments can and will lie if there is a pressing need.

Individual politicians? No, don't believe a word they say without fact checking. Government agencies you tend to believe because they are large bodies with multiple employees paid to analyze data. In the era of Trump though I think I will be more suspicious of even government agencies than usual. We've already seen a press release filled with bare-faced "Alternate Facts". We've already seen the National Park service censored for publishing inconvenient data.

I think it's going to be more and more important to get news on domestic issues from overseas sources such as the BBC. Not only is our own media already polarized to the left or the right instead of just reporting facts, Trump threatened several times during his campaign to treat it as illegal for the press to criticize him. At what point will he try to enforce that?

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 189

I think the voice assistants on the phone are. They're funny for a few days looking for easter eggs then they get boring.

The Amazon Echo and Dot are useful though, especially when you connect them to your home lighting- we've got a few rooms rigged up now. I use it mostly asking what the weather is going to be like, what time is it, what's on my calendar, set an alarm, etc... I get it to convert Farenheit to Centigrade for communicating with folk back home.

all stuff I can do with my phone, but when I'm home I don't always have my phone on me. It's a nice to be able to just say out loud what you want, and it takes care of it. yes, the kids use it as a toy, asking for jokes and running the "meow meow" app to freak the cats out; but, I use it multiple times a day for real life uses.

It's certainly not an essential appliance, but it's a nice convenience. I never used the voice assistant on my phone though... what's the point, if I have my phone in my hand, it's quicker to tap.

Comment Re:London Too (Score 1) 612

That's not entirely true, you can own a gun in the UK- most people can't own concealable handguns, but sporting guns you can. The guns that are allowed are tightly regulated.

The result: very low gun crime. I've often thought the US should follow a similar policy. Most gun crime is committed by people with concealable handguns. You don't have to ban guns completely, you can have a right to bare arms, maintain an armed citizenry that can protect itself, without completely banning guns.

If you ban handguns, you eliminate most of the crime.

The purpose most people state for right to bare arms, is so that the government can't run rough-shod over the people. If that's true, if you're going to mount an insurrection, you're going to want to do it with rifles, not small handguns.

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1) 612

The problem with replacing all other benefit programs with a basic income is that, a basic income for a single person. ($12k enough to survive but not thrive?) would not work for some woman with 6 kids who's boyfriend has left her with all the kids. Those kids would starve.

Yeah, you could say it's that woman's fault for getting pregnant so much, and you'd probably be right (especially if you put equal blame on the boyfriend) but it wouldn't be fair on the kids who were born to the shiatty parents in that situation! So unless basic income included extra money for the kids I wouldn't favour it replacing other benefits.

At the same time, you don't want having kids to be a financial reward. Nowadays some people get pregnant just to get more money. You want to avoid that.

Overall, I think it's probably too soon for basic income though. I think there are still enough jobs and enough people who can work, that all basic income would do is cause massive inflation.

Comment Re: Basic income (Score 1) 612

I think we will have Basic Income one day. We have to, with more and more jobs being automated.

The problem is, if you implement it too early all it will do is cause rampant inflation and everyone will be poorer. One day it will be needed, but I think it's still too early. We're not completely taken care of by machines yet.

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