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Comment Re:lawsuits (Score 2, Insightful) 117

On the surface it sounds good; but if companies get sued for being hacked then more people will try hacking companies that piss them off (or in some cases maybe who are rivals).

Get fired? Hack your employer so that they get sued as payback. Rival kicking your arse? Hire some Russian miscreants to hack them.

Comment Re:News Flash! (Score 1) 403

Well... me too. I wouldn't risk my life to go to Mars. The thing is though; I don't have to.

There are plenty of people who are. Maybe they dream of having people trace their roots back to being one of the founding fathers of Mars. Or having a city named after them. (must admit McWeanyville does have a ring to it).

Meh! Not for me though- I will stay on green-green earth; however, I understand the motivation for those who are more adventurous than you and I. Most people won't want to leave, but plenty will.

Comment Re:No such thing as free shipping (Score 1) 139

I probably get 30 to 40 packages a year- Amazon probably accounts for about half of them (but then I get them free WITHOUT prime- I just don't buy from Amazon unless I have $50 worth to buy).

I will say though, I do prefer buying from Amazon if costs (including shipping) aren't much different. Amazon really does get "honoring the customer". They're not hard to work with if things go wrong.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 2) 139

Amazon is only free shipping if you're prime. (and if you're prime you're paying a whopping $100 a year in most cases).

Without prime, if you're not paying $50 in products pre tax, the shipping isn't free. I frequently buy from stores other than Amazon so that I can get free shipping, and frequently exclude taxes too.

Comment Re:Aaaand that's how the British Empire started. (Score 1) 48

Oh pshaw! This is going to help automate turning people into Brits worldwide. They can't help but be British when robotic chairs force them to queue correctly. You don't think MI6 infiltrated Nissan HQ to put this plan in motion?

5 years from now everyone will drink tea, love dogs and going to the pub for a pint. The world will drive on the left and Lion Bars and Kendal Mint cakes will be sold in every country on earth. Citizens of earth, prepare to start drinking your ale at the correct temperature of 13C (55F).

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