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Comment It couldn't possibly be politicians at fault (Score 1) 499

So it is all Facebook's fault, nothing to do with decades of politicians ignoring the the people. Telling them what they should be doing instead of listening to what is important to them. Likely few people actually voted for Trump because they thought he was the best that America could offer, but rather in protest for not bing listened to for such a long time. We are living in interesting times.

Comment Land of the free indeed. (Score 1) 261

It seems that the freedoms that America once enjoyed are being increasingly eroded by lobbyists. I genuinely found the idea that you can't just sell what you want where you want hard to believe. Of course there must be regulation of things like drugs, making sure that they are only dispensed by qualified practitioners etc. But a car, I mean a frikin' car!

Comment Re:It was a terrible deal for Britain anyway (Score 1) 170

Absolutely, the only advantage to having infrastructure projects in the private sector is to remove the risks from the public sector. This deal basically gave the government all the risk and the private sector all the rewards. The government may as well own it if they are taking the risks and therefore avoid the national security risks of having a nuclear facility owned by foreign nations.

Comment Using a tragedy to further political gains (Score 1) 167

Is it any surprise that the UK government are trying to use the fear of terrorism to get their own way? Government seems to attract the most clueless individuals. This proposed bill means that encryption must have a back door that the government can use to spy on people. So now what happens when the terrorists get hold of those keys and can monitor encrypted traffic used by the government and then use their own proprietary encryption to communicate with each other. A typical ill thought out law that will make the UK less safe not more.

Comment Make it a required choice on signup. (Score 0) 253

Would seem sensible for ISPs to require a choice at signup, where you would have to select either yes or no to web filtering. i.e no default. That way lawyers are happy that nobody can claim they didn't know about the option. Users could then easily change their preferences at a later day as they choose.

Comment Mixed Result (Score 1, Redundant) 243

The UK government have done a good job of convincing the british public that big corporations not paying tax is something the evil killing the economy. Conveniently re-directing the blame from the true causes of the problem the incompetence and inefficiency of the government itself. Who do the british public think is going to pay for all this extra money given to the government? Corporates are not a free source of extra revenue for governments, the money has got to come from somewhere. The companies work entirely on numbers, if the british public think the fat cats and the institutional investors are going to give up their income so that it can be given to a government they are deluded. The company will find other ways to re-balance things.

Some prices will go up so we the british public just end up giving the government more cash via corporate taxation. Less investment will be made in things like advertising in the UK as the budget would be better spent in countries where larger returns can be made on those costs. Staff wages will be under greater scrutiny and so fewer people will be employed and those that remain will be pushed harder.

The end result the british public pay more for things and the government has to use this new tax income to support more unemployed and low income people.

What the british government should be doing is asking how it can make Britain more competitive by reducing complexity in government and therefore reducing the tax burden. If Britain had similar tax rates to the other countries, companies would not have to try moving their income to other countries to maximise their profits.

The only win here is that small businesses who are unable to move money around the world to avoid tax will be on a slightly more even footing with the large corporates if they all have to pay the same tax.

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