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Comment The current system is stupid. (Score 1) 174

The problem is new owners of domains adding a robots.txt causing the archive to remove old site scrapes. It seems entirely reasonable to assume that adding robots.txt file should only apply to current content as chances are that prior content is not content that is owned by a new owner of a domain. I think that existing content should remain but new scrapes stop when a new robots.txt file appears on the domain. A complaints procedure then provided for content owners who didn't realise that their content was being archived to request that it be removed.

Comment Retirement (Score 1, Interesting) 28

It seems to coincide with retirement age.

Could it be that people who don't maintain an activity that requires a significant amount of mental activity begin to loose brain function. Just observing people who I know who have retired I have noticed a significant number of them have no significant interests. Once they retire they spend their days mostly sat watching TV, a very passive activity. It is these people who seem to loose their ability to cope with mental tasks, while others who have a hobby or some kind of interest that they are actively involved in seem to do much better.

I think there is some truth in use it or loose it, most striking example is my mother-in-law was very active, attending classes and involved in various activities. However after a stroke she was unable to attend these activities and over time it was obvious to see the decline in her mental capacity. It wasn't a sudden change caused by the damage caused by the stroke, but rather a decline over time. Of course some of it may just be age related but it does seem from observation that less she did the greater the decline in ability.

Comment Because it thinks it has moral authority. (Score 1) 181

Despite evidence to the contrary the Catholic church holds on to the notion that Christianity (well their version of Christianity) is the exclusive keeper of morality. They think that only by believing in their particular belief system can a person have moral values. They are there as they are concerned about technologies such as AI lack moral and ethical standards according to the Catholic belief system.

Comment They had proper jobs (Score 1) 495

I'm convinced that it is partly because they had realistic expectations and took jobs that there was a demand for. I know very few people from my parents generation who had non-jobs, they did things like work in a trade like construction or in a factory. They had no expectation of being a sports phycologist or new media analyst, but most of the young people I know have no expectation of doing a real job. With ever increasing population we see massive migration of people to do these jobs from economically disadvantaged countries because nobody wants to do those jobs. We end up with 1000 young people after the same non-job. I am surprised that as many of them find employment as they do to be fair.

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