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Comment Re:Not a single intersting comment (Score 1) 120

Well, you're not the only one disappointed...& use of tCDS wouldn't necessarily even make the "educated stupid" / Intellectual Yet Idiots any "smarter", in that it would probably make them better at operating ill-formed minds. There was at least one good post: But yes, truly tragic. Makes me miss kuro5hin!

Comment Re:Simple question (Score 2) 124

Fast forward 1000 years. Your flying car is running on essentially free energy thanks to its "gravity engine" (tm) which draws upon Physics so extreme, that to become aware them, you would have had to setup something as massive as a white dwarf orbiting a black hole, and study it for 30 years, before being able to reproduce this phenomenon in laboratory conditions, let alone miniaturize it.

Comment Water boils in a vacuum (Score 1) 48

And ice can also quickly sublimate in a vacuum depending on the temperature, and during the day the Moon temperature rises above the boiling, let alone melting point of water. The Moon's gravity is too low to retain water vapor, so as soon as you get liquid water it disappears within minutes. Meters of ice would sublimate in a day. If the Moon had a 3 km thick layer of ice, like we do, it would sublimate in 10 years.
You don't need heat or impacts, just some basic knowledge of thermodynamics.These well-known facts have been around for over 100 years.
You would have to have ice in permanent shadow at the bottom of a polar crater to get water. But, on a side note, we already sent impactors to the most likely place where water could theoretically exist and did not find any.

Comment Imagine being so dense (Score 1) 138

that you thought a long-duration psychedelic was a bad thing.

DOI & other 4-substituted psychedelic phenylisopropylamines are where it's at, (nod to the "STP" (DOM) poster) with 36+ hour durations. You can fall asleep & wake up still in that oh-so-desirable mindspace. DOI has been shown to have health-promoting effects (via TNF-alpha (beneficial to the cardiac system)) and is not illegal. Not for everyone, but that ought to go without saying. Educated, responsible use is vital.

Is The C Programming Language Declining In Popularity? ( 286

An anonymous reader writes: Java overtook C as the most popular language in mid-2015 on the TIOBE Programming Community index. But now over the last 13 months, they show C's popularity consistently dropping more and more. C's score had hovered between 15% and 20% for over 15 years but as 2016 ended, the language's popularity is now down to 8.7%. "There is no clear way back to the top," reports the site, asking what happened to C? "It is not a language that you think of while writing programs for popular fields such as mobile apps or websites, it is not evolving that much and there is no big company promoting the language."

But the Insights blog at counters that TIOBE "has hammered on C for quite some time. Earlier this year, it again emphasized how C is 'hardly suitable for the booming fields of web and mobile app development.' That being said, job postings on Dice (as well as rankings compiled by other organizations) suggest there's still widespread demand for C, which can be used in everything from operating systems to data-intensive applications, and serves many programmers well as an intermediate language."

i-programmer suggests this could just be an artifact of the way TIOBE calculates language popularity (by totaling search engine queries). Noting that Assembly language rose into TIOBE's top 10 this year, their editor wrote, "Perhaps it is something to do with the poor state of assembly language documentation that spurs on increasingly desperate searches for more information." Maybe C programmers are just referring to their K&R book instead of searching for solutions online?

Comment Re:so is there a good theory? (Score 1) 470

I don't know much about Physics but I did some quick math on the NASA results and we are talking about 5 micronewtons per watt, not 0.1 newtons per watt.
If this affects your conclusion about perpetual motion, or not, is something I am not knowledgeable enough to judge. But I would love to learn more from you!


Hotbed of Cybercrime Activity Tracked Down To ISP In Region Where Russia Is Invading Ukraine ( 70

An anonymous reader writes: Last week, WordPress security firm WordFence revealed it detected over 1.65 million brute-force attacks originating from an ISP in Ukraine that generated more malicious traffic than GoDaddy, OVH, and Rostelecom, put together. A week later, after news of WordFence's findings came to light, Ukrainian users have tracked down the ISP to a company called SKS-Lugan in the city of Alchevs'k, in an area controlled by pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. All clues point to the fact that the ISP's owners are using the chaos created by the Russian military intervention in Ukraine to host cyber-crime operations on their servers. Some of the criminal activities the ISP hosts, besides servers for launching brute-force attacks, include command-and-control servers for the Locky ransomware, [email, comment, and forum] spam botnets, illegal streaming sites, DDoS stressers, carding sites, several banking trojans (Vawtrack, Tinba), and infostealers (Pony, Neurevt). UPDATE 12/22/16: The headline and summary have been updated to reflect the fact that Ukraine is fighting a Russian invasion, and is not in a "civil war," as mentioned in the source.

Struggling Workers Found Sleeping In Tents Behind Amazon's Warehouse ( 433

"At least three tents have been spotted in woodland beside the online retail giant's base," reports a Scottish newspaper -- hidden behind trees, but within sight of Amazon's warehouse, and right next to a busy highway. An anonymous reader writes: Despite Scotland's "bitterly cold winter nights" -- with lows in the 30s -- the tent "was easier and cheaper than commuting from his home," one Amazon worker told the Courier. (Though yesterday someone stole all of his camping equipment.) Amazon charges its employees for shuttle service to the fulfillment center, which "swallows up a lot of the weekly wage," one political party leader told the Courier, "forcing people to seek ever more desperate ways of making work pay.

"Amazon should be ashamed that they pay their workers so little that they have to camp out in the dead of winter to make ends meet..." he continued. "They pay a small amount of tax and received millions of pounds from the Scottish National Party Government, so the least they should do is pay the proper living wage." Though the newspaper reports that holiday shopping has created 4,000 temporary jobs in the small town of Dunfermline, "The company came under fire last month from local activists who claimed that agency workers are working up to 60 hours per week for little more than the minimum wage and are harshly treated."

Amazon responded, "The safety and well-being of our permanent and temporary associates is our number one priority."

Zeus Variant 'Floki Bot' Targets PoS Data ( 25

Trailrunner7 quotes a report from On the Wire: Malware gangs, like sad wedding bands bands, love to play the hits. And one of the hits they keep running back over and over is the Zeus banking Trojan, which has been in use for many years in a number of different forms. Researchers have unearthed a new piece of malware called Floki Bot that is based on the venerable Zeus source code and is being used to infect point-of-sale systems, among other targets. Flashpoint conducted the analysis of Floki Bot with Cisco's Talos research team, and the two organizations said that the author behind the bot maintains a presence on a number of different underground forums, some of which are in Russian or other non-native languages for him. Kremez said that attackers sometimes will participate in foreign language forums as a way to expand their knowledge. Along with its PoS infection capability, Floki Bot also has a feature that allows it to use the Tor network to communicate. "During our analysis of Floki Bot, Talos identified modifications that had been made to the dropper mechanism present in the leaked Zeus source code in an attempt to make Floki Bot more difficult to detect. Talos also observed the introduction of new code that allows Floki Bot to make use of the Tor network. However, this functionality does not appear to be active for the time being," Cisco's Talos team said in its analysis.

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