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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How Do You Deal With Aggressive Forum Users? 1

dryriver writes: I've noticed a disturbing trend while trying to resolve a rather tricky tech issue by asking questions on a number of internet forums. The number of people who don't help at all with problems but rather butt into threads with unhelpful comments like "why would you want to do that in the first place?" or "why don't you look at X poorly written documentation page " was staggering. One forum user with 1,500+ posts even posted "you are such a n00b if you can't figure this out" in my question thread, even though my tech question wasn't one that is obvious or easy to resolve. The ratio of unhelpful comments to actually helpful comments was about 5 to 1. I seem to remember a time when people helped each other far more readily on the internet. Now there seems to be a new breed of forum user who a) hangs out at a forum socially all day b) does not bother to help at all and c) gets a kick out of telling you things like "what a stupid question" or "nobody will help you with that here" or similar. Who are these forum users? Are they emotionally unstable t(w)eenagers who hang around forums looking for some "n00b" to trash? Where have the good old days gone when people much more readily gave other people step-by-step tips, tricks, instructions and advice?

Comment Ask your kids what they want, or build a PC. (Score 1) 375

If they want a particular console between the two that is what you should get. If they are indecisive or that won't work for whatever reason, if it's within your budget, I would suggest building a Windows gaming PC. With Big Picture in Steam, and modern video cards outputting HDMI you can use it as a living room device and it will be superior to a console in pretty much every way. You can use any controller you want with it, xbox, dualshock, Steam Controller, etc. and your back catalog of potential games is insanely huge. Graphics of a well built gaming PC will always be superior to console. The modern economics of games has made it such that almost every game you'll want to play will be coming to all three platforms, PC, xBox, and Playstation.

As a personal anecdote, my wife bought me a PS4 just last month for my birthday, because I really wanted to play The Last of Us. Now that I have a PS4, I went searching for console exclusives to play. I'm not finding more than a handful of games worth playing that aren't already on PC as well. And the PS4 is two years old, same as the xBone. Most games worth playing are simply on all three platforms now.

Another huge bonus of PC gaming is access to mods. You don't like the way a particular game mechanic plays, you can often find a mod to change it. I've found this incredibly helpful in increasing my enjoyment of a myriad of games. Since this is for your kids, using and understanding modding might also be a gateway for them to become more engaged with the technology. Many times it's not hard to write at least a simple mod of your own. Having the power to change something in game the way you want could be very interesting to them.

Comment Re:Exclusives (Score 0) 86

The PS4 has a fair amount of exclusive games

That list is woefully inaccurate. A huge number of those games are on pc as well. I actually really like that I can find so few exclusives. The economics of video games have pushed developers to make their games available on all platforms and that's an awesome thing.

My wife got me a ps4 for my birthday because I wanted to play the Last of Us (which was amazing). Now that I have one I'm searching for exclusives (non exclusives I'd just play on pc because I can mod them.) I'm finding very very few good ones. Infamous, uncharted, rapture, and bloodbourne are pretty much it right now. And looking to 2016 I'm not seeing a ton either. Horizon Zero Dawn and Witness (which will probably come to pc later anyway) is all that looks that interesting. Everything else will be on pc as well.

Comment Re:Cyclists DON'T obey the law! (Score 1) 696

That would be because it's unreasonably dangerous in most cases to hand signal a stop. You need both hands on your brakes to do the stop and your stability decreases as you apply the brakes. Signaling a stop is more dangerous in the vast majority of cases for the cyclist. The laws and reality do not match.

Comment Re:Forget factory overclocked cards (Score 1) 66

You should try EVGA. I've bought EVGA cards for several years now. I've always bought either a super-clocked of a FTW card from them. All the cards I've ever bought from them are still going strong, including two 8800GTs. By contrast the 8800GT that came with my MacBook Pro had to be replaced within the year. Luckily the replacement card has lasted since then.

Comment Re:I'm the app's developer. Happy to answer questi (Score 2) 131

All the best to you. However, I'm not going to deface the paper version of the book, especially a hard cover, just to get a free or cheaper e-book. I'm a reader who likes his books pristine, I don't highlight and I don't take notes in the margins. If I want to take notes that's what note cards or my phone is for. Scrawling in the book is anathema to me. Based on the reviews I saw in the Apple app store, I'm not alone in this. And like one of the other reviews I saw, I also have a largish paper book library. Take that for what you will.

Comment Seems the anger is misdirected (Score 4, Insightful) 611

Strikes me they should angry at either the city of L.A. or the state of California for not investing in better road infrastructure. Waze is a symptom of overburdened roads, lack of proper infrastructure is the cause.

I'd also be curious to know how many of these folks may have voted against tax increases to fund road infrastructure.

Comment Re:Yes, but the real problem is being ignored. (Score 1) 461

I live in Washington. From what I have read it's pretty hard to convict indecent exposure. It requires several tests that must all pass. For one, someone must actually be affronted and complain, the police can't just arrest you for being nude without someone claiming actual alarm. It also has to be proven that the nude person intended to affront or alarm someone. Being naked in public is not enough to prove this. Reasonable people see nudity commonly enough. So just seeing someone nude is not reasonable alarm. The law is intended to target things like flashers, not general nudity.

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