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Comment Re:Thrill over the idea at least (Score 2) 88

Any battle where supercaps explode is a thrill. death2allsupercaps

See "explode" conjures images of force violent and sudden -- when it happens in agnonizing slo-motion time dilation with high latency and framerates in the single digits the "explosion" the participation itself are more abstract ideas than visceral.

I shall correct myself then.

Any battle where supercaps are removed from the game is a thrill. death2allsupercaps

(Time dilation is WAAAAAAAY better than what existed (didn't exist?) previously, by the way.)

Comment Misleading title (Score 5, Insightful) 84

While we're arguing about solar flares, or supernovas, we're kind of ignoring the obvious. The title states "an unknown object" "hit the earth". That, also, is ruled out right in the article.

Maybe a better title would have been "Some shit happened in 773 AD and no one really knows what it is, but here's what we have so far!"

Comment I doubt approval from YouTube is even necessary (Score 4, Interesting) 287

It's quite likely that large corporations like Universal, Viacom, etc. have access to pull things down from YouTube on copyright claims without Youtube's approval.

I assume Youtube assumed these organizations would use their power responsibly. Perhaps that assumption needs to be revisited.

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