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Comment Re:Try reading past the third paragraph (Score 1) 366

I think that the movie he got fined for was the only Swedish movie he had uploaded and the Rights Alliance has so far only sought damages for Swedish movies. I guess the Rights Alliance mostly gets paid by the Swedish companies and also it is probably easier to argue the case for Swedish products when you are in Sweden.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 1) 447

I can imagine the support nightmares if I bought one for my parents.

It's easy to either delete or hide the application that you don't want them to use.

External memory card support depends on app

I think we should be thankful that it is possible to use memory cards at all. I guess some vendors believe that it will be easier to pirate stuff if you can place their programs on a memory card.

Slow updates.

If you wanted bleeding edge updates, you should have chosen a Nexus device

Comment Not an apology (Score 1) 189

Not only can't you see the so called apology without scrolling, there is no evidence what so ever of an apology in the statement. It only says that they've lost the case, without much information about what they've actually lost. There is nothing what so ever to indicate that they were wrong or that they are sorry that they did something wrong.

Comment Re:Conventional wisdom is wrong about why Windows (Score 4, Informative) 242

I actually hear this allot however I would normally reply "Use the GIMP" which IMHO is just as good as Photoshop.

No, GIMP is not as good as Photoshop. It is however quite competent for the things that most people need to do with an image editing program. For everyday users I would recommend GIMP, but for professional artists and photographers Photoshop is a better choice.

Comment Distros should support KDE instead of Gnome (Score 1) 1154

KDE is much easier to comprehend if you come from a Windows environment, therefore it would be easier to get people to switch OS. Gnome has turned into a complete mess. It doesn't really cater to any target audience any more and as such it should really be abandoned and developers should focus on a saner solution (such as KDE).

Comment Swedish law (Score 1) 915

In the case you refered to they wanted to arrest the defendant in absentia, which the courts declined. In Assange's case the court has ruled that he should be arrested in absentia. Probably because they are harder on sex crimes (the state feminism of Sweden is quite draconian when it comes to sex crimes).

Furthermore, in the summary of the case you refered to the court says;
"Med hänsyn till gärningarnas omfattning och karaktär får det anses befogat att L.O.K. är personligen närvarande vid det förhör som nu skall hållas. "

Which means that they think it is justifiable that the defendant should appear in person for questioning. In other words, the same finding as in the Assange case. So this case doesn't support your arguments at all! (Perhaps this was changed on appeal or something, but nothing indicates that this should have been the case in the finding you linked to!)

Also, in the case of Assange, we are talking about a sex crime. There might be other reasons for wanting to have him come in for questioning, such as making a request for DNA samples or something. I haven't actually heard that this should be the case, but it is not unreasonable considering the allegations against him.

I think that Sweden's sex crime laws are draconian an contraproductive. But, in accordance with the law we have today, the treatment of Assange is quite correct. Whether or not they are reasonable is another matter, but they are following the law such as it is. Believing that this is a honey trap with the purpose of extradating Assange is just silly. Sweden's sex laws are very hard and if you are in Sweden you have to obey them and ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law.

Comment Re:Courage (Score 1, Interesting) 915

Sweden allows these kinds of interviews to be done via video conference and Assange has suggested the interview take place with him inside of the embassy.
No, here in Sweden we don't allow these kinds of interview to be conducted via video conference. Nor would there be any chance what so ever of Sweden extraditing Assange to the US, even if he was convicted on the rape charges.

Comment Re:Spotify (Score 1) 151

For a few years it has almost completely stopped music piracy in scandinavia and in other european countries
No it hasn't. It might have decreased, but it certainly hasn't stopped. I would say that me and my friends still download as much music as before.

Now instead of sending each other mp3 files as file transfer people are just pasting spotify links in IM conversations here.
No one has *ever* sent me a Spotify link, but I stil get sent torrent-links to albums my friends believe I might enjoy.

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