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Comment As someone living in China (Score 2) 102

My new bookmarked website is which recently popped up. It's very pretty and they built a little widget that goes on my android phone home screen. I'm grateful people have taken time to build this type of information as I've been paranoid about the pollution whilst living here. Only 2 years ago, pollution was a topic not even discussed by the locals and the best one had to go on was a twitter feed from the US consulate giving the PM2.5 levels.

And the best thing is that people are building these sites and apps for free.

Comment Re:For the rest of us... (Score 1) 94

And what should DNS clients do if you're staying in a country with an ISP where many DNS requests are getting poisoned? (Including those to and root servers)

The obvious thing would be to set up a local recursive bind forwarder to forward to dnssec signed servers, that either is or are children of the root. But I've never done that before

Comment Re:Once again (Score 1) 346

The software loaded onto the Psystar machines were legally paid for.

Not exactly - the software was a modified derivative of what Psystar paid for. A derivative that was not allowed by the original licensor (Apple). Therefore this copy is illegal.

It's like taking GPL software, modifying it, distributing it and then not following the original licence agreement (that you must then distribute source code). That's why this case is such a big deal for FOSS. If Psystar win, GPL begins to be in trouble

Comment Re:Once again (Score 1) 346

Thank you for the good reference. And as many have been missing, the whole point here is that Psystar did here alter the goods in a material manner (by bypassing software restrictions that detect hardware). Maybe if they had just sold a machine with a Hypervisor to run an unmodified OSX they would be on more solid ground

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 346

What is the difference though? Lots of manufacturers like Dell use master copies to clone their PCs.

What you're suggesting is insane. The only difference is having to install everything manually on every computer, or just cloning the same bits and bytes. What's the difference as long as Apple got the same amount of money?

This very argument was tackled by Apple. The point is that Psystar made an illegal modified master copy, which they then went on to clone onto all their PCs. The difference is that Dell were entitled to make master copies since they had a licence from Apple to do so. IMO, it's somewhat analagous to taking a Windows install, sticking a pirate key on it, then cloning it to 1000 PCs. That you've then also provided a retail Windows package doesn't help you escape.

The law should not be stupid, but be interpreted according to common sense. If this is how it is, either this broken legal system needs further fixes, or we just need to stay away from proprietary software altogether - too much risk and arbitrary decisions in the hands of the wrong people..

The law is verbose, like a good computer program so that there is less ambiguity about what people think is common sense. Agree that sticking to FOSS will get you in less trouble

Comment Re:The first thing that came to mind... (Score 1) 333

To be fair to them, the Dell employee purchase scheme does say that it's discount is applicable *on top of* any pre-existing sale discount. They just make it hard to find - when you go through the EPP site, they hide all the "regular" discounts

This didn't stop me from purchasing this Dell Studio I'm typing on, having received -£300 from the regular offer and a further 5% off via the EPP. Make use of it!

Comment Re:i can totally see this happeining (Score 1) 452

Patient: I've been farting a lot lately. They are always silent and do not smell but it causes my skirt to move and I'm embarrassed that people are noticing. Is this something you can help me with?

Doctor: Take one of these pills every day and see me next week

- 1 week passes

Patient: I'm afraid my farts haven't stopped. And not they've started smelling horribly!

Doctor: Right, that's your nose fixed. Now for something for your ears...

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