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Comment Don't outsource it! (Score 1) 730

Your network and system administrators need to be under your control. It's that simple. You need to be able to fire them and to prosecute them as individuals in the event of wrongdoing. Oursourcing reduces your control over the people doing the work. In the cases of network and system administration, it gives you far too little control over the individual people who are acting. Bite the bullet and accept the fact that it's worth paying to keep these vital services in house and under full local control.

Submission + - Open Source software being mandated or prohibited?

Glomek writes: A recent Dilbert comic has the Pointy Haired Boss telling Dilbert that he must use Open Source software for for everything because "It's free."

Usually what's funny about Dilbert is that it's so true. However, this particular comic doesn't match any of my experiences. Indeed, I don't recall ever hearing of a PHB mandating the use of Open Source, while I've heard many stories of PHBs prohibiting it. So I'm curious...

Has your management ever mandated the use of Open Source software? Has your management ever prohibited the use of Open Source software?
Linux Business

Submission + - Dell to offer more Linux PCs

head_dunce writes: "According to this article, Mark Shuttleworth from the Ubuntu camp says Dell is seeing a demand for the Linux based PC and, "There are additional offerings in the pipeline."

I'm starting to see flashbacks of the days when Microsoft partnered up with IBM to gain control of the desktop market. Will other Linux flavors find there way to the likes of Lenovo or HP, etc, or will Ubuntu claim the desktop market working with other PC manufacturers?"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Historical Look At First Linux Kernel (

LinuxFan writes: KernelTrap has a fascinating article about the first Linux kernel, version 0.01, complete with source code and photos of Linus Torvalds as a young man attending the University of Helsinki. Torvalds originally planned to call the kernel "Freax", and in his first announcement noted, "I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones." He also stressed that the kernel was very much tied to the i386 processor, "simply, I'd say that porting is impossible." Humble beginnings.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Michael Dell uses Ubuntu!

srinravi writes: Martin Varsavsky writes that Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Inc uses Ubuntu on his home laptop!. Quote from the article:

"Interestingly I just got an e mail from Michael Dell in which he says he also uses Ubuntu. As the link shows he went as far as to say so in his official bio in the Dell web site. Now if Dell, the corporation goes the way of Michael Dell, the CEO the Ubuntu distro will rise from relative obscurity to the big league of Vista, Windows XP and MacOSX. Fans of Ubuntu should watch this opportunity carefully Michael Dell may be coming your way just as the new Ubuntu is about to be released." . Here is a direct link to the Dell Executive bios site.

Submission + - Busy Lives Prompt Speedier Board Games

BusylikeBum writes: Michelle Hastings admits she's sometimes cheated to get through a game of Candy Land with her 5-year-old daughter, Campbell. The board game can take just too long, she said. Disney Monopoly is another big offender. "A game like that, it could literally take you days," said Hastings, of Holliston, Mass. "A lot of times, you don't play games because they take so long." Board game makers are heeding pleas of parents like Hastings and introducing games tailored to busy lives and shorter attention spans that take only about 20 minutes to play.
United States

Submission + - Get in line: The rush for H-1B visas is on

coondoggie writes: "With the deadline of April 1 — actually since that's a Sunday, the deadline is April 2 — filing for an H-1B visa. Experts say this year's allotment of 65,000 slots will likely be exhausted in record time — time measured in days or weeks not months as in years past. And the agency that oversees the visas, the US Citizen and Immigration Service (USCISC) has told the public that it will not accept any applications received earlier than April 2 and reject those filed before the start date. This means people who planned on filing their petitions on Friday, March 30 with the USCIS to accept on March 31 will have their cases rejected, USCISC says. 3"

Submission + - Why DRM Cannot Open Up New Business Models

An anonymous reader writes: Techdirt has a cool post up that doesn't just explain why DRM is bad, but gives a really interesting economic explanation for why DRM cannot create successful new business models. Since the RIAA and MPAA keep insisting that DRM will create new business models, it's useful to see an argument for why that's basically impossible.

Submission + - I am the bad boss!! what now?!?

Anonymous writes: I'm an IT manager since almost 2 years now and out of no-where (maybe arrogance), I decided to do a 360 feedback (using one of those websites). Employees were able to answer anonymously and, now I'm sure, didn't hold on anything on their mind. Turned out I'm not very good; pretty much very bad. As suggested, I'm one of those managers who got promoted due to "technical prowess" in my previous position. And in all honesty, although I like the job (well, before I did...), I didn't sign up for this (people who hates you and goes bad mouthing about you — not that they're not right, just that I don't want to be known like that). What should I do now? You guys saw anyone in that same position (maybe you?) and actually turned it over and became a good boss?

Submission + - Video on Demand from the public library

ye oulde library lover writes: "In light of the recent story about Wal-Mart and movies on demand, readers should know there is a FREE service available from some public libraries that lets you download movies and tv shows. The service is just beginning, so selection is pretty mediocre, but the sponsors, Recorded Books and PermissionTV, make some big promises. If your library ponies up to the top service, you will be able to download movies on the same day as their dvd release! All you need is a library card. You can see one of the early adopters — Half Hollow Hills Community Library in the library's blog. Look for MyLibraryDV."

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