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Comment Re:"Venmo" defined for the lazy (Score 2) 48

Venmo offers flexibility not offered by traditional banks (at least US ones, anyway).

With Venmo, I can ask someone their user name and pay them back for half a meal or six pack within 30 seconds. No bank platform allows for that convenience.

All of my friends and I use Venmo frequently. In addition to scenarios mentioned above, I also use it to pay my portion of utilities and rent to my roommate as well. I'm a late-twenty-something for reference.

Comment Re: AT&T (Score 1) 208

Her Android messages were shown in the wrong color on iMessage, which offended some teens to the point of excluding her from conversations. So... I pay a $60/month premium so she can be the right color. Evil!

Stupid of Apple to do that (pointing out the "other"), but I can't believe you caved. Granted, I don't have a daughter (or children), so maybe I'll understand better when and if I get there.

Comment Will this affect known methods for breaking in? (Score 3, Interesting) 191

I'm wondering if this will affect known methods used by law enforcement to break into iPhones in high-profile cases (such as the San Bernardino shooting). Anyone have any insight as to whether the underlying encryption has an affect on those attack vectors?

Trying to avoid talking about whether it is a good or bad thing that police can break into iPhones when necessary -- just curious if anyone has any technical insight.

Comment Re:Customer Psychology (Score 1) 498

I'm willing to bet the "password-rater", however it is implemented, is only interpreting the first character of your password (or none of it) until you take a second action: either interacting with the password field a second time or interacting with the "repeat password" field. This would explain why when the rating changes it always becomes stronger and never weaker. Would be interesting to play with and figure out how it works.

Comment Re:Prohibition doesn't work (Score 1) 159

By the time the slave trade was killed in the US, it had already been eliminated in what would have been considered, at the time, to be other "1st world" (industrialized) countries that could have taken advantage of a large number of slaves and competed with the US. You picked that one sentence to criticize, but I think OP's sentiment was really "governments who fight markets, in which there is demand, never win." In the case of the slave trade, the rest of the market and its demand had already been killed.

To be clear, I don't necessarily agree with OP's absolute claim, but I don't think your example is a counterargument to it.

Comment Re:Translation... (Score 4, Interesting) 78

Okay fine, so 4th gen isn't literally faster than 8th gen, but I agree with what OP is getting at... What the graph you posted is best at showing is that Intel CPU performance improvements have been paltry for the past six years.

According to your graph, the new Kaby Lake 7700k is only ~55% faster than my 2nd generation Sandy Bridge 2600k. Which means that between January 2011 and January 2017, Intel performance improvements for like-for-like CPU's has been about 7.5% per year, which is pretty shitty. It's not that 8th gen is going to suck as bad as 7th gen -- it's that both 7th gen and 8th gen suck as bad as everything Intel has released fort the past six years.

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