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Comment Re:Meetingless management (Score 1) 205

I think that this is slightly hyperbole, but in a couple of the places I have worked there were 60 hour work weeks with half of that being pointless meetings. 90% of the meetings were what I call "manager job justification" meetings. I specifically think of a consulting firm I worked for.

Comment Meetingless management (Score 1) 205

A little tear squeezed from the corner of my eye and I thought "Has heaven indeed begun to poke its head through into Earth?" Then I read the article and realized that the meetings have gone from as little as 30 hours a week to as long as the entire work week, just one long virtual meeting.
"Ahh, Hell! You sneaky bum, disguising yourself as heaven again only to suck in the unwary."

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 276

You slaughter 'em I'll man the grill! But I would disagree with you, there are studies that show a correlation between TV time and ability to grasp information. is a great article on a study that talks about that, so there is some evidence for the original posters stand.

but still mmm sacred cow burgers.

Comment Re:no way newegg's fault (Score 1) 447

Not only that, I remember seeing an article on neweggs setup in one of their warehouses. Let's just say that between the surveillance and the other security measures I can almost guarantee this wasn't a Newegg employee. I would guess that this happened at either the Costa Rican Intel sites or in the distribution chain. D & H actually has a pretty high rep, so I would guess that this was not a corporate issue even there, but an employee.

My guess is that NewEgg is going to have to do item audits in which they open random samples from their distributors to ensure this doesn't happen again.

I would guess that D&H is more pi$$ed than NewEgg is about this, since this kind of thing will definitely affect stock ratings if it comes to light as their own issue. Props to Newegg for NOT going ballistic publicly.

Comment Re:Forget the books (Score 1) 1146

Go to a professional counselor! Seriously, there are people who are trained to answer the kinds of questions you have and are dealing with actual data that is good and is recent. Asking on Slashdot you are going to end up with a very poor signal to noise ratio, so I recommend going to someone who is a pro.
Good luck, and remember that there are going to be times in the coming years when you wonder what you were thinking, they will pass.

Comment Re:Scores may go up, but I doubt comprehension is (Score 4, Insightful) 716

OK, not to rain on this parade, but....isn't our educational system pretty much predicated on cramming as much info into your head only to have you barf it back out on a test, never to use it again without looking it up?

No one seems to be asking the deeper questions:

Why do we have to pay kids to learn/study?

What are the specific flaws in the system?

What are we testing for?

What do we want to test for?

Are the testing methods adequate to the task?

Polly want a cracker?

Comment Broken systems (Score 1) 1322

Let's start out by saying that there is plenty of blame to go around. How much time are we going to waste trying to figure out whose fault the broken educational systems are?

Instead, lets try to redesign the systems. This is basic problem solving:

1) What are the goals we have?
                - Universal Literacy?
                - Scientific awareness?
2) What resources do we have available to reach those goals?

3) Put a plan together using the resources available that includes analysis not only of desired student outcomes, but desired teacher outcomes as well.

I guess it is easier to play the blame game. Personally, I wonder what the turnaround time from good teacher to bitter burnt out husk working towards retirement is?

Comment Re:Best Advice is to Stand Out (Score 3, Informative) 372

OK, let's talk turkey. What you know enables you to do the job. Who you know enables you to get the job.
My usual strategy when I am not working is to volunteer at a non-profit organization. Go the extra mile and help with fundraisers and do those things nobody else wants to do. This gets you noticed by the board, and those folks are usually decision makers or influential people in the business world.
You can also do a stint in Americorps. This helps you pay back some of those loans and helps you make contacts.

Every job I got was because of who I knew, and not what I knew.
Start networking now, actually you should have started networking two years ago, but it is not too late.
Colleges teach you to know stuff, but unless you know people you are up the creek.

Good luck from a Masters student in the middle of changing careers. (Don't pass up opportunities that are not directly in your field if you think you might enjoy them.)


Submission + - Movie Industry blaming Halo 3 for low $ this fall (

GlL writes: "The movie industry with a fall lineup that can be best described as "Wake me when it's over." is trying to blameshift to Halo III. FTA: "Blame the Master Chief. Many film executives are convinced audiences stayed home to play Microsoft's carpal-tunnel classic, "Halo 3," which went on sale on Sept. 26.""

Submission + - How much information is in a byte?

Linnen writes: While one byte can hold a letter, ever wonder how much information a terabyte contains? Here is a list for those who are curious.

  • ~ 1 terabyte: the sum of all Federal , State and City regulations
  • 2.5 terabytes: Everything in Widener Library.
  • 5 terabytes: every article in every academic journal printed last year.

Submission + - WinHlp32.exe still deprocated

wombatmobile writes: Windows Vista doesn't allow existing programs to display their help files.

Microsoft said they would provide a download fix "in time for the consumer release of Windows Vista", but they haven't!

How can consumers use existing programs on the new Vista if their help files don't work?

How can software publishers help their customers if Microsoft prohibits them from distributing the old help system and provides no alternative?

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