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Comment CA - No wait, paper "fill in the bubble" ballot (Score 1) 821

Went into local polling place (a local church/private school) about 1 hour after polls opened. No wait, gave name and address, signed book, given paper ballot and marker. Filled in the bubbles that are well spaced apart and dropped in ballot box which had tie straps holding it shut. My county never hopped on the electronic machine craze and I am glad, the large sheet and optical scanner works very well, at least for a sighted person. I was in and out in 10 minutes.

Comment What do you think the "Retail" version is? (Score 1) 330

To me this is what the Retail version if for. If you don't buy it on your pre-built computer, you can go to a store and buy the retail version ot install on any coputer, one you built of one you bought pre-built. I always buy the OEM version since I do not need support.

So I disagree, I think the Retail version is for this purpose already.

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