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Comment Keeping an eye on the Mini. (Score 1) 142

Mine is a 2011, and was due for replacement a year ago. I converted from Linux to Mac in '07, and am about ready to convert back. The hardest part will be replacing the iTunes files that are in m4a format. They may be DRM-free, but that doesn't mean players other than ipods can actually play them. Figure I can just buy the CD's I need, or download from Amazon MP3.

Not the most expensive mistake I've made.

Comment Re:A Lot of Effort to Bury the Lede (Score 3, Insightful) 109

Yeah, shame on the Democratic Party for supporting a lifelong Democrat who had done massive amounts of work to support other Democrats over the Socialist who became a Democrat recently only so he could run for President. They should've been more like the Republicans!

Comment Re:[citation needed] (Score 1) 278

Yeah, well, it's classified. No sense revealing who we didn't go to war with because of successful data gathering if that would cause the war we avoided.

If he'd just stuck to revealing domestic data collection activities he might've been OK. But he had to reveal sources and methods used against targets outside the US and its allies...

And if you think Russia wasn't using those same sources and methods, well, I have a bridge to sell you. Nice view of Brooklyn. I bet he has "depression" and will eventually "commit suicide".

50/50 chance his next of kin get a bill for the bullet.

Comment My Dad's Subaru (Score 1) 160

has an almost-self-driving capability when the lane departure assist is activated. But when driving on the freeway in heavy snow last winter, as soon as the optical system couldn't see the road because of the snow building up, all the automation shut down. Wth lots of visual and auditory warnings to let me know it was shutting down.

I imagine this is the same sort of thing. Auditory and visual warnings to let the driver know the system is switching to fully manual operation.

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