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Comment Re:What's in a statement? (Score 1) 87

I wish I could pay my taxes for just pennies on the dollar, but this is more like pennies on the hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. And that's supposed to make up for what they cheated out of for TEN YEARS? This is donut money for Google. It's not money to them until the word starts with a "B."

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 246

Goose and Gander, seems to me, since police are allowed to lie through their teeth to suspects when questioning them. Indeed, it is a standard and frequently used tactic to goad confessions and gain evidence. So I see no reason why you can lie back if you are not under grand jury oath. Cops are no longer the good guys in my mind, they are a gang just like any group of armed street thugs who get away with whatever their power allows. I don't think they are worse than they were in the past, I just think they are getting away with it less.

Comment Do the math (Score 1) 54

So, 110 million people affected, up to 10,000 payment per person, and a total fine of 10 million. So you run out of funds after 1 thousand people get their full amount, which leaves 109,999,000 people with nothing. As others have pointed out, splitting it evenly give everyone a dime, if there are no lawyer fees. No wonder big companies don't care about online security, it only costs them pennies per person affected, literally.

Comment Aren't mammoths just elephants with long hair? (Score 1) 187

Mammoths are just elephants with long hair, that they needed to survive in the ice ages. If they were around today they would be extremely uncomfortable and hot, and if you had some in a zoo or somewhere you'd have to keep them in an air conditioned area. If you kept them outside or in the wild then you'd have to majorly trim their hair... and that would basically just give you and elephant again. So I don't really see the point of all this. Give us a sabre-toothed tiger instead.

Comment Florida failed to pass with 58% voting FOR passage (Score 1) 588

Floridians overwhelmingly voted for passage of Amendment 2, 58% yes to 42% no, but for some reason it required a 60% majority to actually "pass" the voting. So even though the supporters outnumbered the doubters by almost 50% of the voters, there will be no smokers in the Sunshine State any time soon. The other states with similar amendments passed theirs, all with a closer voting margins.

Comment Re:Explains the TV News (Score 1) 58

Yes, I grew up hearing this name for them, too. I never knew they even had any other name until I was in my teens, where I eventually heard their real name. Just one of the many old racist words for things that got phased out as the years went by. I can think of several, but I'm not gonna make a list.

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