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Comment Re: Pretend this is slashdot (Score 1) 120

I had a virology professor who presented some stats I don't have the citation for, but the long and short of it was that all populations, no matter how divided, have a exponential increase of the percentage of them that is positive for herpes over time. The only exception in his dataset was nuns. And yes, it isn't just a Parks and Rec joke that apparently nursing homes are hotbeds of STDs since no one uses protection since the women aren't fertile anymore.

Comment Re:Had to happen at some point (Score 1) 147

They might try, but I have noticed in the rare times I subject myself to advertisement TV that Time Warner et al cite Netflix performance as an asset when selling their internet services. At least in areas with a little competition (I'm lucky to have WOW and TWC in my area competing) they won't be able to stuff Netflix performance without losing customers.

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