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Comment Re:Kills all old cells...eventually kills all cell (Score 1) 121

Well, no... your tissues will be regenerated with various stem cells like normal repair. You've just cleaned out the cruft of the senescent cells. If you had no stem cells and all your cells were senescent, you'll be dead in a week whether you kill them with a treatment like this or not.

Comment Closing, too (Score 1) 220

Two of the 'beer and restaurant' type movie theatres here have gone bust. I was disappointed... we don't make it out too often, but the kids always enjoy it. Used to go almost once a week back when I was a younger fellow without responsibilities or obligations. Home with streaming or red box has become much more convenient if you don't mind the wait, though.

Comment Re:Opposite effect of that intended (Score 3, Insightful) 319

I found the ideas about this in Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond to be pretty interesting. His thesis is that flora and fauna played a large role in where civilizations rose when, and how successful they were. South America and Africa each run North/South which inhibits trade in livestock and crops.

Comment Re:Dangers of Extrapolation (Score 1) 374

I've already heard of smaller private schools starting to fold, but yes, I think the correction will occur once enough people start to check on the expected salary of their dream job versus the tuition. It didn't really occur to me to confirm when I enrolled, but I went to a state school so my tuition was a car payment. When my children are deciding to enroll in college or trade school we'll definitely want to compare the cost/benefit if the bubble hasn't popped yet. On the research side of college financials, if the NIH and EPA really get gutted by congress's budget, it may pop rather soon.

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