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Comment Re:Fait Acompli? (Score 2) 227

Excuse me? What have they patented exactly? A sticker saying "Do not remove"? Some software on the chip? And this invalidates my rights to buy, install, or use aftermarket parts or services because..... of.... what clause in patent law exactly?

Lexmark patented the design of the toner cartridges for their printers. Their argument is based on the premise that the long-standing "First Sale" doctrine doesn't apply, and that their patent rights extend to any subsequent use of their patented product, so that Impression Products' refurbishing and refilling, and subsequent sale of, expended Lexmark toner cartridges constitutes infringement of their patent. If SCOTUS rules in their favor, it would put a severe damper on, if not kill outright, the ability to sell refilled and remanufactured cartridges. Since I don't see (although IANAL) how a toner cartridge could be a sufficiently innovative and unobvious advance to justify a utilityt patent, this patent of Lexmark's would presumably be a design patent, which would have a term of 14 years; the ability to prevent knockoff and refilled cartridges from being sold would effectively give Lexmark a monopoly over sales of toner for its printers; I don't see many people continuing to use the same printer for more than fourteen years.

Comment Re:No need for Microsoft to spy on the Chinese (Score 2) 98

The real stumbling block is setting up an orderly approval process by the Chinese government for the 'recommended products' pop-ups on the Windows start pane so that Microsoft can push ads-in-all-but-name to Chinese users with the same frequency as users of thte regular versions do, and to arrange to fork all their telemetry transmissions to ensure that the Chinese government gets an automatic feed of every individual's use of Windows 10 without having to have pesky monitoring software installed.

Comment Re:Idea of AI augmented humans not new (Score 1) 110

A cautionary tale illustrating some of the associated risks of this sort of augmentation is Lois McMaster Bujold's novel Memory. One of the major characters, decades previously to the story, had had a mnemonic memory chip implanted, which gave him perfect memory and recall. During the course of the story, the memory chip is damaged (which throws the character into disjoint fugues as it begins to kick back memories randomly) and later removed, after which the character discovers that after decades of the chip giving him perfect recall, his brain learned to rely more and more on the chip for long-term detail memory, impairing his ability to retain long-term memories after its removal, as well as the outright loss of most of the memories the chip had held because there was no 'local copy'. A clear case illustrating the problems of memory storage with no backups.

Comment Re:I agree with the summary (Score 1) 352

It's amusing that the article has an update:

Perhaps it should go without saying --- but you also need to your OS to be up-to-date. If you're on Windows 7 or, God forbid, Windows XP, third party AV software might make you slightly less doomed.

And how much is the check you're getting from Microsoft to shill for them encouraging "upgrades" to Windows 10? Or are you suggesting that Microsoft is deliberately failing to fully update Windows 7 in order to make it look less secure?

Comment Re:In related news ... (Score 1) 364

How is this related to weather or climate?

The current anthropogenic climate change doctrine is that the single greatest contributor to global temperature is the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, and suggesting that the the level of irradiation the Earth gets from the Sun is a larger component of planetary temperature than any atmospheric condition is heresy of the blackest stripe, which must be cut out root and branch, because Obama has repeatedly declared that he doesn't want anyone not fully onboard with the pravda of CO2-driven AGC in his administration.

Comment Re:Why porn? (Score 1) 351

Except that it's not these 'repressed people' telling the state "I can't control my urges, stop me from doing this act that I find utterly reprehensible", it's these 'repressed people telling the state "I find this act to be utterly reprehensible, pass a law to stop everyone else from doing it". After all, their morality is so clearly superior that it must be imposed -- by force if necessary -- on everyone around them.

Comment Re:Good for them! (Score -1, Troll) 858

They show integrity by hiding who did what while in a government position? This information shouldn't be secret to begin with.

Particularly since Obama has been quite vocal about how he didn't want to have anyone connected with him who wasn't solidly aligned with the Anthropogenic Climate Change dogma; Trump can generically assume that the entire upper management of an agency that received any funding connected to climate change supported the AGC policies.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 403

Why the fuck would any Linux developer want to do this?

The quote in the original posting is incomplete:

"Fire up a Windows 10 Insiders' build instance and run your code, run your tools, host your website on Apache, access your MySQL database from your Java code"

...send telemetry data about what you're developing to Microsoft so that they can bring a competing product to market before you, making it look as if you're just copying Microsoft.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1430

Those were both from the 19th century when voters didn't have the kind of access to the candidates and the candidates views that they have in the 21st century.

Not to mention being another compromise between the 'every state should have an equal say in electing the next president' premise, which gives voters in low-population states a disproportionate amount of power in selecting a president, and the 'each voter should have an equal say in electing the next president' premise, which gives high-population states a disproportionate amount of power in selecting a president. The same compromise that resulted in the different representation between the Senate and the House.

And as you say, Trump played the game better than Hillary did; he approached the state elections as business transactions, putting his effort into the places where he would get the best payoff for his money. And it worked for him. Hillary got a huge margin of victory in California, which didn't help her any more than winning by 50 votes would have, and she ignored or only half-heartedly campaigned in states that she thought she had locks on... and was wrong in too many of them.

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