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Comment Re:LANPARTY! (Score 1) 159

Before high speed internet was a "thing" you had to be on the LAN to get optimal multiplayer. Personally for my LAN culture died off when pings fell below 100ms over the internet instead of the 500-1000ms over 56K

You are seriously exaggerating ping times on old dialup connections. I played a lot of Quake in the late 90s and even on my 28.8 modem I could get 200-350ms pings to most servers and 300-500ms to distant servers. I never had 56k because although my ISP offered it, my phone lines then couldn't support it. Also, 200-350 was actually very playable because most other players had similar pings at the time, unless you went to an LPB server. But online multiplayer did thrive even before everyone had a high speed connection.

Comment XP x64 *IS* Server 2003 (Score 1) 879

Only problem I've seen is that some installers seem to think it's Windows server 2003 not Windows XP.

That's because it IS Server 2003. XP x64 is Server 2003 x64 with Serivce Pack 1, just renamed, and with different features enabled/disabled by default. Check the version numbers: they are both Windows 5.2 (true XP is 5.1). Both XP x64 and Server 2003 x64 also use the exact same SP2 and other hotfixes.

I still use it too, and greatly prefer it to Windows 7. As for the other person that said driver support is terrible for it... that's a common myth. It was terrible in 2005, but now drivers for XP x64 (or Server 2003 x64, since they are interchangeable) are actually pretty common unless you have old/obscure hardware.

Comment Re:TorrentFreak? Really? Consider the source. (Score 2, Interesting) 167

They checked sites which could contain infringing data. You suggest that check sites where they are guaranteed not to find infringing data. Which is data set is going to be more biased?

That would be fine if they framed it as follows: "Although numerous sites exist for the legitimate exchange of legal software and other data via torrents, sites which allow the option of both infringing and non-infringing data are much more likely to contain infringing data."

Here's how it is framed instead: "Only 0.3% of torrents are legal."


eBay Urges Rethink On EU Plan's "Brick and Mortar" Vendor Requirement 139

mernil writes with this snippet from Reuters: "According to a draft regulation drawn up by the European Commission and seen by Reuters, suppliers may be allowed to require that distributors have a 'brick-and-mortar' shop before they can sell online. The proposed rules would replace existing guidelines exempting companies from strict EU competition rules under certain circumstances. Those rules expire at the end of May."

Comment Actually, it can (Score 1) 898

XP can not really do 64 bit.

I get so tired of hearing this. Granted, XP x64 edition isn't really XP, it's a 64-bit version of Server 2003 renamed to XP, so technically you're right. That said I've been using it on my main system for over two years now and it works beautifully. I have 4 GB of RAM which is 100% utilized. ALL 32-bit apps I have tried work with no problems (you do have to get used to the two separate Program Files directories and the slight difference in the registry structure). I game a lot and have had no problems there whatsoever. Granted, I took the time when I first built this machine to make sure the hardware all had 64-bit drivers (Logitech in particular has great 64-bit support). I've had just a single blue screen in two years, caused by a failing video card which was quickly replaced. I'm also still using the original install of the OS - I've never needed to reinstall it. I'm no Microsoft fanboy, but if you make smart choices with your hardware, XP x64 is as good as it gets right now. And I'm one of those people that stuck with Windows 2000 over XP.

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