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Journal Journal: Gentoo WR0X0RS!

Ok, I've been using Gentoo for months now and it's the freakin' TITS! OMG, it freaking WR0X! Now before anyone chimes in with "oh the install's difficult" or "I just don't have the time to install it" let me say this... GROW A PAIR! RTFM on their web-page, take the 20 minutes to set-up the install and let the freaking thing RUN. All the excuses I've heard from people who don't make it through the install process basically boil down to one thing: They're scared to install it. They're scared that they'll fsck it up or mess something up, so they just don't do it. Well, suck it up and try it and you'll be happy because going through that process will teach you something. Even if you still don't like Gentoo after that, you'll be comfortable enough with your system and linux that you can just go install LFS and FORCE things to be done your way. Break free from the chains of default configurations and GET GENTOO!! Besides, precompiled packages just can't run as fast as something tailored to your hardware!

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Journal Journal: Rant O' The Day: now Sux

In my evening musings on the net I decided to stop by for my fortnightly look at the sight. Much to my dismay, the first thing I saw was a Micro$oft ad. I understand that the bills have to be paid but DAMN. That's like opening a hardware store and posting directions to Home Depot at the door. LC has sold out to the D3vil. Billy doesn't need any help getting people to follow the piper over to his sinful temptation, and LC should be ashamed. That ad represents much of what the Open source and free software community is against. LC shoud show some respect for the people of the Open Source community that give them a reason for existing and give M$ their money back and remove the adds... or at least remove the ads and spend the money on a non-M$ equipped PC to send to Billy-Boy's house.
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Journal Journal: Anonymous Morons!

"Anonymous Coward" should be replaced with "I'm too much of a DAMN CHiCKeN-SHiT to put my name on something I believe enough to WRITE OUT!" I get so fucking tired of these elitist, pompous, cretin M0r0ns trolling, flaming, etc. behind the disguise of "Anonymous Coward." There should be physical pain attached to being such a gutless shit. If you believe what you say enough to write it, then DAMNIT, PUT YOUR NAME ON IT!!!!

And THAT is the rant of the day.

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