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Comment The classic blunder... (Score 1) 406

If Ivey and his associate hadn't won SO MUCH in such a short time, and instead had a strategy of losing back some of the winnings (or not using their tactic to win quite as much), they might have actually gotten away with this. It's always suspicious when someone goes on a hot run, especially when it is over multiple visits. I've met Ivey (from my poker days), he's clearly a really talented guy - but he's also a degenerate gambler, and his greed did him in.

Comment Re:Real people just don't like dealing with Hipste (Score 3, Insightful) 371

Sorry, I only take comments like this seriously when written by someone with an actual user account, instead of an AC. Then they're being "professional" and standing by their words. In all seriousness, I have experienced virtually no hipsterism in engineering culture over the course of 2 decades in the industry. Those that were about style over substance usually didn't even make it through getting their engineering degree. If you look at computer languages through the lens of "C++ is a proven technology" then you're ignoring other advances that make other solutions more appropriate. This comes from a place of not-understanding, rather than something being objectively better for any task. I started as a C++ developer for the first half of my career, and while I still occasionally maintain some older C++ software, most innovative work is done in modern languages now. Also, have you ever heard of a buffer overflow? There are lots of good reasons not to write certain things in C++, one of them being that it's easy to make a mistake and create a security nightmare. You might have heard of this when watching "business news".

Comment Re:Twitch is not exactly a money maker (Score 4, Informative) 142

A couple things:

- As someone else mentioned, Twitch Turbo users simply removes adds for the viewer, but does NOT affect the channel operator's ad revenue. Users get the "Turbo" icon in chat
- Channel subscribers get access to subscriber emotes in chat (usable across all of Twitch) in addition to the subscriber icon for that channel, and sub-only chat (if applicable - generally only streamers that have very high simultaneous viewers enable this, to keep chat usable for subscribers).
- "Transcodes", i.e. quality options of low/medium/high in addition to "Source", can become available when a channel reaches a certain threshold of simultaneous viewers. While having partnership can mean the streamer always has them, it is NOT required for transcodes to become available.

Comment Re:Anandtech Fucked Up (Score 4, Insightful) 183

If they tested all the cards in the same case, then they did nothing wrong in their testing. Maybe it wouldn't be 57dB for the 290 in another PC case, but it would be lower for all the other cards too. Perhaps it wouldn't necessarily be a linear drop across all the cards, but you can't simply say their choice of case invalidates their findings that this card is REALLY loud compared to other cards. Plenty of people will own cases with "horrible acoustic profile[s]".

Comment Re:Desktops becoming more relevant, mobile is a ni (Score 1) 249

You wrote all those paragraphs without sufficiently addressing tablets, e.g. IPad, which has far more in common with "mobile platforms" than desktops (at least, Apple's does, though Windows 8 is a different beast, time will tell).
Needless to say, there's a convergence appearing, and the distinction between desktop and mobile may virtually disappear in time. Your efficiency arguments make logical sense from a techie perspective but are not necessarily pragmatic for the broader population. I think your analysis is much more in line with the present and past, but not really a vision of the future. In fact, the suggestion that desktops will "always be the best value and experience at home" comes off to me as rather myopic.
As the parent reply suggested, your piece is very close to satire. You are blinded by your own workflow and think that people 'tire of 15" ' laptop screens and such. But that's just you projecting your own preferences on the broader public, and it's exactly the kind of thinking that stifles creativity. I realize I'm coming off a bit harsh here - but it's clear from your posts that you are thinking in a bubble.

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