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Comment Re:Same problem as the "lending library" (Score 1) 60

Kindle unlimited would only work for me if the right books were on it, and I'm on the border when it comes to value. I might only read one book a month, sometimes two if I get more free time. I really ought to stop paying for Prime - it's the next day delivery that really encourages me to buy the shit I don't need, and before I had Prime I was perfectly happy to wait a few days for free delivery on the things I did actually want.

Comment Same problem as the "lending library" (Score 2) 60

This sounds like it'll be the same as the Kindle lending library for Amazon Prime members (you can get a book for a month, one per month, one at a time). The problem is the selection. It's no good if you want to read something specific.

Same with the video for that matter. OK, you might, if you're lucky, find a film showing for free on Prime that you want to watch but most stuff still costs on top of the Prime membership and it isn't even any cheaper than getting it elsewhere.

Comment Re:First they fire employees (Score 1) 194

Funnily enough, a £40K salary in London would be enough for me, as an older employee. I've paid off my mortgage and the commute costs would be about £3/4K.

I've got experience, I can add value and if the job was interesting I just need enough money coming in to pay the bills and leave a little over for the odd luxury.

My point is that sometimes us older workers are in situations where we can be good value if we're given the chance.

Comment Re:Why do people still go there? (Score 3, Insightful) 348

I'm glad I made several trips back in the 90s when it was still easy. On one road trip, we turned up without a single room booked - you could just put "touring" on the waiver form and it was accepted. Jumped in the hire car, found a motel. Spent five weeks touring with no fixed route, it was a great trip. More or less impossible now - I think you have to supply a complete itinerary.

Last time I went was 2003, so post 9/11 and the shoe thing had come in but - at least at the airport I went through - that was about it. The horror stories I hear now put me off ever going back.

I flew into Phoenix on that trip, straight form Heathrow. I wonder if the smaller international airports are a bit less hostile than the likes of JFK and LAX?

Comment Have at least three models (Score 1) 115

The 5X is the current budget model and the 6P is the premium one, which is fine. But not everyone wants a phablet. Some of us want a high end phone in a smaller form factor - high end in both design and features. I think there's room for a third model in the line up - a 5P - that has pretty much the same spec as the 6P but smaller.

Samsung got that right with the S6 and built on it with the S7 - offering choices in size without skimping on specs for the smaller models (and reintroducing the SD slot). Trouble is, Samsung are one of the worst offenders for bloatware and imposing a non-standard interface, as well as being hopelessly slow at issuing updates.

S7 level of hardware with stock Nexus software would have me changing my phone, otherwise I'll probably sit this one out.

Comment Re:I don't (Score 1) 507

One of the upsides to smart TVs is that the remotes have play/pause/stop buttons that *should* be recognised by the Chromecast. My Panasonic TV works like that - I assume the pause command from the remote is transmitted down the HDMI to the Chromecast, which then pauses the playback.

It's getting increasingly difficult to find a decent TV that doesn't have smart features - mine is two years old, and all the decent TVs available at the time had apps. Of course, there's nothing forcing you to actually connect it to the internet - just use it as a dumb TV and plug in the external player of choice.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 175

Caps are still pretty common in the UK, and many ISPs offer several tiers of capping, up to unlimited. Most "uncapped" services also have "reasonable use" restrictions - you might find there is a hidden cap if you're using your full bandwidth 24x7

Uncapped works when most people only use the internet for a few hours here and there. What will be interesting is how ISPs handle peak requirements as more and more people switch to streaming TV - there'll be virtually no bandwidth needed most of the day and then it'll be hammered in the evening. I'd guess the vast majority still watch TV over the air or via satellite

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