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Comment Re:What if... (Score 1) 202

(Plus, I actually *like* the idea of being able to bargain for a car for way less than MSRP. I can't do that with Tesla, so I don't buy their cars...)

I hate that aspect of it. I hate the fact that someone with better bargaining skills than me could get exactly the same product for less money. Sadly, here in the UK, dealers are the norm. There is a direct sales showroom for one manufacturer fairly close to me, but they only sell for MSRP - and even I could get 10% off that at a dealer.

I wonder if I could argue that haggling on price discriminates against the less socially capable..!?

Comment Re:Is that really going to catch terrorists? (Score 1) 505

Yep. I did a month long road trip with a mate of mine in the mid 90s. Flew into the east coast, picked up a hire car, drove to the west. We didn't even have accommodation planned for the first night - just got in the car and drove until we found a motel.

As I understand it now, you need to know your entire itinerary in advance.

Comment Re:Not impressed (Score 1) 104

Just hope they figured out to put the back and recent buttons in the right place, too.

Apparently it's now a software option to swap them from Samsung's version to the Android standard, so yes.

Unfortunately they put the fingerprint scanner right next to the camera lens on the back. Great idea if you want all your photos to be soft focus through the fingerprint smudges...

Comment Re:Some perversions are more equal than others (Score 2) 656

Is it? Suppose, he was into homo rather than heterosexual subjugation... Do you suppose, they would've banished him just as well — even if he were open about it?

Sorry, short forum posts don't lend themselves to nuances - I meant fair game for people knowing. If you choose to make it public you do so aware of how society might react (regardless of the wrongs and rights of the reaction), but in this case it sounds like he was "outed" against his will.

Comment Re: While its not my cup of tea (Score 2) 656

I've met various flavours of dominant male, and they all seem like arseholes. To me. But the sub women they're with are fully consenting and obviously seem to like it. To be fair, the sub women annoy me too - but it's a preference. One person's arsehole is another person's strong, powerful man. Each to their own.

Yeah, I agree that some people are drawn to BDSM because they've got problems. Or at least don't fit in to normal conventions. That doesn't make it unhealthy. I think being able to find a like minded community helps to prevent what normal society sees as unusual behaviour turning in on itself and becoming unhealthy.

Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 4, Informative) 656

In that case it's invasion of his privacy. Someone's been cyberstalking him.

If you're on a site like, say, Fetlife, that should be understood to be private. If you run a personal blog talking about that stuff, then fair game.

Maybe he has a case for sexual discrimination - his sexual preferences, as long as they're acted out only with consenting adults - should not be anyone's business but his.

Comment If it was just google it wouldn't be a problem (Score 1) 160

Flagging you as a robot incorrectly would be less of an issue if it was just Google doing it.

Unfortunately, lots of other websites use the API. There are plenty of Wordpress plugins that add Google's recaptcha to comment forms and I've seen it elsewhere.

It could become a de-facto standard and at that point the issues - in particular for accessibility - become critical. If it's more likely to pop up if you're disabled and using things like screen readers then it's discriminatory.

If nothing else, it'll be something new to keep the EU busy with Google...

Comment Re:Encrypted File, Encrypted USB (Score 1) 415

I used to use shorthand password that were reminders (first letter of one of a selection of base words, with a random five digit number at the end).

In the end it was the convenience of being able to copy and paste the full password that made me switch to storing the actual password. Especially on a phone, where typing a complex password is a pain.

Comment Re:PasswordSafe (Score 1) 415

You know the problem with 30+ random characters?

I know of at least a couple of websites that block pasting into the password field. For some dumb reason they think it's more secure to have you type your password than paste it from somewhere. Which of course encourages short, easy to type passwords.Sad but true.

Some - especially enterprise tools - also enforce special characters, mix of lower and upper and all that stuff that makes it harder to use a phrase. Couple with password expiry every 30 days and no reuse of your last ten passwords and they've created the perfect recipe for poor passwords that get scribbled on post it notes.

Otherwise, yes, I agree - I use Keepass and have it generate random passwords for most things now. Alternatively if a site allows authentication with a google account I use that, with a secondary gmail account I keep for that purpose. That's mainly for forums and other non-critical things.

Comment Re:Car itself should recognize such behavior and (Score 1) 180

Not accurate enough. When I'm on a motorway (speed limit 70mph) and there's another road running parallel, or even a bridge crossing the motorway, my satnav will sometimes pick up the speed limit for that road. Imagine the chaos if all of the satnav speed limited cars suddenly slammed the brakes on as the satnav picked up a 30mph limit by mistake.

Conversely, my satnav has also not realised that a road near to me has had the limit reduced from 70mph to 50mph (even though it's been like that for a few years now). You definitely can't rely on what the satnav thinks the limit is.

Comment Re:Not undeserved. (Score 1) 405

Ah yes, the "this is terrible, look, look at the pictures" method they like so much. Titillate the readers while professing outrage.

The problem with the Mail is that a lot of otherwise sensible people who consider the Sun to be a silly comic actually believe the Mail is a proper newspaper and can't be convinced otherwise.

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