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Submission + - Google buys Nik Software (

Geeky writes: Google has bought Nik Software, makers of various tools and plugins for manipulating photographs such as Efex and Sharpener.

I'm wondering what this means for the standalone products. Presumably they will be integrated into Picasa, which could even point to Google taking on Adobe in the image editing stakes. An online image editor to go with the office suite perhaps?


Submission + - New look for gmail (

Geeky writes: Google are rolling out their new look and we probably won't have any choice. I'm hating it — it seems to waste a lot of space, and who thought red was a good idea for buttons and links? Red says warning or error to me, so I keep thinking I've got a problem with the page.

I guess this is the downside to using this sort of free service, but I wonder how paying google apps users will react

What's the overall verdict? Good, bad or ugly?

What I can't understand is why they won't be able to maintain the old style — surely it's just a theme?

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