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Comment Re:Skip the juice packs also (Score 1) 145

What? have you not noticed the new trend? Once upon a time it was about getting fast food, to shovel the food into your mouth as quickly as possible. None of that waiting time stuff. Now it's moving towards having food ready for intravenous consumption.

Chewing? That's so old fashioned. Why get vitamins and minerals from fruit, veg and meat when you can buy pills and drink nutritional slurries?

In fact, if the food came pre-digested so people don't have to waste time with all that eating and digesting would make everyone happy.

I read about this all-in-one food that is "easy to digest" and you do not need anything else. It's a powder and the "prep time" is adding water. That's it. Nothing else needed. Doesn't that sound awesome??

Only $8 a day + $60/m for the subscription and + $20 for the 'better you' manual? bargain! -My life is going to be so much better, I'm going to be so much healthier!

Comment Re:Annoying for small projects (Score 5, Interesting) 167

I think you got one thing wrong. The "cool new ecosystem" was not ruined by 'parasitoids' it was ruined by a lack of accountability.

Look at the Skully-AR1 funding on Kickstarter. This was a product with genuine potential, had working prototypes etc.

It's not that the founders were running out of ideas or their project was jeoperdised by scope creep or the like. They were blatantly using the money they got from backer for buying cars, last minute flight tickets to vegas, hotels, strip clubs and when the product did not arrive and there were delays they eventually filed for bankruptcy and made excuses.

Look at the shit they bought on campaign backers' money:

Rent for the brothers' personal apartments in the Marina
Security deposits for an apartment in Dogpatch used by the Wellers
Weekly apartment cleanings
Personal grocery bills for the Wellers
All restaurant meals for the brothers
Mitchell Weller's Dodge Viper, which was claimed for insurance following an accident, as well as the new Viper purchased by the company to replace it

Check here ->

On the back of that, at the time, I pulled out of a major indiegogo funding campaign because I no longer had faith in the model. When I signed up to to it it had a large "back out at any time" message on the page. After considering the matter of Skully I decided to back out and was confused as to how this is done from my backers page. I read the FAQ and it simply said that I go to my backers page and hit the "Refund order" button. So simple except THERE WAS NO REFUND button.

I asked and I was told that SOMETIMES there is no refund button and that funds have gone to the campaign owner. So I cannot get a refund from Indieggo because they do not have the money. I emailed the campaign owner and got no response for two months. As I had no other information to go on I researched the campaign, backer and related company and sent them letters threatening to sue as they are subject to EU law (Luckily because US law is really shit on these sort of things). After some haggling I got my funds -12% for various fees, 2% were to Indiegogo...and you know what I was lucky to get anything at all.

They have since clarified their refund policy further ->

Simply do not believe ANYTHING a campaign page says. It might very well say "hassle free refund." but really should say "limited refund options occassionally available, terms and conditions apply. If you believed this was honest and bought based on that assumption you're a sucker hahahaha"

Now ask Skully-AR1 backers if they got anything yet? Helemt? Refund? An apology? - There is ZERO accountability.

We MUST convince Indiegogo and Kickstarter - basically crowd funding in general to do more.

Firstly I would like FULL DISCLOSURE expense reports of backers money. There is NO excuse not to let backers of your porject know how you spent their money.
Secondly I want the crowd funding site to review sufficiently large projects, say over $1 million with a third party registered accountant to check this is not all BS.

Lastly, for blatant misuse of funds amounting to fraud I would like for Kickstarter/Indiegogo to sue these people to the ends of the Earth on backers behalf. I will pay good money, more than my original investment to make sure fraudsters are dealt with as harshly as possible.

Without any safety checks and so on I tell you now I will never ever back any product that has not been released and review or a has a money back guarantee I can trust.

Comment Re:What's wrong with these people?! (Score 1) 618

The question is of course not how whining, sorry for themselves tech workers see it but rather how US employers see it.

If you can lower your labour costs wouldnt you? where is the financial benefit to paying more for a US tech worker? -comapnies do not care where the worker is from, only about the cost of the output that worker has. If the output is acceptable then they'll pay for it as little as they can get away with.

Forcing employers to hire US workers will just mean that only those that absolutely must put up with it, will. The rest will outsource, automate or move etc.

Comment Re:What's wrong with these people?! (Score 1) 618

GREAT THEORY. Now...if these (insert country of origin) people can code for much less money and make things that work for that price then the market has decided how much something costs.

If they are unqualified, incapable etc then the product/service will fail because the price point is too low for the skill/resource required.

After all, if all services can be had for less by simply employing non-US staff then companies will move overseas.

It is certainly not some cut and dry scam like you present it.

Comment What's wrong with these people?! (Score 0) 618

"Right now H-1B visas are awarded by random lottery and many of you will be surprised to know that about 80% of H-1B workers are paid less than the median wage in their fields. Only 5% to 6%, depending on the year, of H-1B workers command the highest wage tier recognized by the Department of Labor..."

This is really upsetting as it does not support the idea that huge corporations are getting filthy rich by helping foreigners are stealing jobs. No one wants to hear this. H-1B is making Americans homeless. they must be hiredat all costs. Go away!

I'm sure that together we can find a simplistic, singular explanation to why foreginers are job thieves, theives, terrorists, rapists or just incompatible with US life (which are enabled by greedy US companies that don't wanna pay honest Americans, honest pay or in fact pay US tax because they're smart). #MAGA

Every time it's the same thing in ever country...foreginers steal jobs, bring crime, are uneducated, dirty, lazy, dishonest, have pagan/satanic (or worse, atheist) beliefs...and employers are always trying to brig them in to make the locals poorer and cheat them out of fair wages either directly or by dilluting the market, oversupplying etc etc...

Now...will this be trump's very first good policy and will it actually improve the H-1B programme overall? Will we finally start to have #toomuchwinning

Comment Misleading headline (Score 4, Interesting) 47

The AI does not outperform a doctor. Does not outperform any doctor period.

It has managed to perform better than guidelines.

Now let's consider that the AI is basing this on data gathered by medical science. What it's outperforming in actuality is thus old prediction models.

Overall, quite happy about it but let's not pretend that AI had 5 hours of sleep in the last 48, had a shower, drove to work, checked on the kids and yet manage to perform all work duties admirably. -because then it might actually outperform a doctor.

Comment A great demonstration (Score 3) 188

Of why it's an awful idea to force all devices to listen out for the same fucking activation line. Some with "always on listening".

Will google now wake-up and let us train the assistant to trigger at whatever we want? -later matching it only to our voice so it's less likely to activate even if someone knows what we say to activate it.

I like the phrase; *white noise breathing* "Luke, this is your father." -let's use that.

Comment Everyone trusts microsoft (Score 1) 136

Ever since the release of the SpyOS faith in Microsoft has never been higher.

Mopst user are of course at the mercy of self-updating, cannot be switched off crap that MS forces on them...Entrprise businesses however are far more sceptical.

Here's the nail in the coffin. Entprirse businesses KNOW it will be MUCH CHEAPER to simply NEVER PURCHASE WINDOWS 10.

Go on, convince them how there'll be "uuge savings".

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