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Comment Re:So.. (Score 2) 1051

Here's another little hurdle. If you have nothing but respecting for me as a human but have criticised my way of life and I find it offensive, you're in the wrong even if you did not mean to cause offence and you opinion is neutrally worded and entirely based in fact.

Of course add personal bias and we find that it's OK to criticise or speak in a certain way about an unpopular religion or a disliked ethnic minority...but generally it seems that no one genuinely likes free speech when it's negative and about their values or beliefs (AKA thoughts - important because few people would have a hissy fit about being criticised for thinking something is blue; but if the thought is classed as "belief" like blue is a holy colour then it's extremely offending...).

Comment Re:Yeah, GoPro (Score 1) 94

While I do agree it's important to note that the only reason we're taking pictures and recording everything is because in past decades it was much harder.

Once upon a time to take a picture the entire family would line-up and dress for the "special occasion". A picture used to be special, a short film as well but that's not the case any more. Now we have a state that there's so much data that we're bound to disregard most of it.

Imagine 5 generations ahead where we have tens of thousands of pictures and short recordings of people. Most of it is going to be discarded.

Sure it's always nice to have those few moments or that family gathering when everyone was having fun and capture it. Must you have a GoPro for that? -most people are quite happy with using their phones.

Comment Yeah, GoPro (Score 4, Interesting) 94

Got one as a present. Videos look nice butc I learn that;

Getting quality footage is hard and gets in the way of the activity.

I'm not a cameraman and should never quit my day job to become one.

There's always some fucking annoying mount to get, fix, attach or remove.

Batties, storage and lens dirty are always an issue.

There's far better options online and most people would not care much to see yours because "awesome" stuff is like garbage these days.

There's a fuckton of shit to do with the money a GoPro is sold for these days.

I am not a hero and neither is 99.999% of people.

Comment Ah to be single again (Score 1) 64

Imagine if you will being alone with hundreds of millions of other lonely people, together.

Is it possible that this one child policy and other change factors completely fucked an entire generation? why so many are depressed, why suicide rates are high, especially for women?

You grow up in this odd environment where males are more sought after because they can earn more and of course expected to achieve and earn more all so they can buy stuff for themselves whilst they are alone. Sounds grand.

Now that so many families have one child that has to take care of two parents they should rejoice because being alone is a celebration!

Remember, the PRC protects you from yourself.

Comment Re:Mixed Feelings (Score 2) 51

Adding to that D&D is as simple or as complex as you can make it.

A productised, pre-made adventure for ages 10 and up with some back story, save the world sort of adventure with simple dice rolls...

Or build your own world for adult players; looking into forms of government, currency, trade, dominant cultures, races, deities as well as technology.

Your game can be very logical and futuristic, looking into issues like time dilation when approaching light speed or make it simpler with star trek-like space travel with warp or just give everyone the ability to teleport anywhere all the time. (might be a brave new world with distance not being an issue)

Be inventive, take your favourite bits from anywhere and put them together; Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Wars, Deus Ex, Dune, The Matrix, marvel or DC comics infinite amount of combinations. Make your own powers, spells, psionic and artefacts.

If anything D&D is one of the most creative learning tools you can have in gaming. There is no map limit, there is no source code to buy no DLC. It's all there if you make it. -cost? zero.

Comment Re:And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

We had recently a somewhat similar situation in Poland, though more regarding political integrity than gender issues. We've voted a quite competent party out, and voted stupid bozos into their place. Simply, because the competent party was very actively using their competence to rob the country blind, using their immense political talents and brainpower for things that benefitted them, at heavy cost to the society. Well, the bozos are incompetent. Even if they go full evil, they won't be capable of causing so much harm, because they simply don't know how.

Well, isnt that a leap of faith...You think incompetent people in the government are a sure way to do less harm than a corrupt government?

One of them knows not to sink the ship they're on...

Comment Good luck (Score 3, Insightful) 112

I guess they'll just do deep packet inspection on all traffic to discover that it is uhm, encrypted.

Next step is to further de-prioritize encrypted traffic so to "discourage" this behaviour. Or just make it easy to read transmission content.

This is useful because it will encourage us to encrypt all our traffic. Then there will be little alternative but to give a fair share of bandwidth.

Thank you Cisco and good luck.

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 1) 184

Firstly, I don't put much stock in EQ, or AI as a valid way to measure EQ, or reports from hired companies using AI to assess EQ, as meaningful. As opposed to, for instance, peer-reviewed research.

That being said, it's no secret that Clinton is mostly "we're doing great" and Trump is "we need to change". That's the takeway from this report.

Now let's ask the American people: which sentiment resonates with you? Are you feeling mostly good about your situation, the economy, your job prospects, our internal security, our external policies?

Regardless of all the crap that's going on this election, that's the fundamental difference between the candidates. Clinton is saying "we're doing great", her public speeches say exactly that ("America is already great!"). Trump is saying that we have a host of problems, and we should fix them ("Make America great again!").

This is the intellectual discussion we should be having in this election - not locker room talk or rape allegations or anything less than the overall picture.

Take a moment and ask yourself, how do you *feel* about your situation in America right now, and whether the US government is benefitting you or not.

If you like your situation, vote for Clinton.

If you want change, vote for Trump.

Actually it's more complicated than that. You present a "breakdown" to a binary choice. "we're doing great" and "we need to change".

If you paid any attention BOTH candidates are proposing changes. They simply differ in what should change in how.

If you vote for trump you have no idea what's coming. He's been contradictory and vague on some details. At the same time he has been unrealistic about some changes.

Who you agree with is none of my concern. I suggest you look at the proposes changes the candidates are making and their plan on how those will materialise.

I can promise you the moon on a stick but what is my capability to execute? -you know things like, will it pass a public vote, will it gain bi-lateral support, can it be legally enforced or implemented, will it cause mass riots...those sort of things.

To me the choice is clear.

Comment This takes me back (Score 1) 112 the film Chronicles of Riddick when the ship's computer says "Angle of approach, good." a couple of times and then says "Angle of approach, not good."

I wonder if next time will include some probes before the lander. A two-part vehicle. One that keeps orbit and another that goes to the surface with the added twist of a couple of probes to send down to the intended landing location to see if that probe is functioning as expected AND THEN send the lander.

But I'm sure all those clever space folk wouldn't make elementary mistakes so they won't need our input. Actually, on second thought...

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