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Comment Re:Similar (Score 1) 194

Which is why I am so tired of this alarmist crap.

People with a hardon for stats are more bothered about someone refuting the data than the actual effects.

They'd rather argue with me about the relevence of my post then actually doing something about it...

But especially in America, people don't give a shit about anything that isn't happening to them personally.

So so true.

Comment Re:Similar (Score 1) 194

The story is just another alarmist anecdote about climate change. You suggest this is "science" then contend that being science this is content that "nerds" are after...

The core of your argument is; "You should go somewhere else if you don't like what you read because ." and then you say "Bro, do you even read?"

Please take this time to contemplate your own actions and if you don't like what you read apply reverse logic. This will help you smell what you're shoveling.

Let me use one of your lines as chances are that will register with you. "I don't really care if you like my opnion."

Comment Theatre? (Score 1) 220

Is there a new play on old chap?

Everything is moving to on-demand. 4K, 10bit HDR1000 displays at home put most cinemas to shame.

Why choose to go somewhere, sit with people playing with their phone and munching overpriced crap when you can watch it from the comfort of home with perhaps some mates?

How is the "movie theatre" better?

Cinema isnt dead, it's alive and well. Better than even in fact. It simply moved out of a theatre and into the home.

Comment We're gonna be the best! (Score 2) 299

So there I was, listening to the new team that just bought the company I worked for. They spoke about how they convinced some pension fund manager to invest millions into the newly formed company. they bought another two in a shopping spree. "Strategic purchases to complement and complete our product portfolio and offering" -sounded good.

I was told that within a year (or two) this newly combined collection of hosting providers of different tiers will become a powerhouse. An industry leader, an international name. -promising news!

We were all told that the customer survey scores which are now in the 10-20% positive feedback range will become 40%-50% in a year and 60% and 70% in two which will be industry leading for the managed hosting industry.
(NPS 70 Average is a lofty target! - but let's stick with percentage for arguments sake)

Everyone was listening as the new exec, with his shiny new suit was giving his really enthusiastic speech. All the staff, managers etc all sat there, smiled politely and stayed quiet. He went on and on and showed us that graph with the green arrow that starts shallow but climbs rapidly, soaring towards the magical 100% mark.

Being a lowly entry level tech could not see how this can be achieved so quickly and I needed insight. I wanted to know more about this exciting new journey.
I raised my hand and was given permission to speak. I asked "Given that being the best or even in the top ten is a monumental challenge, what sort of changes or efficiencies are we going to make to reach that goal?"

The shiny suited exec looked at me in silence. I considered that he was formulating a detailed response and waited as did everyone else. After a few more seconds of silence his subordinate quickly stepped in with a helpful answer "You have to remember that efficiencies do not always translate to gains and gains is what we're after." - I stared at him, stunned. I realised at that moment that they had no plan, they had no idea and I was given an answer that provides very little in way of a meaningful detail because of it.

I asked my direct manager of the time, an introverted guy that would not associate with the rank and file, why there was no detail in the plan. He told me that he's sure that they would not invest millions without a detailed plan..which he was not aware of either. Of course this change also meant he was going to manage all of support across the companies...

A company wide skills survey shortly followed in which I was asked only questions about skills I did not possess. I was fired shortly after.

I've only had better employments in much more successful companies since.

Comment That's very questionable (Score 1) 113

Serious companies that host anything have Service License Agreements that can cover response times, escalations, downtime, systems affected, resolution times etc etc.

Even if this is not strictly covered in a contractual, legally binding SLA Amazon would do well to pony up something for the big boys.

Now, if you jump through all the SLAs, backups, insurance and DR/backups then you may find the impact was minuscule.

Of course if you host with AWS and wee affected you cry wolf, claim damages are in thousands of dollars a minute and that you lost faith, are dismayed and the reputational damage is possibly 10 times the financial one, which is of course very considerable.

And if it's genuinely the case that your company lost buckets of money over this without any hope of compensation then you;re doing it wrong for putting all your eggs in the same basket.

Submission + - Weaponized Narrative Is the New Battlespace

Rocky Mudbutt writes: Weaponized Narrative Is the New Battlespace and the U.S. is in the unaccustomed position of being seriously behind its adversaries.

An article from defenseone makes the point that we are shifting to a post-factual world.

Far from being simply a U.S. or U.K. phenomenon, shifts to âoepost-factualismâ can be seen in Poland, Hungary, Turkey, France, and the Philippines, among other democracies. Russia, whose own political culture is deeply post-factual and indeed post-modern, is now ably constructing ironic, highly cynical, weaponized narratives that were effective in the Ukrainian invasion, and are now destabilizing the Baltic states and the U.S. election process.

This comes from:

  • Brad Allenby Co-director of The Weaponized Narrative Initiative
  • Joel Garreau Co-director of The Weaponized Narrative Initiative

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Why Are Many Products Deliberately Aimed At Younger Consumers? 4

dryriver writes: Everyone who is currently over 35 or so is familiar with a certain phenomenon: You've spent your childhood, teens and twenties buying everything "cool" — music, films, books, toys, clothing, computer games, comic books, PC hardware, game consoles, software, all sorts of consumer electronics. During this time, you and the rest of your generation kept the companies that produce this stuff flush with cash — it was your steady buying and consuming that allowed these companies to grow really big and thrive in financial terms. Now, suddenly, you are outside the target demographic for these same companies — they are still producing "stuff", but it is now aimed at new children, teens and tweens. When you look around for products made for a 35+ year old person, you find that almost everybody producing stuff is obsessed with serving a younger, less discerning demographic that is spending its parents' cash, just as you once spent your parents' cash. Why is this? Shouldn't products you "grew up with" also "grow with you as you grow" — accompany you into older age in a more mature, developed and sophisticated form in other words? Or is commerce all about get-their-money-while-they-are-young-and-impressionable?

Comment Hard wired (Score 5, Insightful) 190

Humans spot risk, oddities in recognisable patterns and are far more likely to remember negative events because they are hard wired to do so.

As hunter-gatherers (you know, in the time before writing and the invention of religion) we'd either learn to spot danger and do what we can to avoid it or have decreased chances of forward 100(?) thousands years or so and the information revolution gave us access to numerous sources of negativity and percieved risk. Once upon a time to find a heretic you had to travel! -now you can speak with a blasphemer in under 10 seconds just go to a forum or heck, skype them!

Some people are unable to detach, disassociate or become desensitised. Often the stress is not even about real threats just amplified mass fear of awful weather, cheating in their favourite sport, injustice of what they consider their basic rights etc.

Basically like all humans, people suffer from the human condition. Humans are irrational. They are more concerned with controlling borders than traffic accidents despite traffic being the proven killer. They are more worried about terrorists than the flu and yet one kils hundreds of times more. Humans are scared their children might develop diametrically opposed beliefs if they associate with certain other kids but turn a blind eye to the negative imapcts of their own beliefs because they seldom scrutinize it...the list goes on.

Americans are not crazy but they are being driven crazy by a political system that preys on fear. News network that compete to report the latest disaster. Corporations that research their insecurities about their body and sell them shit they do not need.

Actually this happens everywhere...somehow this more pronounced in the US for reasons I'll let others suggest.

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