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Comment Interesting but useless study (Score 1, Insightful) 130

It's well known that there is increased risk of hypogonadism...but the risk is far outweighed by the benefits.

When these studies eventually test men on TRT for how they FEEL, if they are stronger, more athletic, look leaner, got back to prime form/performance etc. You know the reasons that they got TRT to begin with!

Who the fuck cares if TRT may be bad for hair loss? -testosterone related hair loss happens to men that never bother with T boosters or treatment and in your 40s or 50s who cares about that compared to still listing or playing sports like you're 30?!

Comment Re:It'll never happen (Score 1) 135

How can we tell by this if you're disgusted or if these are just facts? -speak up god damnit.

Hope aint a strategy son. Let's see if I can work something out for you.

Until we reduce the reelection rates in congress you can forget about it.

We have become so partisan in this country - which the ruling class just LOVES! - that we'll never see that happen.

My state keeps sending the same old people back. Every. Year, and why!? because it means voting for a Democrat, that's why!

...and guess what? that will never happen. In my state, all a knuckle dragging Republican needs to do is say "Pro-Life" and "Roe vs Wade has to go" and "Dem democrats gon'take ma guns!" and he's in regardless of how much of a baboon he is. To add insult ot injury, here (US of A), Democrats are socialists!! -can you friggin get your head around that train wreck?! because I cannot and I live here!

I mean forget privacy and the finer points of civil liberties cause that goes right over their tiny socialist heads. They go on about how those "Conservatives" have gamed the system against them; how their retirement plans are being gouged by financial firms' fees, how they are being gouged by their ISP and cable TV company, why the business up the road can dump just about anything it wants into the ground. It all just flies in one ear, through their vacatious heads and out the other end FFS!!.

Without a doubt, as long as they have their bibles, guns, football on ESPN and F-150, they're happier than the pigs on the McCully farm it dobn't even matter if you gonna have bacon soon. You can do anything you want to them politically as long as you aint black.

If you cannot tell by now the sheer contempt, derision and my disgust for the American electorate then you must be an ecomentalist or a redneck and fuck you and your fat mom.

Welp, now that you alienated 80% of Americans I hope life in exile without works out for ya fella. All the best.

Comment Let's hope it's true! (Score 1) 481

There is a reason I chose to live at elevation in the colder north of England.

At 50 degrees (Fahrenheit right?!) I should be living in a tropical environment very soon. If sea level rises significantly land value will rise as well.

This simulation model really does sound fantastic...but for full disclosure, was my estate agent involved in the creation of this model?

I mean, not that it does not sound awesome but isnt a computer simulation a thing in which scientists make educated guesses as to parameters and then "reliably predict" an outcome?

Wouldn't it be cool to max-out all the factor multipliers and simulate what would happen? will the 'greenhouse effect' continue to spiral temperate out of control to +200c in less than 3 years?! -you know like when you change nuke yields in scortched Earth and it takes the entire map out with that radiation "effect".

Cool jaw dropping simulations bro.

Comment Re:Not used an AV in the past decade (Score 1) 352

That is exactly the point in complexity. It cannot know anything automatically. It needs to be configured correctly and as restrictive as possible. SPI may provide you with the insight you need as opposed to just allowing comms on port 80 from one point to another. The question is, what;s being communicated are there odd packet fragments? are there packets out of sequence? is there encrytpion when it's not expected? -these and much much more can all be clues.

While you system may be infected with a virus that then executes a crypto ransomware program the firewall can at least block comms. In such a situation you have a chance to save your system before everything is encrypted into oblivion.

One tool or program is simply insufficient for proper security.

Of course if you are just surfing websites and playing games this is all very over the top and unnecessary. Just the means to reinstall your system from scratch would be easier, simpler and possible faster. -a VM can be a realistic choice for frequent restorations (but not practical with new games)

Comment Re:Not used an AV in the past decade (Score 1) 352

NThe confusion here is your understand of what I meant. I find that other tools provide better virus protection to an AV.

While they are not advertised as AV products they simply supplement the need for an AV which is useless for 0day attacks - the other tools are superior.

A traditional AV can do very little for me. It can only scan for existing signatures.

Execution prevention can deal with multiple attack vectors. Even a kernel bug that allows priviledge escalation as an attack vector can still sometimes be stopped with execution prevention...because AV software became useless providers switched to a more encompassing security approach.

Comment Not used an AV in the past decade (Score 2) 352

I find that SPI firewalls, execution prevention, careful permissions for limited users, NoScript and other tools are far superior to an AV.

Liberal OS policies and platforms are not ideal for anything you;d hate to lose. Often you would not know that something malicious is running.

With multiple layers of security on a system that does not change often you can have fine grain control of anything. An odd internet connection attempt, a never heard of before program attempting to run etc -that reasonable easy to catch.

AV vendors have been packaging (shoving) everything included as soon as they realised AVs are done. Unfortunately the desktop class products are often more trouble than they are worth.

That being said, I still advocate the complete security packages from AV vendors for users that know little being logging into facebook. They are clueless and could not manage a complex system a "security suite" type program is their best bet.

Comment Re:I call BS Define 'Democracy" (Score 1) 167

I disagree that this defines democracy. A difference of a single vote from millions would insufficient to make groups as large as tens of millions make a complete u-turn on their convictions.

Such a scenario is likely to lead to civil war or more realistically a recount of votes. Assuming the margin is not a clerical error or fraud it would simply be too weak a majority for anything meaningful.

The creation of new laws and generally actions of fundamental impact on the populace would typically require a large majority win.

A voting system for a democratic rule clearly has flaws but democracy in general strives for equality. What sort of equality is there in such a single vote win regarding a strongly held belief or conviction?

Are you suggesting that if 13 people voted to ban religion and 12 voted to keep freedom of belief that this would be acceptable? -my idea of democracy is not the dictatorship of the many.

Voting systems are flawed, democracy is not perfect but we cant make it better. I will never be in favour of altering another person's future in a profound manner based on such a slim margin.

Yes, in certain positions we must plan for eventualities that may be less desirable because of votes, market forces, natural disasters etc all I can hope for is that "things will work out" somehow.

You may however agree that if I presented a business plan to an investor based on hope I'd be laughed out of the room. So as this Brexit white paper did not exist at the time (and will be shallow as it lacked the necessary time to deepen) it's surprising we're all changing, reluctantly or not, based on wishful thinking.

The irony is that if the UK adopts an EU model very similar to Norway (despite vehement denial) it would have made the entire exercise pointless.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 167

This is exactly the problem. No facts.

Businesses that build data centres (such as MS, Amazon, Equinix, Century link, IBM to name a few) have to plan 10-15 years ahead. At least. They cannot plan anything beyond contingencies #BecauseBrexit -accountants, lawyers and compliance specialists have been running around in fucking circles tripping over themselves in case there's a hard Brexit. -FACT.

It's because we do not and did not have facts to begin with that this was a stupid decision.

This is Brexit:

Step 1 - Leave the EU by any and all means (To secure borders, stop unwanted migration, get 350 million a week, develop rural communities, let the little person have his or her last remnants "we're British and better alone" empire hurrah)

Step 2 - ??? (Is it gonna work? can we afford it? IS THERE OR HAVE THERE EVER BEEN A GENUINE FUCKING PLAN??)

Step 3 - SUCCESS!!!

Ooo there's a fact in three easy to understand steps.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 2) 167

Then why did majority leave towns then ask if they will still get EU funding? -if it was SO CLEAR.

I jest. It was clear but some leavers had no clue. They still think 350 million is on its way as soon as Westminster slices the know, because historically they invested SO MUCH into those rural areas but I digress.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 4, Interesting) 167

No. Unequivocally and absolutely not. You have no idea how I voted.

If I had 25 kids and 13 wanted to go live in France and 12 did not then we'd not go anywhere.

Most democracies would give need a large majority to force a minority. Say 60% of the votes, sometimes more. A clear and reasonably wide enough majority.

For such a critical decision I think, in fairness, two thirds of voters would need to decided to go one way or another. I could not in good conscious force practically the other half of people my choice or way of life.

But you see the idea of taking 12 unwilling kids to France is FAR BETTER. Why? because France is a known quantity. Leaving the EU is not.

Thank fuck parliament gets to vote if article 50 is triggered AND the final deal once decided. At lease we'll know if "France" is really some dictatorship banana republic.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 4, Interesting) 167

If the UK chooses what seems to be an inevitable hard Brexit AND repels all EU laws that means that a lot of the standard business practices Microsoft streamlines across Europe will now have to have special considerations.

Depending on how idiotic Brexit becomes all multinational business will be forced to rethink their UK strategy.

The UK is not simply closing shop but it may, via Brexit, stop conducting business in the same way it previously had and in some cases that will be worse than closing shop for all the planning ,consultation, time and headaches that will cause.

Here's just one simplistic hypothetical; if the UK decides for instance that your company must now employ at least 60% British people (or limit net migration from EU countries to force you into such a position because you cannot find the workforce locally) you might go out of business or have to lower your profit margin expectations which in turn will make you wish to close down.

The Brexit the UK seems to be heading towards is not the Brexit everyone wanted. It's now almost certainly going out of the single European market and ending free movement.

Like so many you did not think far enough along the path before you called BS and used words like "stupid".

Brexit is an unknown. Some people hope for the best believing it will be for the best but they do not know. 52% have put the other 48% in it for an unknown. -not even knowing the odds.

You wanna know what's stupid? -that 13 people can force 12 others into this mess. That's stupid.
(13 to 12 is the ratio people that wanted to leave against the ones wanted to remain)

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