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Comment Re:Theatres are terminal (Score 1) 328

The problem is with endless compensation due to logical ownership of something which no longer costs practically anything.

Physical property theft always has a victim and loss. Copying something illegally is technically theft but the effects are nowhere near physical property theft.

The plot thickens when we then consider legal copying and then illegal sharing. After all, I could buy a book and lend it to a friend and that's fine but if it's an Ebook then that's not fine. I can share my DVD with mates but if it's a movie download then not. But what if it's legal to share with freinds. Is there a legal definition of friend that we can actually enforce? What if I have 1200+ friends? (If my facebook bitch armada really counts as friends)

Personally If I like something and think it is of value I happily pay for it. I have DVDs of PC games that I have never actually opened as the physical copy was not required. Yet I paid because I valued the work.

But let's go back to your point of justification. Actually my using content even for free in its entirety is of immense value. Like songs on a radio. Somewhere along the chain I have paid something in related fees.

I paid for the broadcasting license, I paid for the cable TV channel or indeed the cinema ticket etc etc. What if I did not pay for any of those? -there is still value for the people that made the effort to create the "intellectual property" as I am likely to recommend something I enjoyed or see value in whether that is the film itself or something in it.

As any aspiring artist will tell you, just having people to listen, view, read and enjoy the material is an achievement in and of itself. Does it pay the rent? yes, it literally does. Can you be greedy and want more? yes, always.

Look at "youtube stars" there was no such thing once. No one promised them money. They did not ask for any but their POPULARITY gives them earning potential. Films make money not by being good they make money by being popular. If I somehow chose to see a film for free and liked it and told someone else the value is X.

X because that person might choose to watch the film as well in the cinema or buy the merchandise, mug, t-shirt, squeaky toy or get the cable channel with the awesome movies.

So you might be thinking the value is quite possibly 0 but it isn't. It's certainly a non-zero sum. When you watch a film you may think it's you paying for some intellectual property but I'm sure we all realise there is a lot more going on. Huge company are vying for mind share. A share of your mind, your psyche.

The hot chick drinking coke zero? she aint there cause she likes coke. The cool dude with the Ray Ban glasses got paid to wear them. You are sold products, ideas, lifestyles, looks and popularity all the time. Why? so you can CONSUME. Food, products, ideas etc.

Imagine for a moment that you can release content that will be viewed by a milling people, for free. Is there no value in it for you? Can you not think of how this actually pays? You think studios do not know their movies will be copied? showed a billing times on network TV? -they are not selling a story, a film is a product of immense complexity.

But forget all that because when studios bill themselves internally for editing their own movies and other shenanigans just to produce a net loss so they don't pay tax it really does not help endear the argument to "pay for the effort" when it can often big a big scam. The artists get paid. The actors get paid, the camera crew, sound crews etc etc that is part of the cost to make the film. The studio counts profit and then counts theoretical profit it may have had should you have actually paid for your illegal copy.

Here's the real kicker. Illegal downloaders are statistically more likely to PAY FOR FILMS. The rate of consumption for these people has often outpaced their ability to pay the fees. Which means they never had the money to buy it to begin with...but even if they did have the money they are still paying more than Joe Average. If all these films were not making any money and all the effort for these people was not being compensated for SOMEHOW then the industry would have died a long time ago instead of making more and more money.

Here is another reality check. People have a certain amount of time in a day they can choose to spend doing whatever they want. Look at the amount of films that are currently coming out. Is there enough time for people to watch all those films for them to be profitable? -I'll just leave that thought there. Something to mull over.

Anyways, you can claim your magic poem is worth a trillion dollars because you made some effort but the market decides what its worth, not you. Intellectual property or not.

People bent on piracy will continue and there is no way to stop it completely. I agree that it's about the experience, cinema or not so let's digest making the experience better. Making the viewing experience worse for legitimate paying customers which makes up the vast majority ends up costing more than its worth and does not prevent piracy.

I leave you with this amusing image which has told me much of what I needed to know years ago -> http://img.labnol.org/di/pirat...

Please note I have not earned anything writing this but if you find it useful I'm glad.

Comment Theatres are terminal (Score 1) 328

What I mean is that they will be dying a slow death and their days are numbered.

Once the big screen was the only choice...then with TV it still had unparalleled quality, then TVs started catching up and it still had size still amazing sound, all these advantages are evaporating.

Technology wise theatre will be pointless when VR movies hit mainstream. 2D Flatland and even IMAX 3D will be undesirable at the possibility of true 3D.

What will the "theatre experience" with its queues, inconvenient travel, annoying kids, dumb anti-piracy forced fed messaging and stupidly priced popcorn have to offer if you can have the same quality of sight and sound from the comfort of your own home?

Theft has been part of human existence since the dawn of time. More over, copying differs from theft in the sense that no one actually loses property.

If anything you can start working now on a secure content delivery that is locked down to MITIGATE against most piracy strategies but it cannot be eliminated.

Honestly, I cannot wait until we cut out all the long line of middle men between the final cut and the end user. If movies were the price of coffee it would also make piracy less common; not forgetting it will boost the number of paying customers and increase the likelihood of people paying for multiple films in a month.

But the cinema? it might hold on a while longer to combine VR physical simulators "4D" style maybe...I say maybe because omnidirectional treadmills etc are already being produced for VR.

Comment Game changer (Score 0) 53

AMD is saying there's a x5+ performance improvement in specific workloads.

Sounds like cherry picking? think again. One such specific workload is 8k res terabyte file (for render) operations. Fuck it let Charlie tell you how it is -> http://semiaccurate.com/2016/0...

Every so often this innovative company just changes the game. Don't you wish you bough their stock when it hit $1.8?

Comment Re:Who gives a shit? (Score 1) 185

When your Mars orbiter crashes on another planet costing everyone years of work and billions of dollars it's not so funny.

The scientists and engineers etc involved all used standards...but the problem was that it was not immediately obvious AT A GLANCE which standards.

Next time, if you wonder which standards use dd/mmm/yyyy so when I say I told you so on 22/Jul/2016 everyone knows what date was referenced.

To your credit I'd say that at least you recognise that my way is right. :-)

Comment Re:Who gives a shit? (Score 1) 185

I once worked in a company that had a UK and US presence. They had a great idea to do some sort of joint system but the date format got them stumped.

I proposed what could only be thought of by several managers as pure genius; the dd/mmm/yyyy format.

From that day Americans no longer got confused with a 31 month calendar.

Comment Great minds (Score 1) 328

I banned Pokemon because I thought it was shit.

I didn't even need to reach into the ether and draw parallels with it supposedly promoting Zionism.

Fucking Pikachu, I somehow knew he was up to no good but now I have proof?

I think a review of Zionist promoting things should be conducted so we can ban them all...although, I do wonder...

If religious people in Saudi believe god created everything, who are they to say god does not prefer people choose to be pure rather than use the evil, Zionist promoting pokemon?

Next step for Saudi, ban thinking. They already did all the thinking for you. Don't worry about it.

Comment You may find that... (Score 1) 609

It's just not that simple.

What is rational is not necessarily logical. Are we speaking of some objective notion of logic or subjective?

Science does not give access to all information so even if we could assess information perfectly we are still prone to error for lack of data.

Is there a better way to assess outside of the scientific method? -scientific or not we base our decisions on what we think/believe to be the best course of action or option.

We need the scientific method to help in objective analysis. If you read Dan Ariely's "Predictably Irrational" book you may notice there is a certain logic at work when people make irrational decisions that seem perfectly reasonable and rational to them.

Science is not perfect but unlike some religious belief systems science changes, improves and gets better. Through science we have advanced our understanding of reality beyond the confines of "God did it".

Imagine a world in which everyone does everything based on "because god said so". If you consider just the lack of consensus on which religion is the "true religion" and how one asses the will of god (Being mortal and incapable on understanding god's wishes) it would be a very scary world indeed.

Comment Share you data! (Score 1) 71

Why won't you share your data? we're the police, the good guys!

Apparently if I don't share my data the terrorists win.

How many terrorists did sharing my data help apprehend? - bulk surveillance is useless for prevention there's just too much of it.

We don't need these reports to know the police and other organisations with access will abuse the data. We have human nature and history to teach us all we need on the subject.

Only share what you absolutely must. The reasons to obfuscate and purposefully give false information when possible are plentiful and sound. From protecting yourself from unnecessary span and "market research" firms to trolling and plain abuse by the government.

All these real ID and real name attempts by different companies and bodies will never convince me. If the police force that is supposed to be of a higher than average moral stature abuse it I have no doubt that companies like FB, MS and all the rest with no exceptions are doing things they should not.

My mail, email, social media, phone records etc. It's all my private information. Wanna read which amazing value loan offer I got yesterday? get a fucking warrant!

Comment Expect this to end soon (Score 2) 62

Huge corporations and political interests of other countries will do a lot to crush this initiative.

This is practically communism ruining capitalism.

Big money will look at what their market is worth (considering piracy not much) but the precedent and perception is far more expensive. I expect palms to start getting greased right about the time the growing pains of this new method reach a peak.

Next they will want to invalidate software patents. Must be shot down quick.

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