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Comment Re:I am? (Score 1) 219

You may care to acknowledge that copying is and always was part of humanity. Copying each other's actions, words and ideas enriched human societies overall and allowed humans to advanced rapidly the faster they could copy off each other.

Corporations spend vast amounts of resources to become exclusive, to build demand, to have a monopoly, to leverage their wealth to improve their already superior position.

You seem to be confused about what and who are the leeches in the story. A leech

The real leeches are the ones depriving others of content at an affordable price due to greed. By definition a leech in relation to people is; "a person who clings to another for personal gain, especially without giving anything in return, and usually with the implication or effect of exhausting the other's resources; parasite. "

Note one "personal gain" - consumption of entertainment, information etc is personal gain. Agreed but this is not said in isolation the context is "without giving anything in return" - 1. Copyright infringers often PAY for more content than the average person. 2. Free promotion of content by soi called "pirates", that is considered worthwhile, contributes to sales.

Of note for this definition is "...and usually with the implication or effect of exhausting the other's resources; parasite." - When COD was copied and shared for free across the internet and many generations of games which resource was exhausted or reduced? -When Game of Thrones was just an uncommonly known series what made it famous worldwide?

The real leeches are those that refuse to share content and jack the price to the detriment of society for the greed. They are the ones that restrict you from playing your purchased DVD anywhere on any machine. They are the ones that make Chinese farmers work more hours for even less while putting another $50 on their latest phone.

You can make all kinds of excuses about depriving...indeed you can. You hold on to a belief because it is convenient to you. Factually you may find that things are not so black and white.

Comment And vaping? (Score 1) 177

Apparently it's perfectly vaping companies say AND there's been some studies to say that vaping is so much better for you than smoking...

You should believe vaping is safe...except if you suspect that the lack of decades of data makes it difficult to determine AND if you suspect studies are influenced, falsified, wrong or completely malicious.

Because respectable bodies of research were never going to lie for money and they never do:

This ->

The eagle-eyed reader will notice this is a research about sugar. Nothing to do with smoking or vaping...after all another supposedly respectable body already said vaping is 95% healthier. Public Health England, a government affiliated body no less. ->

Some searching leads to this 113 page piece of "research" that was no carried out by the UK government of course but rather an "independent researcher" which actually are:
McNeill A, Brose LS, Calder R, Hitchman SC
Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology &
National Addiction Centre,

Hajek P, McRobbie H (Chapters 9 and 10)
Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine

A link deeper and you find the actual full paper ->

This is some people's minds cements the belief that vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. the author of that "study" which is more like a search on Pubmed gave two key factors for this 95% figure:

That there is less than 5% known carcinogens in vaping (assuming your sucking on the same "juice" and that there is currently no associated health risk.

Read it if you like ->

So really this thought that vaping is so much healthier has some good concepts behind it what it lacks is proof and data. All we found is that we have no data to say it's unhealthy. If it causes genetic damage or increased mutation that is only apparent many years later we have no clue.

Just think what the tobacco industry is worth. What the vaping industry will be worth...can you honestly beliee they will not pub their weight into anything much like the sugar lobby once did? -in fact we already know the tobacco industry has covered up decades of research and used their expertise to counter anything that made them look bad.

95% healthier...once this flawed concept is in the public's mind it takes another fucking decade to tell them otherwise. Once upon a time Kent cigarettes had asbestos filters that increased cancer rates many times over compared to regular smoking. They were the product of "research" and were thought to be "healthy"...remember that.

Just continue vaping. It's safe. Anything coming out of a miniaturized "fog machine" is so much better for you. Honest.

As an added bonus it's cheaper than your previous addiction platform too!

Comment Re:But There's Record High Ice in the South (Score 0, Troll) 206

Dude, where do you get off coming up with this shit?

No one wants to hear anything except how anthropogenic global warming is melting all the ice and we're soon going to extinct the planet.

Your opinion that there's some data that isn't doom and gloom makes me suspect you are some sort of in-closet global warming denier/self hater.

Just read history. Climate change never happened at this rate before because there weren't any cars then. Ocean toxicity was never a problem. Even coral lived forever.

Comment Re:Tax (Score 1) 539

(Come with my on this journey of faux pas religion)
Someone said here that if people are terrible online they are probably atheists; you vicious atheist!

Don't you go hurting my iFeelings or the iMob shall iPod you to death.

Yes the heavy 5th gen, 80gb drive iPods!

I shall be a good iPerson and offer you this warm embrace if you bow and submit to the all mighty tree apple.

Seriously though, if there are enough crazies out there their insanity will become a religion and you will have to respect it. These special breed of monkey will batter you in the name of religion despite not yet producing a shred of proof of "god" as written of in their "holy books".

Oh wait, this has already happened. All praise our lord and saviour *insert deity here* the one true god of the one true religion.

Comment Proportionality (Score 4, Informative) 136

When will these type of crimes become proportional FFS??

Here's some average jail times for crimes in the UK to put this into perspective:

Administering drugs to obtain intercourse Sexual Offences Act 1956 s4 2 years

Abuse of trust: sexual activity with a child Sexual Offences Act 2003 s16 5 years

Burglary with intent to commit rape (non-dwelling) Theft Act 1968 s9 10 years

Distributing copyrighted material Dumbass Act 2016 10 years?!

Who is "demanding justice" in this case to require 10 years for "piracy"? It's not for the know, the individuals that make this democracy thing work.

Comment Re:Next the gov't decides YOU have too much money. (Score 1) 579

One thing is to leverage the law fairly to get the tax benefit you DESERVE.

Another thing entirely to go in with the sole purpose of paying less to simple evade as much taxation as possible.

The spirit of the law.

These companies are gaining unfair advantages for paying less, leveraging their well to pay even less and continue to abuse their position to the detriment of any system that relies on taxation. You can be a capitalist, a communist, a socialist a frigging surrealist -if you depend on far taxation these people, these legal entities are parasites.

Comment Re:Next the gov't decides YOU have too much money. (Score 2) 579

Fair and square you say? -under which article or tax dodging does that fall in the taxation guide?

Tax benefits are there to stimulate growth, help the poor, encourage small businesses and all sorts of other forms. It's not there for a supremely rich company to rape the system.

It takes years to investigate and prove this stuff. It's only right they pay what they DODGED with interest.

IF you let it slide then everyone will be ENCOURAGED to steal -I mean "dodge" because getting away with it for 10 years is cost effective if you get caught for 1 year.

Not only should apple pay it's almighty execs should line up and apologise for knowing fucking us all over -Sorry I mean "dodge tax"

Their C level staff that took part and planned this should be given a stern warning about LEGAL implications of dodging tax...which as you know is illegal.

Or do you mean to encourage smart and well established people to fuck the rest of the population even more than they already do by saying if they got some technicalities we'll just bend over and take it?

Comment Re:The spirit of the law (Score 1) 302

Another thing I forgot to mention...

When I pay tax I do so according to my tax code. Generally speaking people get a different code and pay taxes differently based on their age, their marital status, disability or other factors. Why is that important? because once most of us know our tax code and salary we pay tax accordingly.

Here is what we do not do; look up all the tax codes in different countries and try to align ourselves in such a way that we can leverage different tax benefits under different codes in different places while squeezing local economies and weaker governing bodies to look away with the singular intent to pay less rather than pay our fair share.
Such behaviour is more akin to a parasite carefully leeches off the rest of us.

Like someone suffering from battered wife syndrome Ireland is DEFENDING Apple. Why? because those politicians are inept, corrupt or desperate to remain attractive for future business...or actually all three. Luckily the EU is stepping in.

Who's next on the hit list? -stop! don't tell me yet! *runs to get popcorn*

Comment The spirit of the law (Score 5, Insightful) 302

This is where push will come to shove.

You can have whole divisions of lawyers covering each and every aspect of the fine print to the nth level but the bottom line is;

Tax laws, breaks and reductions are not there to be professionally manipulated to the extent that you pay nothing.

Due to loopholes, exploitation and poor oversight megacorporations have had an unfair advantage for decades.

Apple execs will throw a hissy fit because they know they manipulated every legal loophole to pay less. "It's legal" they shout. The intent not to pay tax to any meaningful degree is fucking the rest of us over. The rest of us can decide to call BS and slap you with a fine to pony up what you owe.

Welcome to the iTaxes you owed us and never pay ALL THOSE YEARS -they are magical.

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