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Comment Finally! (Score 1) 60

Once this is popular in more countries we will be rid of the problems we often have with human drivers.

No more grand tours taking you via the longest route at a special tariff. No rude comments or "chitchat" because they are bored. No phone conversations or unwanted sexual attention.

I just hope they won't run into too many teething issues to put people off for another few years...

Comment Re:Facebook is still a thing? (Score 1) 426

Yes, Jesus was real. He may have been just a regular guy that everyone mentions...or uhm wait, who actually mentions him except in that one book? -You know what? doesn't even matter cause I have a personal relationship with Jesus so of course he's real. DUH

Nobody fucks with the Jesus. -The Big Lebowski

Comment Avoid this crap (Score 1, Offtopic) 148

Seriously, why the heck would you ever bother with this?

Nutrition is partly about Macro nutrients and A LOT about micro nutrients. This shit has virtually no micro nutrients. You can survive on bread and water only as well but it's not healthy.

The elephant in the room is the source of protein, soy. Soy LOWERS your testosterone levels. It directly impacts testosterone in men why the fuck would a man want to consume this shit?

Here's a fast healthy breakfast; whole grain bread, sunny-side up egg, slice of tomato on top. Done.

The egg has a certain integrity as is, meaning it will not mix with oil. If you scramble it or make it into an omelette it will absorb the cooking oil.

Whole grain bread is healthier, the less processed the better. (Processed whole grain is often powdered which defeats the point.)

Tomato, it has...but the point is micro nutrients.Veg, fruit, fresh meat etc have micronutrients.

Every food product you see about promoting health says what? "As part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet" because the product you see in the ad is not what makes you healthy it's a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle that does it. Not fucking Soylent.

Now commit to exercising today and never think about eating powdered liquid again. -wanna lose wait? EAT LESS CALORIES THAN YOU EXPEND.

Comment Re:Why use FB? It's a social network (Score 1) 534

I think you've missed the mark.

Sending broadcasts is not a "thing" this is called updating more than one address like an email list. It's all about the same thing. Emailing/messaging more than one person.

You can share all your photos securely on shared drives "in the cloud", you can send updates to people over SMS or email. You can blog about life anywhere. People can comment about your posts and get updates when you upload shit etc.

You can genuinely do EVERYTHING facebook allows you to do as well if not better through a different service/program.

Where facebook is superior is by tying all that functionality into one easily accessible interface.

Once upon a time you could only send text, certain amounts of characters and everything was separate. Audio, video, html, text etc. Now it's all in one platform and it's interactive. If you're used to using computer technology over the last 20 years you might genuinely have a better answer to everything facebook can offer...

Computers used to be for nerds. Now there is facebook and so computers are cool. The people on facebook are mostly not admins, not even users they are consumers. Make a consumer click one more time then the alternative and you lose the consumer.

People do not see a reason why having one facebook acccount, one user/pass to do all the messaging, blogging, video sharing and picture voyeurism is in any way wrong or disadvantageous. This is the genius of facebook. It has become an easy versatile utility while selling its users data.

Comment Lazy people (Score 1) 254

How have we defined laziness? -activity levels seems rather vague. Grouping "thinkers" and "non-thinkers" sounds like bias.

I know some very intelligent people that are constantly on the go due to kids, work, training and a restless nature. How have we defined "intelligent"?

Lazy people, as I define them; are those that choose inaction at the expense of others. Like not taking out the trash until someone else is fed-up and does it for them. You could argue it is intelligent to force others to expend more energy while you conserve yours but that's manipulative and a very narrow expression of intelligence.

So while there may be a CORRELATION between being lazy and intelligence it is ultimate detrimental to the individual deemed lazy and thus not that smart in the end.

Far more intelligent would be to contribute and take part as that gets you further in life. Being thought of as a person that "makes an effort" is far better for an individual living in society than being known as "lazy".

Comment Re:No duh (Score 1) 100

If you would allow me to perhaps put a finer point on your words...

1) They TEND to be more computer literate. BELIEVE (like most people) they are more intelligent than average and are thought to self-learn. (myth but all humans self-teach to some degree)

2) Come from a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds as computers are inexpensive these days are are not the domain of the privileged for some time now. The advantage is thus null and void as this is not a "thing" in the western world. - the difference is the WILL to use computers in creative ways. That gives advantages but not because people use computers or have them but rather because some people are creative and some of those use computers.

3) I'm not aware of parents that discourage children from learning. What some parents do is try to limit their children's access to knowledge they deem unsafe, incorrect etc.This can range from mild political views to preaching violence based on bigotry. -plenty of talented individuals came from awful backgrounds. Statistically they may be less likely to but whatever beef you have with your parents is not related.

4) (your forgot this one) this study might be garbage but assuming its gold it might indicate a basic truth about biology. Use what you have and it is likely to improve. Even the worst gym routine will produce SOME results if you're persistent. So using your brain consistently for SOMETHING (gaming, cross words, puzzles, chess, negotiation, driving) will show improvement in related areas.

Comment Bad time for religion? (Score 1) 92

As an atheist I treat all religions equally and this does present some rather profound religious challenges. Specifically when a person had a donated organ in them that was grown in an animal that conflicts with their belief system...such as a pig, pig DNA even in the smallest amounts would still exist.

Now if a portion of a pig is in a person can that person still be Jewish or Muslim? how about an organ grown in a cow if a person is Hindu? -Now before you label me a troll just hold your horses and hear me out.

There are plenty of crack-pot beliefs out there preventing people from getting life saving medical operations. From supposed hyper-sensitivity to wireless signals to the whole nonsense with the MMR vaccine allegedly causing autism.

So assuming the religious community decides you cannot be jewish/muslim if you have an organ in you that was grown in a pig; and say for arguments sake the legal guardians are religious, and their child is under-aged but wants to live via organ donation from whatever animal conflicts with their belief system, would the government step-in for the benefit of the individual being saved? Should it?

Would denying such people on the grounds of religion be considered a hate crime? As denial of such a procedure may be a death sentence.

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