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Comment Re:Who gives a shit? (Score 1) 184

When your Mars orbiter crashes on another planet costing everyone years of work and billions of dollars it's not so funny.

The scientists and engineers etc involved all used standards...but the problem was that it was not immediately obvious AT A GLANCE which standards.

Next time, if you wonder which standards use dd/mmm/yyyy so when I say I told you so on 22/Jul/2016 everyone knows what date was referenced.

To your credit I'd say that at least you recognise that my way is right. :-)

Comment Re:Who gives a shit? (Score 1) 184

I once worked in a company that had a UK and US presence. They had a great idea to do some sort of joint system but the date format got them stumped.

I proposed what could only be thought of by several managers as pure genius; the dd/mmm/yyyy format.

From that day Americans no longer got confused with a 31 month calendar.

Comment Great minds (Score 1) 326

I banned Pokemon because I thought it was shit.

I didn't even need to reach into the ether and draw parallels with it supposedly promoting Zionism.

Fucking Pikachu, I somehow knew he was up to no good but now I have proof?

I think a review of Zionist promoting things should be conducted so we can ban them all...although, I do wonder...

If religious people in Saudi believe god created everything, who are they to say god does not prefer people choose to be pure rather than use the evil, Zionist promoting pokemon?

Next step for Saudi, ban thinking. They already did all the thinking for you. Don't worry about it.

Comment You may find that... (Score 1) 609

It's just not that simple.

What is rational is not necessarily logical. Are we speaking of some objective notion of logic or subjective?

Science does not give access to all information so even if we could assess information perfectly we are still prone to error for lack of data.

Is there a better way to assess outside of the scientific method? -scientific or not we base our decisions on what we think/believe to be the best course of action or option.

We need the scientific method to help in objective analysis. If you read Dan Ariely's "Predictably Irrational" book you may notice there is a certain logic at work when people make irrational decisions that seem perfectly reasonable and rational to them.

Science is not perfect but unlike some religious belief systems science changes, improves and gets better. Through science we have advanced our understanding of reality beyond the confines of "God did it".

Imagine a world in which everyone does everything based on "because god said so". If you consider just the lack of consensus on which religion is the "true religion" and how one asses the will of god (Being mortal and incapable on understanding god's wishes) it would be a very scary world indeed.

Comment Share you data! (Score 1) 71

Why won't you share your data? we're the police, the good guys!

Apparently if I don't share my data the terrorists win.

How many terrorists did sharing my data help apprehend? - bulk surveillance is useless for prevention there's just too much of it.

We don't need these reports to know the police and other organisations with access will abuse the data. We have human nature and history to teach us all we need on the subject.

Only share what you absolutely must. The reasons to obfuscate and purposefully give false information when possible are plentiful and sound. From protecting yourself from unnecessary span and "market research" firms to trolling and plain abuse by the government.

All these real ID and real name attempts by different companies and bodies will never convince me. If the police force that is supposed to be of a higher than average moral stature abuse it I have no doubt that companies like FB, MS and all the rest with no exceptions are doing things they should not.

My mail, email, social media, phone records etc. It's all my private information. Wanna read which amazing value loan offer I got yesterday? get a fucking warrant!

Comment Expect this to end soon (Score 2) 62

Huge corporations and political interests of other countries will do a lot to crush this initiative.

This is practically communism ruining capitalism.

Big money will look at what their market is worth (considering piracy not much) but the precedent and perception is far more expensive. I expect palms to start getting greased right about the time the growing pains of this new method reach a peak.

Next they will want to invalidate software patents. Must be shot down quick.

Comment Time to move on (Score 1) 254

What the heck is this? they are policing their fans? writing rules on how fans can contribute to the zealot-like following?

Are they doing their best to alienate the fan base? -some starting sci-fi series, books etc would kill to have the sort of mass drone following of Star Trek.

An exercise to protect their work only diminishes their profits with bad press and unhappy fans.

They want to police how fans interact with their product?! I say screw Star Trek products! -Vote with your wallet.

Isnt Star Trek getting (just for the past couple of decades) a bit same old same old? - Sci-Fi needs to be about more than semi-emotional human look-alikes, red shirt deaths and the enterprise.

Comment Yeah STOP OMG STOP PLEASE! (Score 1) 68

Remember, Telegram only promises high grade encryption for Secret Chats.

This is something you get for free with Telegram and no big corporation can spy on you.

Sorry, you should be very upset about the lack of spying in Secret chats. Stop using Telegram right now before you continue!

You should immediately use WhatsApp which uses your data in ways that will make you shit yourself.

Oh, and also; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop using Telegram. A huge consortium of eaves dropping government bodies and gigantic greedy corporations know what's best for you.

Thank you for your cooperation netizen.

Comment Re:More info at ... (Score 1) 247

Presumably the top notch engineers involved installed the patch and changed registry keys to reject the upgrade; but then Microsoft changed the patch status from "Extremely super critical" to "We'll ram it down your throats".

It's quite possible no one will ever update windows again by kill the update service and blacklisting all MS IPs.

It can be funny but when you run an organisation an unwanted upgrade can cause serious damages.

Comment This again (Score 4, Insightful) 288

It was the radio once...essentially the end of music as we knew it.

Cassette players and recorders were the doom of all revenue for recording artists and labels.

A bit later lycos MP3 search killed all the artists and dried up all the cash flow streams.

Napster came. The great satan of music. The record labels lost more money and more artists went hungry...Napster stole food from their baby's mouths it was awful.

Then was Kazaa, Bearshare, Morpheus and a slew of gnutella apps - these truly put the nail in the coffin of countless poor studios.

Everyone moved on to torrents and then there was The Pirate Bay and ISO hunt. After these came about there were no more artists in the world because there was no money it.

So really I don;t even know who is complaining about youtube, a sharing platform. After all, all the artists moved on to working for a living (read performing) and there were no more record labels or studios left as they all ran out of business because of evil file sharers.

Let them sue YouYube. Let them sue the next platform that HELPS THEM spread their work and by popularity HELPS THEM secure more lucrative deals that end up HELPING THEM become richer.

Ignorant twats.

Comment Not enough damages (Score 1) 148

If records labels are to be believed they have lost hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Looking at some of the later figures it seems they have lost more money than the music industry is worth.

Imagine an average person that was wrong in such a way; having lost more money than he could make even when counting his friends claimed salaries put together. Wouldn't you demand at least more money than the damages have caused?

The poor label will now have to rebuild their shattered empire on a mere $395k + stamps and change.

I still remember those days when the RIAA website was hacked and they kindly offered everyone a chance to download and appreciate the good music of Linkin Park. Why would anyone want to wrong these generous individuals is simply beyond me.

My heart really goes out to these honest, hard working folk. When I read of their suffering I weep.

It doesn't matter I guess because in the end justice was served, was it not? all the record labels won. I salute your victory in ASCII:


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