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Journal GeckoFood's Journal: [slashdot] Reset 12

*sigh* Leave it to friends to whiz in my Corn Flakes.

Thanks, dex, for putting things in proper perspective. I think that's what I really needed and didn't even realize it. Thanks to the rest of you that reached out.

(But I'm still not going back to Multiply - it's just not working for me, and at this point I think it's reasonable to say I gave it a fair shot)

Now if I could just get more time to experiment in the kitchen again... Actually, that brings up a good point. I haven't posted much about bread in recent months because I have not had a lot of time to make it. I have a project here in the office that has kept me past midnight several times, and it looks like tonight may be another one of those nights.

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[slashdot] Reset

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  • I'll pass on breakfast. Actually, I'm not eating anything that I didn't make myself while your "freewheeling" friends are around.
    • I'm not big on corn flakes either but I imagine if I had said "grape nuts" instead it would have led to some very, uh, 'lively' posts.

  • I don't know why you quit. I don't see why it has to be either/or, also. The * community is a lot more personal, though, so...

    p.s. if it's my puns, I stopped trying to be funny earlier this week.
    • Nah, not your puns.

      I needed a little bit of a nudge, so to speak. I didn't realize that at the time, but sometimes a board to the back of the head is the right answer.

      • Well, perhaps next time it will be a board to your GrapeNuts instead. ;) J/K.
        Glad to see that you're sticking around, Gecko.
      • btw, was that you that quoted me a year or so when I did some long sentence with all homonyms or something?
        I want to find that sentence again :)
        • It sounds vaguely familiar, but I can't say I remember it exactly. Then again, my brain is dead at the moment and I had to order a new one. It should be here in a few days.

  • But I understand, given your reasons.

    I'll likely see you around here, though.
    • I appreciate the kind words. I just don't think I "fit in" with the Multiply group. I know, same group as was here, but it's a little different now. I am not sure if the group has changed, or if I'm the one that changed, or if there's just overload through the interface that was not as visible when everyone was here.

  • I'm a muesli man! :P (Gotta be good quality stuff, tho, not the cardboard tasting variety)

    I'm pretty much disconnected these days... just flitting around, and posting comments occasionally, just to keep people on their toes... :D


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