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Comment Re:That's one way to increase adoption :-) (Score 1) 280

.. wonder why kind of idiots would build a language like that.

Bruce Payette is a founding member of the PowerShell team at Microsoft. He is a co-designer of the PowerShell language and the principal author of the language implementation. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked at Softway Systems and MKS, building UNIX tools for Windows.

I highly suggest his book:

Comment Re:This is a BAD idea support wise (Score 1) 280

You do not speak for myself, yeah. Us admins run Linux and *BSD ;-P

I'm a BSD head too but I did find that there is a lot of unixness in Powershell. Bruce Payette, co-designer of the PowerShell language and the principal author of the language implementation is also a Unix guy.

Try ls, cat, rm,mkdir, echo, more, chdir, etc in Powershell and you'll see that they are already aliased from the factory.

PowerShell is different but a very powerful tool when used on a networked system. You can fire off commands and inquires to the whole network with a single line. The add-on for Exchange can do some really cool things.

  It's really one of the better things to come out of MS if you in an Active Directory environment.

Comment Re:bash it! (Score 1) 280

It's understandable. If it's a choice between learning how to use an advanced command line on an operating system designed not to use one, or a new Python programming framework, which do you think most readers here would spend their time on?

Except as I said Windows and the larger MS ecosystem are moving to require Powershell knowledge to be effective. Many, many things simply can't be done through the GUI anymore, in fact that are quite a few that can't be done with any combination of batch, gpo, and GUI, you MUST use Powershell to do them as the management interface layers aren't exposed any other way. Just because it says Windows on the tin doesn't mean it's the same thing as Windows of old, MS is moving slowly but surely to a much more scalable management system (CLI and API's) because their own ambitions to be the hosting provider for the small to midmarket companies has forced them to face the limitations of their legacy model.

Comment Re:bash it! (Score 1) 280

but like 99% of Slashdotters, while I've heard of it, I've never actually used it

If that's even close to true then Slashdot has REALLY gone downhill from the early days. This used to be a place for geeky technical people who were into computers, even if you're not a primarily Windows person I would still expect you've run into them enough to have used Powershell (I'm primarily a Windows guy but I still know bash, tcsh, grep, tar, etc). If your job involves Windows to any degree beyond a groupware client and you don't know Powershell you're at a major disadvantage from this point forward as it's completely the direction that Windows and Microsoft server software is going (heck, they're now designing most of their stuff for o365 first and on-prem second so it's only natural that they want a powerful and robust CLI and API).

Comment Re:rofl (Score 1) 170

No, the Zumwalt class have the power, but so will the Ford class carriers. The Ford carriers were designed with solid state lasers and rail guns in mind, they produce 3x the power of the Nimitz class and have a vastly superior distribution network to enable many high power hard points.

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