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Comment Re:Okay - that was quick. (Score 2) 892

that explains picking a Judge with only ten years of experience to the Supreme Court instead of the most experienced one that could be found.

Chief Justice John Roberts had five years of experience as a judge before being nominated for Associate Justice to replace retiring Justice O'Connor and then being nominated to replace Chief Justice Rehnquist when he died. While I don't agree with everything he says, he's done a good job of steering the court overall.

Going after the most experienced usually means going after the oldest, which has some potentially significant downsides not just in terms of time on the Supreme Court but also often least understanding of current issues. Going after the most qualified does not mean the most experienced.

Comment Agreed. (Score 1) 3

Let me know if you need any help up in North Snohomish county. My wife passed away Jan 16th (worst week of my life) so I've got spare cycles.

Comment Re:I did a complete 180 on AV software (Score 1) 231

SEH has been present in some form since at least XP. It's old tech, with numerous bypasses. Windows 10's big improvement is Control Flow Guard.

Getting around ASLR is relatively easy if any library loads that does not use ASLR, and this is unfortunately very common.

Comment Re:I did a complete 180 on AV software (Score 1) 231

Win32 even had account personation services

Account impersonation is still there, even in 64-bit Windows. It's required for how Windows works. If you want to see it, set up a VM, run Metasploit against it (use smb_login) and get a meterpreter shell, load incognito, and list and impersonate tokens to your heart's content.

Vista god bless it made UAC, privilege speration, scrambled ram addresses with aslr, buffer overflow protected buffers in c/c++, and psuedo local admin accountants which instead used a token to run something.

UAC has numerous bypasses, privilege separation has existed since at least NT4 (maybe 3.51), ASLR only applies to the heap and only when the library or executable is compiled to do so (or is forced by EMET, which can crash some applications), buffer overflow protections can be bypassed using SEH or ROP gadgets, and as I mentioned above, tokens are still around. Another note on ASLR: it only takes one library in the entire chain of libraries called to not use ASLR to make it ineffective. Also, ASLR on 32-bit Windows is weak, having only 128 possible addresses without factoring in predictability that is inherent in the system, and if the process crashes and restarts relatively gracefully, it's not hard to hit a valid address. ASLR on 64-bit Windows is much more difficult to bypass.

Comment Re:Yawn.. smartphones have become mature and borin (Score 1) 105

it will have a large high resolution display, plenty of RAM and storage

The number of flagships that have shipped with >4GB of ram and support for the Verizon network has been pretty close to zero which is why I'm still rocking my 3GB Note 4, not worth upgrading for one more GB of ram. I'm waiting on an 835 based phone with 8GB, preferably with an ~5.2" screen, replaceable battery, SD card support, and a promise to match the Pixel for software support (ie for the 2 years that Qualcomm will provide drivers and then another year of security updates). I know the chances of actually getting that are close to zero, but it's what I'd like if I could order up my current dream phone. I'd even be will to spend more than this new Pixel 2 to get it.

Comment Re:The problem is what you consider useful (Score 1) 210

Cooking last night a 1" rib eye for my daughter, who likes it very rare: Hot pan at 550F, 3 minutes a side and 5 to rest. I like mine done a bit more so 5 minutes a side and about a minute to rest (it smelled so good I couldn't wait.) There was about 4-5 minutes to get the pan to temp on an electric range.

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