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Comment Re:Gen X was the same (Score 1) 214

Yep, I drank the Kool-Aid at Amazon in 2001 for a year, six figures. Never made quite that much again but it sure did help on the resume. And no, I won't go back there no matter how many head hunters call me. At least I was able to use that flush to buy a house in 2001 that we sold in 2007, walking away with $160k to out right own the house I live in now away from the city.

I ended up working for a French aerospace firm with killer benefits, fully paid healthcare, four weeks vacation, matching 401k, but lower pay. I also don't have to commute to downtown Seattle everyday, just from Tulalip Bay to downtown Everett. One of the major reasons that I have stay with my company is when my wife died back in January they were very supportive. Sent flowers and a card signed by all the managers, five weeks off, don't worry about it, anything we can do to help? Loyalty and truly caring about a co-worker is something a bigger paycheck just doesn't match. They will have to pry my cold dead fingers from my ergo-metric chair.

Comment Re:Two things (Score 1) 214

I also miss the standard 5% APR savings account. These days you can hardly find anything offer better than 1%, if that. Hell, I'm damn lucky that I inherited into a fund that is guaranteed 2.9% that I can only touch when I'm 62.

All the cream has been taken by the 1% and we're just left with the watery milk.

Comment Re:So? (Score 2) 122

I've been staying at places through VRBO for nearly 20 years, I doubt that anyone knew I was a temporary renter unless they're really familiar with their neighbors or were directly involved in the rental activity (I've been told to "see Clara next door for the keys" type of things multiple times). Just because there are assholes out there doesn't mean we should try to shut down an entire industry.

Comment Re:heh windoze (Score 1) 89

Hey son/daughter, as an old timer here let me clue you in a bit on how it works. If you take the time to post something like:

This is why windows SUGs O.o

You really should check that post as anonymous box. You don't want that type of post showing up ten years later. It's on the Internet forever, try not to look like a dork.

Comment Re:News for nerds huh? (Score 1) 399

they'll love microsoft/apple gear.

I actually love my Microsoft Sculpt keyboard. The iPhone7 that the company gave me is nice too, but I don't love it.

Side bitch on keyboards: Fuck you Dell. I grabbed a stock Dell keyboard (total crap) from the stockroom to setup dhcpd on a FreeBSD box for our wifi network for testing. The son of a bitch fucking lame assed Dell keyboard did not have a scroll lock key! I couldn't scroll back on the console to see what error dhcpd was kicking out. I had to tail -n50 /var/log/messages | less to see the issue. (typo in dhcpd.conf)

And no, I don't have a standard rack in this house, the last one, yes, but not this one. I have a "refreshed" HP Z820 workstation with 32 cores, 72GB RAM, and 4x5TB drives in RAID running ESXi VMware. That's how you do a rack these days.

Anyway, there are a lot of fake geeks out there. The price of our fame and earning potential. As long as they keep buying the drinks.

Comment Re:News for nerds huh? (Score 1) 399

I believe this is a big source of the tendency fro the poor to get poorer while the rich get richer.

A source, for sure, but the system is rigged against them. They don't have access to emergency money without agreeing to very bad terms, or very bad terms for just about anything that involves credit.

As the wise man Jesus said, "The poor will always be with us." But that doesn't mean we need to monetize them. (Looking at you check cashing joints and used car dealers.)

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