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Journal Journal: DHMO sourcing

Posted, and pulled quickly thereafter, Craigslist decided Dihydrogen monoxide was not a credible article to sell.

DHMO, fine-grained powered form (Blue Ridge and I470)

Date: 2011-02-01, 3:19PM CST
Reply to: sale-cqpnf-2192227974@craigslist.org

Each year, we accept delivery of DHMO (dihydrogen monoxide) but due to a miscommunication with the provider, we received a major overstock.

We have a current excess stock of approximately 25 cubic meters, and have been told to expect an equally large additional delivery by the end of the day.

This is not a thermodynamically stable powder, and it is expected to convert rapidly to an aqueous form, often followed by resolidification into larger crystalline structures. We would prefer to find a taker before this occurs.

This is NOT superior laboratory grade DHMO, but the more general quality obtained from natural sources, not synthetic. Expect some inclusions, and small amounts of Hydroxyl Acid and possible Hydrogen Hydroxide contamination. Neither affects the general usefulness or the chemical stability. We do provide the Material Safety Data Sheets for each chemical, or you may obtain your own at DHMO.org.

DHMO is widely used by construction companies to aid in the pouring and setting of concrete, and we have been notified that the ice and snow removal companies in the metro area have been utilizing this in the cooling systems of their vehicles too. While we'd prefer to find a single taker for the full amount of excess, we would be willing to donate any amount required to such services!

THERE IS NO CHARGE. However, interested parties will need to bring their own suitable, chemically inert, appropriate containers and source of transportation. We expect that the DHMO will still be in predominantly fine-grained powder form for the next 4 to 7 days, although after that a large quantity is likely to have become converted and contaminated.

Contamination and conversion of the previous delivery has also resulted in cylinders of Hydroden Hydroxide being formed. These are crystalline solids, based on a hexagonal matrix, as elongated cones, NOT the smaller 4 c.c. cubes! We have sizes of these ranging from 5 cm to 0.75 meters, but the supply is limited. They are free as well to anyone able to use them Some inclusions are present. Most cones are relatively high quality with a refractive index of 1.33 at 590 nanometers. Once again, bring your own containers!

Please contact for directions. Thank you!

Location: Blue Ridge and I470
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 2192227974
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Journal Journal: Creating justification

Working on the architecture for a new system, I was discussing all the positive and negative considerations with the new Unix admin. The new Unix admin kept coming back to a choice I had dismissed as too risky. Finally, I found the explanation which worked:
Everyone catches the bus -- some earlier, some later, some under.

thus I retire my old sig: Conservation of improvement: I make a better solution; and the universe creates a better idiot.
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Journal Journal: Sig update

Sig update: Previous sig Support computer literacy -- because a computer is a terrible thing to waste.

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