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Comment PCI slot covers (Score 1) 307

Those slim, bloody sharp, sheet metal masters of destruction which are supposed to be installed to cover empty PCI slots. Why can't those be made of a non-sharp edged plastic?
The most annoying element is the propensity of these metal missiles to miss the retaining slot in the sheet metal case and disappear under the motherboard. Or other mischief.
Their most annoying feature is the ability to get lost and not be reinstalled back to cover an empty slot. Thus providing entryway to a warm and protected housing location for mice, crickets, small snakes, cockroaches, spiders, and other heat seaking organic equipment failure implementers.

Submission + - What's in your ARP table?

GaryOlson writes: 1) physical hosts
2) a plethora of virtual hosts
3) mostly router routes
4) last night's dinner
5) Cowboy Neal's addresses

Comment Re:Corporate executives are smart. (Score 0) 541

Yes, they wanted a single-payer system. But they want the Government to be the single payer so the bureaucratic army of paper-pushing micro-managers can verify everyone is being treated equitably. Which costs more, not less, so less money is left for patient care. Lose/Lose

Everyone wants their micro-managing middle persons taking peoples money to grind the red tape wheel. We just need to ditch the mandatory micro-managing middle persons.

Comment Re:If you wanted to know about humans, (Score 1) 450

Certain entities in every organization/organism must take the active role of removing or thwarting the life sucking parasites. In this example, the parasite is government. And the gun loving rednecks have to be vocal to be heard above the mind numbing droning of professional politicians and their symbiotes the main stream media.

Just a normal ecosystem, nothing to see here, move along.

Comment Re:Label them "Money laundering", (Score 1) 848

And accuse them of hiding terrorist organizations....

According to the NDAA and POTUS Executive Orders, all that is required is merely to label, not accuse, them as Domestic Terrorists. Then the US Federal Government can seize all their funds, detain them without warrant, and confiscate any assets associated with generating these funds.

Oh, that's right, the US government is already started on the confiscation of assets; POTUS has already declared all assets belong to all the communist people of America.

Comment Re:Why? Becasue people know it sucks. (Score 3, Insightful) 362

We have a winner. I am seeing this very poli-drama being played out right now at my institution. The multi-decade tenured staff will not change from business processes implemented to fit a bad system bought 3 decades ago; and will not listen because they don't have to.

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