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Comment Re:What type of solar (Score 1) 504

Someone else tried it out in Germany. Lived with 480kWh a year from the grid; remainder was from own photo-voltaic generator. He had some appliances custom made to run off 12V, since these batteries are readily available pretty much everywhere around the globe.

The whole process was documented (1200 blog entries), however the homepage is in german. On the left side there's an automatic translator.


Comment Re:21% less 1 (Score 1) 272

Because bootable USB doesn't work for me. The motherboard from one PC recognizes USB as a hard drive, so you have to set USB to be first in the boot sequence. But W7 doesn't allow you to install on anything but the first device in boot sequence. And no: installing W7 from SSD didn't work for me either. So DVD is a must on that hardware, it seems.

Comment Re:21% less 1 (Score 2) 272

I know what you mean. These days I'm struggling to reinstall Windows 7 due to all sorts of quirks. What's frustrating is that installing Linux is a breeze on these machines and Windows without a DVD is a royal pain. The W10 installer is probably better, but there's no way I'm going the "computer as a service" route. So once new W7-installations are required, I'm slowly changing them to Linux. Maybe we'll see a bump in W10 market share by 2020 (when W7 support runs out), but most likely not from me.

Comment Long suspected of yerba mate tea (Score 1) 274

There's already a long suspicion that the correlation between regular consumption of hot yerba mate tea in south america and incidence of esophageal cancer may be causative. It wasn't confirmed back in the days because there were other substances in the tea that might explain the higher incidence of cancer. Now there seems to be confirmation of this suspicion.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 296

More likely a technology akin to DisplayLink, which drives a monitor over USB-Port. A DisplayLink chip is used either in the monitor itself (like on ASUS MB169B+ or Philips P-Line 231P4QUPES) or inside a docking station with some monitor connection. The operating system treats the USB device like a graphics card and you can do the usual multi-monitor setup.

I have a docking station on my desk (which drives 1920x1080 via USB3) and it works fine for productivity. It's not so good for gaming as there seems to be some latency involved.

The article indicates that this monitor would work over thunderbolt. That'd be like connecting a graphics card on PCIe and plugging the monitor there, except that the PCIe connection is done via cable and the graphics card is inside the monitor and not directly on the motherboard. I believe this solution may reduce the latency a lot and have larger bandwidth.

Comment Re:Maybe it's the same thing that whacked Padme (Score 1) 607

I'd rephrase what you said a bit by stating that a society based on consumerism, bombarded with advertisements of happy families consuming product X, might be hard on e.g. the unemployed or singles. Some people may be just bored because life isn't so hard as it was for previous generations (so many appliances manage the household today) and there is more time to worry about things and be unhappy about.

Comment Re:Don't want a thinner laptop (Score 1) 209

I'm with you. I want my mobile phone to last as long as possible, so I changed the 2.200 mAh battery for a 7.200 mAh (Anker battery case on Samsung S2) and I get about 6 days out of it. I see 35% in the morning I know I'm still good for the day. And I buy laptops based on their speed, not appearance. Core i7 with four cores is my standard requirement. I also like 17" screens, so I know I'm looking at at least 2.5kg.

Comment Re: Subversion of the West (Score 3, Interesting) 1080

It's a bit like the "Emperor's nose fallacy." By averaging people's opinion when they have no clue, you don't get any closer to what the best solution might be. But you drown out the experts. See Feynman's chapter on "Judging a book by it's cover"(

Comment Re:Obviously they had to pay a lot (Score 4, Insightful) 334

"IMO the gaps between the rationals are small enough that it doesn't matter if you can prove this for irrationals"

Excuse me, but your opinion is wrong. Rational numbers are said to be sparse in the real number space. For the argument see "Lebesgue Measure." As for why there are more irrational numbers than rational numbers see "Cantor's diagonal argument".

Your reasoning is however correct. If P(HEADS) = p, P(TAILS) = (1-p). The probability for coin tosses are:
HH = p*p
HT = p(1-p)
TH = (1-p)p
TT = (1-p)(1-p)

Eliminating HH and TT leaves HT and TH at p(1-p) probability. There's no assumption on p being rational or not. However the further you are from p=0.5, the longer it takes to get a "valid" flip.

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