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Submission + - ISIS Offers 24/7 Tech Support For Jihad

Galaga88 writes: NBC News reports that ISIS has staff who offer around-the-clock technical support to its members in areas including encryption technology. With a core group of individuals possessing upper-level degrees in IT, their helpdesk may even be better qualified than that of most tech companies.

Submission + - Apple applies for patent on shoe DRM

Galaga88 writes: Apple has applied for a patent on using RFID tags to control the usage of their Nike + iPod sensors. Apparently they want to stop people who were ripping the sensors out and putting them in their own shoes. If nothing else, this gives us a chance to see somebody use the term "authorized garment" in legal documents with all seriousness.

Submission + - OLPC PCs used for (surprise!) porn browsing (

Galaga88 writes: "In thoroughly unsurprising proof that the third world people really aren't all that different from first world (or second world) people, the children on the receiving end of the One Laptop Per Child project have been using their PCs to surf the internet for porn. An OLPC rep is reported to have said that they'll be putting filters on future OLPC systems, which will certainly give the third world pupils the initiative to develop their hacking skills even faster than before."

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