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Comment Re:Emulation or real hardware? (Score 2) 195

There's noticable lag on the gamepad display for NES VC games at least. It's weird that Mario Kart 8 seems to stream flawlessly in realtime to the gamepad, but in Super Mario Bros. or Ninja Gaiden I can always feel the delay between button presses and the game reacting.

Of course, since this is going via direct HDMI, there should be zero lag at all.

Comment I use it but I'm not even sure what's new (Score 1) 982

I upgraded my home PC to Windows 10 because I support distance learning students at a college and knew they'd be showing up with laptops with Windows 10 preinstalled. The upgrade fiasco was totally unexpected.

From my POV, I'm not even clear what's different from 7 and 8.1. I mean, I *know* the UI has changed considerably in a lot of places but that's just where you find buttons. Similarly, I have no interest in Modern/Metro Apps or whatever they're called. As long as I can use Explorer to manage my files, launch Chrome to get online and my games work and the software I rely on work (Office, some assorted productivity/video editing software), I really don't care. And all of those things have worked fine between 7/8/8.1/10. I've seen no performance decrease in my path from 7 -> 10.

At some point a file versioning tool showed up in Windows, and it still works in 10, so I guess that's good? The Task Manager seems much improved? I like the flat theme just fine?

Really, I can't help but be reminded of this:

Comment Re:Don't see how this should help (Score 1) 192

If you're designing an adder and ignore some of the carries, you can make more of the process parallel.

If you're adding 387932874 and 387236154 for the purposes of determining the hue of a pixel that will be onscreen for 1/60 second, does it really matter if you forgot to carry a number down near 10^4?

Comment Is this a bad thing? (Score 4, Insightful) 69

I don't see this as a bad thing. They were only doing it on providers that normally charged for data overages, so it seems likely that they were doing it for the right reasons.

It is a problem that they weren't disclosing it, but it's not a *huge* problem. This change they're making is what they should have done to begin with, but still - as a user I'm *glad* to see they were dynamically adjusting their data usage when I was on mobile. I wish more applications would do that.

Comment Re:Not enough first-party content / Wasn't Hacked (Score 1) 230

I'm a platform gamer, primarily, and don't have time to try out new or innovative games. Starting with N64, they went to one Mario game of each "type" at most per platform. And with 3DS and Wii U they did a total of two types. With Wii, there was Super Mario Galaxy which even got a sequel. I own a total of 3 games for the Wii U and don't feel like there's anything else there for me.

It's depressing - all you have is Super Mario 3D World and New Super Mario Bros. U, neither of which are particularly inspiring or interesting. At least not anywhere near as much as the Galaxy games were.

Mario Maker is fantastic, but it doesn't fill the niche that an original Mario game does.

No Metroid, no new Zelda, no Mario Golf, etc. It's like Nintendo wasn't even trying.

Comment Context On the Issue (Score 5, Informative) 410

This error occurs if the repair involves the TouchID sensor. Sense this stores data required for the fingerprint authentication, the device will refuse to function for security reasons if it thinks it's been tampered with, which seems to be a reasonable precaution for a device component that can authenticate you across the device and also external services including financial transactions.

A better option would be to instead disable TouchID if tampering is suspected, but this isn't a case of Apple just arbitrarily making iPhones not work if you get a third-party repair like the story suggests.

Submission + - ISIS Offers 24/7 Tech Support For Jihad

Galaga88 writes: NBC News reports that ISIS has staff who offer around-the-clock technical support to its members in areas including encryption technology. With a core group of individuals possessing upper-level degrees in IT, their helpdesk may even be better qualified than that of most tech companies.

Comment Is AMD Better Now? (Score 2) 110

It's been a long time (relatively speaking) since I've played the graphics card game. I remember that AMD's cards were technically solid, but often plagued with driver issues. Even now I'm reading about performance issues with Fallout 4 (which is probably Bethesda's fault because it's an unpatched Bethesda game.)

Has the situation improved? Am I holding onto old biases?

(Alas, for the heady days of my Voodoo2.)

Comment Details (Score 4, Funny) 102

You see, when you have ARM32 vs ARM64 you have to remember that 64 is at least twice as much as 32. So you're going to need to use larger instructions in your program or you're going to have a lot of empty space. Because your functions can go twice as far, you're going to need more data highways to get there without all the congestion. It's like moving from a crowded boulevard to an expressway.

When it comes to mobile apps, which is where you're going to be programming the ARM, these wider highways occupy valuable space on your mobile board, but it's worth it to reduce congestion by at least a half. Also, because you have larger bits, you can get more numbers in your apps without having to stress the fixed point unit. This means fonts take up less space and as such you can use more serifed typefaces.

This answer brought to you by That Guy Who Clearly Bullshitted Through His Interview and Got Promoted To Manager Last Week.

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