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Comment Human Computer Interaction (Score 1) 372

Lets remember, most of today's professors experienced most of their learning using pen and paper, chalk and blackboard. When they were learning such things as video lecture or interactive blackboards weren't even invented. Efectively using IT in the classroom not only require tech savvy, but a much faster pace of cognition on their part.

  These are professionals, experts on their respective fields but to be an effective teacher it is not only necesary to pocess a mastery of the subject it is also necessary to be be effective at communicating it by any means.

Comment Re:Issues (Score 1) 376

Frankly, anyone working (or able to work) should be working AND...have to pay SOME federal tax..I don't care if it is $10 or so....just as long as everyone has some skin in the game, eh?

Everyone has some skin in the game, even if a person owes no taxes at the end of the year. Our major contributions to society, are the decisions that we make everyday at every moment. Taxes are only the way we pool our resources together for the benefits of all (in theory). In our society we believe that the whole is better when all the parts are doing well, so perhaps the $10 dollars is not much for you but for someone that might be significant. Everyone already pays sales taxes anyways.

Comment Technology on its infancy. (Score 1) 575

Kids that were born under the dactile input instead of mouse are just reaching Kindergarten. Prosessing speeds of tablets are just coming online with low power laptops. This technology is part of the technological evolution of education. What it is lacking seriously behind is the training of teachers and software that takes full advantage of the multimedia capabilities of tablets. I was hoping that MS Surface would be the next step. That is a very disappointing statement from Mr. Gates.

Comment Re:Compared to the moon (Score 2) 531

But the issue really is distance. And the Moon is a LOT closer than the asteroids.

Asteroids are differentiated. Some are mostly pure nickel-iron. Never heard of that being available on the moon.

Why wouldn't there be a vein of iron ore on the Moon? There are veins of it on the Earth.

Sure, you might have to dig a bit for it. But digging on the Moon means a LOT less travel than scouting the asteroid belt.

I think distance is not the real issue, the real issue its efficiency. Maybe there is a meteorite out there who's orbit and mineral concentration make it a particularly good target for resource extraction. If we can get those resources down safely, and cheaply it would be like a new, world wide, gold rush.

Besides, extracting 500 tons of anything from the moon sounds extremely costly compared to some solar powered ion engine designed to over the years alter the orbit of an asteroid.

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