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Journal GMontag's Journal: Job Update 3

Well, I have been busy. Busy looking for a new job.

Have been on overhead for most of 4 months now. Part of that was training for "the Orient", until the prime contractor did a phone interview with me and decided they did not want to use me.

That was a huge surprise to everybody from the engineers who build and maintain the surveillance system to the upper management. They are all pissed at Raytheon. Mostly because Raytheon had my resume for two months and everything was fine enough for me to make preparations to go (moved the 'hybrid' Charger to Tennessee, dental work, notes from doctor and dentist, lined up someone to use my condo while I am away, etc.). Another reason my management is pissed is that the interview had almost no questions about the required skills, everything was about higher level "desired" skills.

They are doing their best to take care of me and I have never seen a response like this from any other employer I have worked for. My resume is being passed all over the company and people are giving me contacts with other firms, like SAIC, Northrop, SRA and KBR. Still nothing solid yet.

The two most promising things to date came up this week. It looks like we either won or are trying to win the project I used to work on, for 7 years, at a previous firm. Two of the job descriptions were my job description from back then. The manager gets back in town Friday.

Another possibility was just brought to me, working in "the Orient" doing really kewell stuff with radios on vehicles. Sounds like custom fabrication work on top of the usual "fancy stereo install" stuff. Configuration management too. No body work that I know of, but I am sure there will be the possibility :) Idunno, that one is sounding too cool to believe. Database geeking, wrench turning, wire splicing, metal bending and everything. Won't get word until mid-next week :(

Tried to post this at Multiply in the Circular Refuge Group, but that verification thingie is not working today.

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Job Update

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