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Comment Re: Unfettered capitalism (Score 1) 636

OK. We need to define "small". Small, in the US context is constitutionally limited. See the the US Constitution. Powers were enumerated and delegated to the Federal Government. The Federal government can do only what's described there and no more.

In the US we've gotten to the point were "regulating interstate commerce" means that a farmer can't grow food for his own use without potentially violating a federal law.

"Small" means paying attention to the constitutional limits. If there are no constitutional limits then "small" in this sense has a different meaning.

Comment Re: Unfettered capitalism (Score 1) 636

This is what small-government types rail about. This is why they don't want this magically wonderful "mixed" economy. In this case - you have friends in the small-government, free-market communities. Again - this is why people (von Mises, Hayek, Ayn Rand) brought up the slippery slope warning . BECAUSE you inevitably get to this point.

By the way - in Atlas Shrugged the main villains were people who "bought" government.

Nobody who is for individual freedom is for government being bought. That is why we are for small government. That is why we are for unfettered capitalism.

Comment Re:wth how is this legal? (Score 1) 84

"Never" is a strong word and can be overstated. So let's say things have worked well there. France became sclerotic; USSR and China and Eastern Europe became hellholes with government led mass murders and starvation. And let's not mention North Korea, Cambodia, Mozambique and other places.

Yes. In the single culture nordic states things have worked out well for 60+ years. Let's see how it does now that they've become multicultural and lose their social cohesion.

Comment Re:wth how is this legal? (Score 2) 84

"capiltalism is not good anymore and the people are more important (dare I say socialism?) "

Socialism never works. Take a look at Venezula.

Crony capitalism is not capitalism. In the 18th C crony capitalism was called mercantilism. Laissez faire (which is not equal to caveat emptor) rose in opposition to mercantilism. Every proponent of the free-market has been against the merging of govt and business (you know all the "good" things that government does) because government involvement inevitably leads to crony capitalism / mercantilism. Everyone from Menger to von Mises to Hayek to Ayn Rand argued for small government because otherwise you get to crony capitalism.

Comment Re:Can't let the money fall into the wrong hands! (Score 1) 259

That would be true in parts of NYC as well. But go less than a hour away from midtown and the price of real estate drops considerably. You can find 2 family houses for less than $300,000 and 3 family for less than $500,000.

Be willing to work weekends fixing up your house and in a few years you too can be calling a fu(king rich pr!ck by self-important a$$holes.

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