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Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 2) 577

Either that or the reasoning behind the facts are wrong. The first steam engine did not get invented until the the 1710s by Newcomen. Watt's steam engine didn't come out until 1770s or so. The amount of coal burnt in the early 19thC as a result of the steam engines was minuscule (It's a guestimate. I don't have the figures.) compared to the total amount of coal and wood that was being burnt for millennia.

So this round of global warming may have started in the 1830 but it is damning - in my eyes anyway - to say that it is the result of the industrial revolution.

Comment Re:All I care about is: (Score 1) 170


good point.

However politicians pass all sorts of compliance laws. Among the purposes of these laws is to ascertain who did what when; who knew what when. Running an email server to bypass compliance regulations is not ethical. (Although it may technically have been legal for the S of S. I'm not an attorney so I don't know how the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.)

Running the email server out of her house was clearly done to circumvent compliance and FOI requests.

Comment Re:The problem with these meters (Score 1) 147

This was an example. StilI have a more complex passwords that deal with the dictionary attacks.

The issue here is knowing who your attacker is. If the attacker are random (albeit professional) thieves then what you need to do is make your password too difficult to bother.

They will run the passwords through a bunch of attempts. After a while they will get to a point of diminishing returns and give up. I'm pretty damn sure that 20 characters (even if they are in a dictionary) will pass do just fine. (To beat a dictionary attack put in a date or a zzz or something)

Mets 1969 Rule Yankees zzz Drool

Now - if you're concerned about government actors (NSA, FBI, KGB, whatever) then that takes it up a notch. The first way is analogous to protecting your home from thieves. The other is like trying to defend your home from SWAT. Two very different things.

As far a remembering - that takes time and iterations. But I think ones privacy is worth it.

Comment Re:The problem with these meters (Score 1) 147

If the password is long and uses a lot of characters, it be harder to remember, which leads to it being written down.

Not really. Think of a phrase and use an algorithm.

(leaving spaces for clarity)
Mets Rule Yankees Drool are 20 characters - that's pretty strong in and of itself

substitute $ for s, 3 for e, and 0 for o and you have

met$rul3yank33$dr00l is easy to remember, easy to type and is pretty damn safe.

Comment Re:International Units please (Score 2) 189

either that or you can become familiar with other units.

There is something nicely retro in knowing that an acre was a measure of how much land an ox and a farmer could plow in one day; that the plowed in a straight line for 1/8 of a mile (a furlong). Even knowing that a mile was the measure of a 1000 paces (a pace is two steps- left, right).

You want to be objective? Then I suppose you want us to use Kelvin for temperature? Ah, isn't this a nice 300 degree day?

Comment Re:While It Sucks... (Score 1) 160

No. Not accurate at all. States do change and it historically has not been tied to how they voted in federal elections. (That's been changing rapidly over the last decade.)

Secondly neither party is monolithic. The Republican party is split between "establishment" which is for crony capitalism; libertarian / tea party which is greatly opposed to this and social conservatives who tend strongly to main street (as opposed to wall street) but for whom social issues is their primary concern.

Main Street is a catch-all phrase that refers to small farmers, mom-and-pop stores, small and mid size businesses (as opposed to multinational, publicly traded conglomerates ).

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