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Comment Re:Electronic Waste Recycling Fee... (Score 1) 166

To bad you don't understand that free market does not mean fraud is acceptable.

A free market society also has to deal with fraud the same as a mercantile or socialist economy.

So, rather than saying that a free market economy would do nothing about said problem why don't you see what they would do?

Comment Re:Lack of government is the problem (Score 1, Troll) 324

You think there is a lack of government? I think there is too much. Especially regarding the federal government.

How about we agree on this.

Reduce the Federal Government to it's constitutionally limited responsibilities and you and your ilk have your state government(s) show the rest of us how it's done?

Build your nirvana; your ideal state. If it works as you, of course, know it will then people will flock to your state; and other states will adopt your platform. Then we can have fools like me live in their foolish way in their states and you and everyone who knows better will live in a wonderful state where everything works just fine.

Howz that sound to you?

Comment Re:This is news? (Score 1) 99

Yes. The more power you give to government the more people spend to control this power.

You want to change this? Don't have government try to solve every last problem - this way you (as the oversight committee - ie the voter) is able to focus on the important items.

The less the govt is involved in the more you can see what's going on. The more it does everything the less you can do.

Example - speed limits shouldn't be the province of the fed government.

re net neutrality - maybe the FEC should be LESS powerful. Then money wouldn't be going there to influence decisions.

Comment Re:Another way to look at this is.. (Score 1) 399

So much wrong with this post.

Just revisit your statement: "The stay at home housewife was another reaction to the over abundance of labour." WTF?

Women NEVER left the family home / farm until late 19thC industrialization and even then it was limited. Until post WWII the housewife was a valuable and time intensive job. .

From washing clothes without a washing machine and dryer, to cooking without in door plumbing to getting and preserving food without refridgerators to everything else (and let's not forget taking care of children).

Comment Re:Libertarians (Score 3, Interesting) 149

You realize that free-market people are against corporatism (what used to be called mercantilism). If you have any doubts - read von Mises, Hayek, Milton Friedman and, of course, Ayn Rand. Her greatest villains were corporatists.

So, no, stop believing what was spoon fed to you. And read them for yourselves. If I could read, Hegel, Marx, Lenin, and underdevelopment theorists you can read von Mises and listen to a few Milton Friedman youtube videos.

Comment Re:A dictator knows a competitor when he sees one (Score 1) 91

Hence the idea of a constitutionally limited government. A government that cannot do whatever it wants. And knowing that people want power have a competing set of powers (checks and balances so to speak) so that the federal government can do only what it's constitutionally allowed to do; local governments (states if you will) have other powers and the people in government - namely Executive and Legislative branches are jealously guarding their powers and privileges.

Of course if the population (hence their elected officials) think that the purpose of government is the distribution of largess then things dissolve.

In sum - Democracy does suck. Thankfully the framers of the US Constitution were aware of that. Hopefully our population will return to the sentiment that giving more and more power to the government - especially the Federal Government - is a very bad idea.

Vote Third Party in 2016 and beyond.

Comment Re:Leaving the EU was a huge mistake. (Score 1) 315

My mistake. I was in France in the late 1990s and this was a big concern,

Still the point remains. An all-powerful centralized state is not good.

The point of the caps was to mock those who desire centralized control. An homage, if you will to Stalin, Mao and other perfect states.

Comment Re:Leaving the EU was a huge mistake. (Score 1, Insightful) 315

So, being part of a huge bureaucracy managed from afar is a good thing? You must be one of those who loves the idea of Imperial Washington as well?

Everything should be decided by bureaucrats because people don't know better.

We bureaucrats in Brussels think that too much cinamon is bad for you. Therefore you Christmas snackies must be outlawed.

We (the all-wise, all-knowing bureaucrats) also know that consumption of raw milk products is dangerous therefore you (french, italian, spanish, communities that have been making raw milk cheeses are now declared to be WRONG and OLD FASHIONED. And any production of such products will now be ILLEGAL. Because, we, the all-knowing, all-wonderful bureaucrats know how best for you to live your lives.

Anybody who doesn't want to live under our enlightened rule are [fill in the blank].

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 2) 76

Read up on it. It's interesting.

Bishop Ussher, along with many others, were curious to know how old the universe was. So he went to The Bible and started figuring things out. We knew dates - the razing the Temple, Babylon Captivity - but how to figure out the beginning.

Go to The Bible and add up the dates. 6 days for creation + one day of rest + this lifetime + that lifetime until you get to a known date. Then, voila, you have the age of the universe.

Simple really.

Comment Re:NSA is doing the same for years (Score 1, Informative) 117

That's correct. When joining the armed services you have given up several of your rights. The government can send you dangerous places and ask that you risk your life; you do not have freedom of speech, nor of assembly.

As far as military tribunals - they do operate out of bounds of the constitution. The Constitution only applies to areas that are part of the US; so military actions taking place out side of the US are outside the purview of the Constitution. (Assuming that Congress has authorized force and that the President is in command of said military forces.)

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