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Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 1) 371

Without debating how much came in from Republican amendments it's not what the Heritage Foundation article proposed. Not even close.

Republicans /= Heritage Foundation. Just as there are huge divisions in the Democratic Party (Labor v Environmental Movement for example) not everyone in the Republican Party are for free market solutions. There is a libertarian wing (small, but it exists), there is a big business, corporatist wing (same as the Dems) and the libertarian wing hates the corporatist wing just as the Bernie wing hates the corporatist wing.

Sadly there are points of agreement that could be reached between the Bernie and Libertarian sides that would do good.

Comment Re:500$/month in NYC (Score 1) 251

Pretentious? I've never heard anyone considering writing bklyn as opposed to brooklyn as being pretentious. So, I don't know how long it takes.

I've lived in Bklyn basically my whole life. I don't even think about writing it out and more than I think about writing out NYC. The article was referring to NYC (assuming as I didn't read the article). And yes, everything north of the Bronx (including Westchester) is upstate. Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk) obviously are not "upstate".

I remember when living in bklyn was most definitely not considered "pretentious."

Don't know where you got the idea that I considered upstate as irrelevant. (I did think it was irrelevant as far as the article was concerned. I was focused on NYC itself.)

Can one commute from Westchester, Rockland, NJ, Pennsylvania, Connecticut. Yes. Plenty do

Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 1) 371

No. It was not. Please read up on the topic and not regurgitate things. The Heritage Foundation often has thought experiments in which one set of people take up one side and another group another side. And, no matter, whether Obamacare was based on the Heritage Foundation article or not -- the end result is not what was debated in the article.

Comment Re:500$/month in NYC (Score 1) 251

NYC rooms for rent in "war zones" (think Far Rock) are in the neighborhood of 180-200/wk. Think drugs, prostitutes, shootings, muggings. As bad a neighborhood as NYC has.

In a decent neighborhood (read relatively safe) I can't see getting anything but a room in a shared brownstone for $1000 / mth. If you want to your own place, even a 400sq foot studio will cost $1500+

If you're willing to live further in Bklyn or Queens or the Bronx you can get a nice 1 bdrm for 1750 or so. In Far Rock you could get a two bedroom + for that price but you would have a 90 minute commute to midtown.

I live in Bklyn, a half hour door2door from midtown so, good commute.

Rents!? They're not cheap.

Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 0) 371

No. His supporters think that he respects them and values them and will do his best to do common sense things that will help them.

Common Sense Thing Number 1-1000.

Build the pipelines to bring shale oil to the refineries. Common sense because it's more efficient and safer than using trucks. Common sense because we aren't feeding the Saudis and other religious nuts.

Common Sense Thing Number 1001

Cut red tape for building things - be it windmills or restaurants.

Common Sense Thing Number 1002

Curtain the EPA's taking of property under the guise of "wetlands". If you need to take a property to save species "x" then be fu**ing honest and buy the land from the person instead of declaring it wetlands and walking away.

These are 3 very simple common-sense things and yet ... look at all the opposition to it. These 3 things (and maybe simply the pipeline) led to Trump being president. Hey, all you jacka$$es out there, was it worth it?

Comment Re:It just means they are happy with it. (Score 1) 90

What separates "essential liberties" from civil liberties. And what, by the way, is a civil liberty? What liberty do you have as a result of the government that you do not possess as an individual? And if there is no difference why do you say "civil liberty" as opposed to "individual liberty"?

Comment Re:Again like I said! (Score 0) 403

Democrats are not center right unless you're an avowed socialist.

And no - many are not socialist leaning (more government-knows-best-nanny-statists)

Center right would be for a basic free market (not libertarian) and for federalism and a realization that the government does not solve all problems. THAT would be center right. So no. The Democrats are not center right.

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