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Comment Re:He's off his rocker (Score 1) 162

There isn't a cold war on the horizon unless China keeps pushing it's one china policy and tries to prevent traffic from going through the South China Seas. Vietnam, India, South Korea and Japan are extremely concerned about this. The Philippines I don't know. Their position has been changing.

Trade war is not going to happen. It will hurt both sides too much. China has been devaluating their currency in order to keep exports strong. They have been limiting imports. Trump has been pushing back (so what).

Trade War. Cold War. Nuclear War. grow up people.

Comment Re:Constructively dismissed? Become a contractor (Score 1) 145

The point was more than that - you need to come up with a plan for the employer. (And all employers who are in this boat.)

You need to address their concerns (legitimate or not) and show how your plan will help them accomplish their goals.

The point, in essence, was stop bitching and do something about - AND YOU are the person that must do the doing. YOU are the person who is outraged by this. Not your manager, not me and not many others.

I tried working at home and after a while I hated it. You want it? Explore the reasons. Write articles. Do surveys. Present your views at management seminars. If you don't do it who will?

Is this work? Yes. Either you do it, or wait for other people to. That's your options.

Comment Re:Remote work is validated once again. (Score 0) 145

Well then. This is obviously a pain point. Find some solutions to measure productivity that aren't too intrusive? Perhaps a dedicated space with a web cam. The more this bothers you the more you need to come up with a solution. Yes.

You need to do something.
Are you waiting for me?
Nah. I've got other things to do. I have a short commute and after a few mths working at home I hated working.

Stop bitching and create something. You may actually get recognition and some green from your ideas.

Comment Re: Ideaology misplaced (Score 1) 127

It's about freeing people to labor. And then what? Will we have a utopia?

Will people be happy? Will they have purpose? There are millions of people who have housing (Section 8) food (EBT/SNAP) and yet ... how many are happy, productive individuals? How many are studying STEM, getting degrees, building skills? As an evil landlord who looked at investing in the Section 8 sector (and who grew up in poor NYC neighborhoods) I did not see people studying, gardening, learning to play musical instruments, and other "utopic" activities.

Comment Re:Ideaology misplaced (Score 2) 127

I suggest you learn why Ayn Rand is nothing but a bunch of selfish preposterous nonsense. - Please. Do you say the same thing about Nietzsche? She says many interesting things on metaphysics and epistemology. Maybe you should read them. Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead are novels attempting to bring ideas to the general public. She wrote other works.

I do not think that Marxism is a good idea. I think it's foolishness to think that a bureaucracy will do anything but look after itself - and it will use police powers to enforce its decisions. And yet there are many socialists / communists / Marxists out there (yes I understand the differences, I too have read underdevelopment theory) who think that there can be a future where basic needs are met (good food, housing, healthcare, things to do and safe neighborhoods) without having to work for a living. (See the UBI movement as an example.)

The concern that there will not be enough jobs for all is not unreasonable. In less that 40 years these jobs will be gone - taxi drivers, truck drivers, stock-shelf refillers (Home Depot, Target, Walmart, A&P, Walgreens, CVS), warehouse people, most middle-management jobs (including gov't), basic financial services (banks and brokerages) and more.

Restaurants will hire cooks and waiters will only be there for customer interaction. They will not be needed to order food, to bus the tables, etc... So fast food places will have 1 or 2 people per shift as opposed to 10.

This is our future.

Comment Re:Good insight (Score 1) 127

" I don't believe a corporation *even* *can* behave in a way which is beneficial to society at large."

Do you believe this bullsh!t?

What are you living in some basement wearing a Che t-shirt and complaining about homophobic Conservatives? (Hope you see the irony in that statement - Che killed gays and considered them to be bourgeois counter-revolutions)

Corporations (are owned and run by people) produce a good or service that others may chose to buy or not.

Now, as we've become more socialistic, we've making it easier for companies to use the force of law to use their services. Socialism is not the answer . You must think that an all-knowing, all-powerful, bureaucracy is the solution. I think it leads to a dystopic future and civil war.

Comment Re:Just PR speak (Score 0) 127

You always see this fear. The Luddites in the 19th C; farming is now down to less than 1% of the population; secretarial pools are gone. ...

But I fear this transition may be different. (And I say this as a Free Market, Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand Capitalist.) We may need to come up with a different solution. Tech can bring a dystopic future or interestingly enough fuse the Marxist and Libertarian dreams and come up with something very interesting and good.

We will have shake up our thinking though.

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama! (Score 1) 205

Pew research (they are not Right wing) shows that 70 percent of British born muslims want Sharia law.

There are plenty of street preachers who proclaim they want sharia law.

There are videos with 1000s (not hundreds) in attendance who want Sharia law.

The time to stand up for progressive values is now. The time to say this is a multicultural society is now.

In Brooklyn, on Atlantic Ave and Court Street, there are at least two Yemini restaurants who actively discourage women from entering.

There are videos made by French women who show this same thing in French towns. search - Youtube: French woman no longer allowed to enter cafes. Published on Dec 20, 2016 (Youtube is blocked at work. Had to look at my phone.)

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama! (Score 4, Interesting) 205

That's not necessarily the point. A black person is order's of magnitude more likely to be killed by a young black man than a white policeman - and yet look at BLM. Also, it is not irrational to be concerned about islamo-fascist terrorism. One because it exists. And secondly because others say "nothing to see here, move along."

Saying and doing nothing about evil because it's significantly minor is not an answer. The amount of black and Jewish people killed by the KKK was statistically insignificant - maybe 5-6000 over 80 years. And yet the violence, the existence of "strange fruit" matters. And it matters more than highway deaths.

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama! (Score -1) 205

True. But still something must be done. I agree that surveillance is not necessarily the solution. How about saying to all that this is a multi-cultural country and if you want sharia law .... then leave. The problem is the mentality behind terrorism as well as not sticking up for our principles out of fear of being called a racist or an Islamophobe.

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