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Comment Re:Left wing bird cage liner (Score -1, Flamebait) 348

Be careful what you wish for.

We could always move the tax rates back to where they were when Reagan was in office.

It might actually pay for all of our military traipsing around the world.

Your comment tells us you have no clue what the real problem is. The fact the you think we can tax our way out of this is sad.

Comment Re:Manning is a Hero and a Traitor (Score 1) 348

And what are YOU going to do about this? Keep voting for the same scum each election? i am sooo tired of hearing people complain about this and yet do nothing. That's what the majority of people have been doing for a very long time. Look at the approval rating of congress then look at how long most of these scumbags have been in office. Until you and many other like-minded voters decide to get off their asses and actually DO something we will continue to have the government we deserve. It blew me away how Holder had such a difficult time saying it is unconstitutional for the government to kill an American citizen on American soil simply sitting in a cafe having breakfast who wasn't an immediate threat. Even code Pink and Van Jones agreed it was wrong and the government shouldn't have this kind of power. More people should be alarmed by this. The video of Holder being asked this over and over and his being evasive in his answers can be found online.

Comment Re:Hear the answer from Manning himself (Score 1) 348

He clearly wanted to embarrass the government. Thing thing is it's not too hard to track down a leak. What you do is have various versions and keep track of who had control of which version then sit back and wait to see which versions see the light of day. When any do then you see which version(s) were leaked and then you know where your leak is. It's one thing to leak corporate secrets and quite another to leak military/government secrets you were entrusted with. Manning lacked the necessary information he needed to put the information he had in its proper context. He was only allowed to know what his pay-grade allowed and that was all. He deserves whatever the courts feel is just. This kid shouldn't have joined the military if he wasn't up to the task. Now he's pretty much screwed his life up.

Comment Re:Left wing bird cage liner (Score -1, Troll) 348

you stupid elitist pricks all have a big laugh about the EVIL CONSERVATIVE and you pat each other on the back to cheer on yet more and more government, more regulations, more taxation, theft and erosion of the civil society.

You know, it takes a truly exception level of delusion to think that it's the elite in this country who want more taxes on themselves, and the average working people who want to cut all benefit programs and social safety nets for the average working people.

Yes, I'm sure all the billionaire power-brokers in this country are all Democrats who just hate it when Republicans pass tax breaks and pro-corporate laws that benefit themselves greatly. "Oh no, please make me pay more taxes and take away these laws that allow me to lord over the poor like a God!" I can hear Donald Trump and the Koch brothers saying.

Tell me, what color is the sky in your world?

It's the moronic who believe we can tax our way out of this mess. sounds like you don't get that we NEED to cut all kinds of social programs and "safety nets" because we can't afford them in their current forms. We haven't' been able to afford them for decades. They are in dire need of drastic reforms. Have you bothered looking at what the bulk of our debt is coming from? It's not war and it's not military spending, although we can stand to make quite a few cuts there. It's 3 programs which are growing at a rate that far outpaces the growth of our economy. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. These three programs make up the lion's share of our debt and are continuing to grow in costs at a rate that makes them fiscal cancers. No amount of taxing is going to fix this. We can cut all defense spending and tax all the wealthy at 100% and STILL not make a real dent in our problem. The sooner people pull their heads out of their asses and realize this reality the sooner we can force the corrupt scum we keep voting into congress can be forced to start doing their jobs.

Comment What would have been different..? (Score 1) 348

This is ridiculous. It wouldn't have made a bit of difference. Fact is the man leaked top secret information. Leaking it to WikiLeaks or a media outlet like the NYT makes no difference. The NYT would have made the info just as public getting it to our enemies so the same damage would have been done. The author is living in some fantasy world.

Comment Re:That's his right (Score 1) 471

And it's my right to take my business elsewhere.

Why is this modded flamebait? I tend to view this as a reactionary policy done by a person who clearly thinks far too much of his establishment. That's his right. Since I view his policy in that light it's my right to go somewhere else. The policy also strikes me as hypocritical as I'd be willing to bet that he has several cameras and probably audio monitoring throughout the establishment (also his right) and yet wants to ban others from doing the same thing.

It reminds me of those few gun stores where they ban their customers from carrying a gun while their staff is openly carrying. Sure, it's their right to ban such but it's still hypocritical.

How is it hypocritical for gunshop owners to ban the carrying of loaded guns in the shop? You think the gunshop staff is going to rob YOU at gunpoint?

Comment Re:That's his right (Score 1) 471

Well the owner DID say it was kind of a joke with some truth to it. Fact is lots of places like this ban the use of cameras already. Many more bad people from taking candid shots. If you don't have the permission of the person you are not allowed to take that photo or shoot that video. Strip bars are a great example of places that has long banned the use of any kind of recording devices. Many bars I've gone to have signs clearly stating the use of cameras of any sort are prohibited. "Google Glass" is just a wearable camera.

Comment Re:That's his right (Score 1) 471

You do know that MANY places ban the use of cameras on the premises right..? The bar owner makes perfect sense and expect far more public places to do the same. I'm pretty sure the owners doesn't give a crap that YOU won;t come in since there are plenty of other people who actually like this idea. Try to remember we are talking about a dive bar not a trendy night club/bar or some other similar type of place where people like you congregate.

Comment Re:Really, a fake tooth is fine, thanks (Score 2) 117

This isn't saying they would use the mouse method on humans... (face-plant) They are just saying they found what kind of cells they need to promote the growth of a natural tooth from these cells. If you bothered to read the article you'd know they are now looking for a cheap and easy way to get human mesenchymal cells the make this a viable option for use on human patients.

Comment Re:Final nail? (Score 1) 398

Sorry but it's been warmer than it is today with less CO2 content and i am talking about the complete debunking of the notion that CO2 drives climate changes. It does not.

Comment Re:It takes thousands of years to get soil. (Score 1) 398

So when you emigrate to Canada because your land is now a desert, make sure to drag along a few billion tons of topsoil with you.

Why do people like you seem to believe a warmer planet means more deserts? Fact is a warmer planet means a wetter planet as well since water that was once locked in ice is now freed up and enters the water cycle. Please show me where they have proven that a warmer planet means the lower Us becomes a desert. They haven't. If anything researchers have said a warmer planet would mean more land to grow food on as well as longer growing seasons. More people die every year all over the world from cold weather related complications than do of warm weather.

Comment Re:Final nail? (Score 2) 398

Exactly. People in general seem to blindly accept information from a single source instead of looking at various sources then forming an informed opinion. Fact is those in the AGW have been relying on a single idea. That human generated CO2 is what was driving the short warming we observed. This contradicts what geologists, oceanographers, and climatologists have known for a very long time. That changes in CO2 levels always happen after global temps change and never before. That it's global temps that drive changes in atmospheric CO2 and not the other way around. They also like to ignore the fact that when you look at the over all trend in global temps it's down not up. The warming stopped in the late 90's yet CO2 levels have continued to rise. In 2007 we saw global temps drop like a stone. The drop was so dramatic that 100 years of warming was virtually undone in just 12 months. This in no way supports the claims of the AGW supporters that CO2 is a driver of global temp changes. The debate has never been over whether or not the climate is changing. The climate is a dynamic system. It's always in a state of change. That's the nature of the system. So what did the people who support AGW do? They tried to redefine their argument and try to say anyone who doesn't agree with their view is denying that the climate is changing. This is 100% false. The debate has never been about climate change. It's always been about what is driving it. They refuse to accept the fact that there is very little evidence that human activity is having any significant impact. What little evidence exists is very weak at best. what has always bothered me about them is that they do not acknowledge the fact that our climate system is an open system. they never take into account conditions outside our planet. They even go so far as to claim that something as major as the sun has little to no impact on our climate. Pirse Corbyn, known as the worlds most accurate weather man, is able to predict climate conditions months to a year out with a high degree of accuracy. He is so accurate that farmers around the world use his data to plan their crops. He makes his predictions based on observations of our sun and the moon. This should tell anyone with a properly functioning brain that this man seems to have a far better understanding that any of these other researchers who's predictions have been completely wrong.

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