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Comment I don't get it, am I missing something? (Score 1) 186

I must be miss something please clarify: My understanding is Theranos product/services are not as good as marketed, not fully vetted, accusations of using the older tech to do much of the testing, and some mistakes found in the lab work. Further, not disclosing secret sauce information and not being very forthcoming with outside requests.

So far, that just sounds like a normal company, so whats the fraud, crimes, etc?

They also lost a lot of business with companies backing out from all the bad press, feeding the spiral downward. It's worth dropped from $9 billion to $800 million but is still more than what's been invested. And now its under criminal investigation.

So this has to be more than it's Edison tech isn't panning out right?

Comment Re:How to create a problem (Score 1) 92

per your article, it kind of says they do, but it's not the only thing they look at...

The Australian Classification Board (ACB) has confirmed to Somebody Think Of The Children that a persons overall appearance is used by the Board to determine whether someone appears to look under the age of 18 in a film or publication.

Asked whether breast size was considered by the Board when determining age, McDonald said he had no further comment to make.

But really it's disturbing that they ban adult females just because they claim they look young.

Comment Re:How about (Score 1) 100

I use dnsmasq and rather than it points to a local web server where every request returns a zero byte file.

The hostfile is auto updated from multiple sources, some white listings, and the domains with many subdomains are parsed out and added to dnsmasq.conf to block the whole domain.

All very fast running on a raspberry pi 2.

Comment Re:Ethernet (Score 1) 203

True, and I do rsync via rsyncd to increase speeds, but getting data from the network and then back onto a USB drive(or two) results in double dipping of that USB pool. And 100mbs has been slow for LAN since 2000. USB Gig will exceed that with out double dipping.

Which is why many was really hoping to that limitation address, by USB 3 or other means. I don't know anyone needing the wifi or bluetooth to be onboard. But I know plenty of people that hit limits of CPU, RAM, or the single USB 2 hub. (oh and quite a few wanting flash w/ hardware support)

Comment Re:Ethernet (Score 1) 203

I'm thinking the same. If all they had changed was USB 3 and Gig Ethernet I would be buying to replace the old. Even with it still being limited to 1 root USB port would be 10x improvement. (480MPs vs 640MBbs)

Even better would have been Ethernet not going through the usb, more multiple usb root ports. (or the ability to add on higher speed devices like SATA/eSATA/Firewire/More USB 3.x ports )

*sigh* Maybe there will be another revision with it, or next release . . . .

Comment Re:interesting (Score 2) 63

You're both right. Returning fingerprints that are not as unique and changing. But then you still have cookies and your IP.

But I'm conflicted, as data like User Agent (OS info) and the window/screen sizes are very useful, and making them useless hurts those creating the sites.

EFF's tool also shows so many bits of information, even getting rid of a dozen wont change much. I would assume trackers would take into consideration browser version changing and methods to track that can also over come random.

Comment Re:The dark matter between their ears (Score 1) 171

I kind of of thought of dark matter as, the matter of light that we cant measure at rest, but there is so much out there it adds up.

Stars send it out, but when it strikes celestial bodies such as earth it collects. But most of it it falls out as earth moves along it's orbit as it's low interactive to all things including gravity.

Comment Re:Hopefully it can actually kill someone (Score 1) 469

Not more damage, more effective. The .45 has a little bit more energy and leaves a little bit of a bigger hole. Slightly bigger holes means better chance of hitting a vital structure and faster bleed out. More energy bullet could penetrate to hit those targets.

FBI came up with tests to find effective ammo, Ammo manufactures engineered good bullets that reliably penetrate, expand, and are barrier blind. But this also holds true for other calibers.

So why is the 9mm more effective, and why are police flocking back to the 9mm? Shot placement, more rounds, and Good information.

Good information that came from real research and learning things like:
1. One stop shot and knockdown power are myths.
2. That caliber don't mean a damn if you can't reliably hit the target. People are much more accurate with 9mm, so much so they give 9mm shooters a small caliber penalty when competing.
3. Using good bullets that penetrate, without over penetrating and expand.
4. Followup shots are important, see #1, twice the rounds.

Comment Re:Try predicting violent behavior. (Score 1) 84

(They may harm THEMSELVES, but suicide rates don't change if guns aren't available: Instead the suicidal switch to less effective and usually more painful means, averaging more tries before they succeed.)

That is very false. Suicidal rates drop with measures preventing people from obtaining guns.(see the book More Guns Less crime) It's really the only statistic that gets better after passage of gun laws.

In fact this is true with all methods people use for committing suicide. Even minor inconveniences like chain link fences on bridges have lowered the percentage of jumpers(taken into consideration increase population, etc)


Studies have shown that well-designed suicide barriers not only stop people from jumping at a particular site, but also decrease the overall suicide rate in the surrounding area.

Comment Re:Isn't it widely accepted... (Score 2) 142

Look at our moon. I believe it's the biggest reason we still have a liquid core and thus a strong magnetic field.

Our moon is large in comparison to earth, and exerts a lot of force on the entire planet as we rotate together. If the moon wasn't tidal locked it would have a liquid core as well. basically as the moon and earth move/rotate the force direction changes, causing movement/heat.

Also there is a theory that long before life there was no moon, and we captured it after it collided losing it's core with the rest of it's mass trapped in orbit. If this happened it wouldn't invalidate the moons tidal forces keeping our planet hot and gooey on the inside.

Comment Re:How much would you pay? (Score 1) 308

Well it depends, I have a Raspberry Pi 2 that I bought for the purpose of replacing the 10 year old computer I had attached. Only thing is, it couldn't replace it.

No Hulu, No NetFlix, and no Web/HTML/Flash video's. Which is ~2/3's of the media watching now days. Kind of sucks having a bit of "new" hardware that can't do what it was bought for. If this windows 10 can do those things it might have something.

Comment Re:Buyback of stock is another illusion (Score 1) 273

It doesn't help that stock prices are more about perception of the company than it has to do with value, so the value of a stock is a bit of an illusion, but I wouldn't call stock by back as an illusion of growth.

Yes it helps manipulate the stock price to a very small degree, but that's at a real cost, not just an accounting trick where you move numbers from one column to another. It's a cost to the company yet it's value remains the same, only Earnings Per Share change. Some companies often do this to offset EPS dilution from employee stock options.

It's more like a rechargeable battery. You need cash to expand, sell off company stock. Have cash and stock is valued low, buy back stock.

Planning a flop product/Press Release so that they can buy back stock at bargain prices would be a different beast.

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