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Comment Re:Systemd, WTF? (Score 1) 167

Systemd almost make sense, and at least stated by solving a problem. It's what they are doing on the network side that's more messed up. And of course NetworkManager that has no place in the server environment.

Systemd at least started by solving a problem. What problem was being solved by changing the ethernet naming scheme?

Comment I've got one, but (Score 1) 100

I've tried doing this, using various open source projects. I find it lacking, if others have more input to add that'd be great, but my findings... Sadly there are some windows/closed solutions that work better.

To start it all starts with speech recondition engines, called, STT, Speech To Text. Pocketsphinx, I haven't found one that really works. (you could "for limited use" use google's, or apple, but I'm excluding those two) has a dev one you can use pretty much unlimited that I find very inaccurate.

Then you need some engine to process and has out the text to form the work. Jasper, Simon, Mister House, etc. Mostly good enough and is easy enough to make or alter yourself. You can even pipe to wolfram as a last resort.

Now you need a Text To Speech, (TTS) while you can get good enough with espeak, MaryTTS is better but very slow and is java.. slow as crap on RPi's.

Hardware from x10, Insteon, raspberry Pi's, etc. Some notes:
Raspberry Pi's don't quite have enough resources, also lack audio input.
I have yet to find a microphone under $50 with any engine that I find "works". By works I mean not limited to very low noise and with in 3 feet. The real solutions you need a microphone that's really an array of microphones.
The hardware for home automation, IMO, Insteon is best, but not cheap.

Side things, look up magic mirror, Facial recognition.

So yea, can do lots of cool stuff, but most STT sucks, and without that you can't really get the rest past novelty.

Comment Re:More to CPUs than just CPUs (Score 1) 113

It's all the chipsets fault. There are lots of motherboards for AMD, what is lacking are good chipsets.

While AMD updated their APU chipsets,they did little for the chipsets that was built for their then flagship CPU's since 2008. Not updating them for bulldozer or later for piledriver, and not since.
No PCIe 3 or USB 3, shrinking of die, improvements to hype-rtransport.

So their should be some serious talk about the chipsets to support the Zens, hearing nothing means nothing new, minor update to existing...

Comment Re: 75% of california's poeple are brain dead (Score 1) 393

Much of California(Cali) is great for growing plants. It's land is futile unlike a desert. What it doesn't get a lot of is rain, it depends on water shed from mountains, sometimes causing floods.

Most of Cali's water is coming from watershed not groundwater. This water rather than being allowed to flood, or head strait to the ocean, is being diverted, stored, and used differently, optimally. It can even grow better than the wetter states with more sunshine and great soil and milder winters.

As an old Cali native, let me enplane a little of what's happened.

The Good farming areas prosper and grow. Little of the farming land slowly turns into homes. Jobs happen, the bay area growth explodes as people move from across the country, the cost of living is skyrockets where people are willing to commute 1-2hr from the cheaper faming places. Those farming lands turn into suburbia even though they are built in flood zones. Then silicone valley happened and and the above happens times 10.

Faming still happens, but making use of less fertile land, further away from the riverbanks, as those area's became cities. Farming was already employing flood irrigation for much of the land anyways, so it's just more of it. The flood irrigation is practically a controlled simulation of the natural flooding that's suppose to happen.

Those Almonds that use so much water is where I grew up. I watched as areas that experience yearly flooding get turned into track homes from the 90's to the late 2000s faster than new schools could be built. This development wasn't just the valley, but further up the hills too. I even saw creeks turned into roadways, and springs capped with pipes leading out of them heading to who knows where.

There has been lots of turmoil from North Cali and South Cali, a lot because of water. but also because the people are so quite different. The big cities of LA/San Fran and their area vs the rest of Cali are very different too. I, and others I knew, where in favor of splitting Cali every time it came up. Much of southern Cali is desert, and is also where much of the population lives with their well watered lawns and swimming pools. Either pumping up the water or taking it from the north. I remember during the 70's when the north was under strict water usage "if it's yellow let it mellow if it's brown flush it down", but the south, where our water was sent, was not.

Think I've lost people, this long post was suppose to be about much of Cali is a great place for agriculture. It lacks rain through out the year, but that doesn't mean it's all desert and the way agriculture uses it is very much like how Cali naturally used it.

Comment Re:Here's a thought (Score 2) 161

I'm unaware of anyone getting 50% from government rebates, and even then its tax rebates(but I'm not seeing expired...).

And that $7500 is a tax credit, most people with families and owning a home would take multiple years to see that back. That's a hidden cost of $500-$1000 depending on interest and number of years.

You're also purchasing a cheap one with very limited range, up to 100 mile range, that will work as a commuter car, would have to be supplemented by use of another vehicle for anything more than 1 hr away. So you're hiding how cheap that car is with another that can do what it can not. The addition of insurance alone will eat up any savings.

Comment Re:Here's a thought (Score 1) 161

Stupid is a bit extreme, but does fit well with a large portion of them.

But along the lines of what others are pointing out.
1. They are what makes it possible for you to even buy used cards only a few years old.
2. Standard of living includes the car.
3. I will give the cost of the loan could be lowering their standard of living, especially those always in new cars....

However, I am with you in buying the few years old, but hold on onto them longer than you. When I've been asked about getting an electric car, I tell people not until there's a good used market. Same with the LED/LCD TV's and other luxury items.

Comment Fix the limit of USB 2.0 and 1G ram (Score 2) 134

Since raspberry Pi 2, the CPU hasn't been the weakest link, but then my use of the device isn't classroom, but home server, or connected to a TV. But I was very disappointed in the improvements in the 3 as it addressed non issues.

The single USB 2.0 bus really limit things. All IO sharing ~35MB/s . Even a single USB 3.0 bus would be 10x increase. After that it's RAM. I know these are constraints based on the chips you can get cheap, but any chance of seeing an upgrade?


Comment Re:Not Really Required.... (Score 3, Interesting) 113

Unfortunately not everyone is as luck as you with their commute, and some people do things on the weekend. 40 mile range is laughable. If it didn't also have gas engine it would sell as well as electric bikes...

What would be cool, is a quick way to add batteries. 150 mile standard, and add/remove battery where you can add multiple 25lb batteries under the back seat to get up to 300.

300, which isn't high(comparing to gas) is respectable and 20 min charge times are not much longer than normal fueling.

Comment I really really really wish.... (Score 1) 426

I wish the add block and host files communities would work more on the problems than blocking everything under the sky.

If we only blocked the abusers, then the add companies would have incentives to not be abusing things. As it is right now, they abuse everything they can to get a chance to get things seen, or do tracking.

No flash, scripts, no sounds, no pop ups/unders, no cookies or other tracking. And no hosting of scammer, trick, or malware stuff....

Comment I don't get it, am I missing something? (Score 1) 186

I must be miss something please clarify: My understanding is Theranos product/services are not as good as marketed, not fully vetted, accusations of using the older tech to do much of the testing, and some mistakes found in the lab work. Further, not disclosing secret sauce information and not being very forthcoming with outside requests.

So far, that just sounds like a normal company, so whats the fraud, crimes, etc?

They also lost a lot of business with companies backing out from all the bad press, feeding the spiral downward. It's worth dropped from $9 billion to $800 million but is still more than what's been invested. And now its under criminal investigation.

So this has to be more than it's Edison tech isn't panning out right?

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