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Comment Punctuated equilibrium? (Score 1) 461

I may have misunderstood the findings, but the rate that these bacteria evolve sounds an awful lot like data to support the theory of punctuated equilibrium. I would sure like to hear fellow /.'s opinions about this, rather than the same old creationist metadiscussion that we have every single time there's an article about evolution up.

Comment Re:Well... yeh. (Score 1) 661

Have you considered that dieting just isn't the way to go? What you need is probably a shift in lifestyle and eating habits. It's a fact, like your link indicates, that crash diets just don't work in the long term. Almost any dietist will tell you that slow and steady is the one thing that actually works. It sucks, but if you want it bad enough, it's doable. Better, anyway, than convincing yourself that your problem is unsolvable and striking out at anyone who dares to tell you otherwise.

Comment Re:Ummm... Yes? (Score 1) 519

Tell me a single fact that we know *for sure*. There is only ever probability, and the probability that we'll get wiped out from above within say, the next thousand years, is so small that it makes sense to bank on it.

A much bigger issue is whether we as a species will commit suicide.

Comment Re:If you know anything about statistics... (Score 1) 512

I would mod you up if I had points. Instead, I'll leave you this quote from Eve Curie:

We discovered that peace at any price is no peace at all. We discovered that life at any price has no value whatever; that life is nothing without the privileges, the prides, the rights, the joys which make it worth living, and also worth giving. And we also discovered that there is something more hideous, more atrocious than war or than death; and that is to live in fear.

Windows 7 Benchmarks Show Little Improvement On Vista 369

snydeq writes "InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy examines Windows 7 from the kernel up, subjecting the 'pre-beta' to a battery of benchmarks to find any signs that the OS will be faster, more responsive, and less resource-intensive than the bloated Vista, as Microsoft suggests. Identical thread counts at the kernel level suggest to Kennedy that Windows 7 is a 'minor point-type of release, as opposed to a major update or rewrite.' Memory footprint for the kernel proved eerily similar to that of Vista as well. 'In fact, as I worked my way through the process lists of the two operating systems, I was struck by the extent of the similarities,' Kennedy writes, before discussing the results of a nine-way workload test scenario he performed on Windows 7 — the same scenario that showed Vista was 40 percent slower than Windows XP. 'In a nutshell, Windows 7 M3 is a virtual twin of Vista when it comes to performance,' Kennedy concludes. 'In other words, Microsoft's follow-up to its most unpopular OS release since Windows Me threatens to deliver zero measurable performance benefits while introducing new and potentially crippling compatibility issues.'"

Submission + - Shut Down

JoeInnes writes: shut down today, apparently undergoing investigation by the BPI, amongst several other copyright owners. According to the website, all the sites users are undergoing criminal investigations.

Submission + - shutdown by IFPI, BPI

TheRequiem13 writes: "You can see the different descriptions of events and situation from various sources, but the jist of it is:

British and Dutch police shut down what they say is one the world's biggest online sources of pirated music Tuesday and arrested the Web site's 24-year-old suspected operator.
The IFPI said more than 60 major albums were leaked on OiNK so far this year, making it the primary source worldwide for illegal prerelease music.

The page left up is reminiscent of the EliteTorrents shutdown a couple of years ago."

Submission + - Hack My Son's Computer, Please

An anonymous reader writes: Jennifer Granick of Wired News writes in her blog, "Can an elderly father give police permission to search a password-protected computer kept in his adult son's bedroom, without probable cause or a warrant? In April, a three judge panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals said yes. This week, the son's attorney, Melissa Harrison, an assistant federal public defender in Kansas City, will ask the court to reconsider the panel's ruling. At stake is whether law enforcement will have any responsibility to respect passwords and other expressions of user privacy when searching devices which contain the most sensitive kinds of private information."

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