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Comment Re: So completely ass backwards (Score 2) 78

a disturbingly high number of people. last job i had i was a SysAdmin for a manufacturer. everyone salaried had been there 20 - 40 years. they all had dual screen computers or laptops...and printed like there was no tomorrow to take reports around for review. i couldnt get them to stop.

im at a hospital now. less printing in general for some people, but its *required* that patients get some things in print. itll change one day, but not for a while.

Comment Re:Always (Score 1) 765

some companies are actually decent to work for, so i think there are cases where its reasonable to give notice, and others where it is not.

i worked for an MSP. it was a lousy job--the pay and benefits were lousy-- but i was still in college, that part didnt bug me. it was a lousy place to work. good technical people but horrible management. i had planned an out of office day to go on a little vacation, and had it interrupted--so it old myself "well, i want a new job anyway, ill give them 1 weeks notice for that stunt instead of 2"

about 3 months later i had a flat tire in a company car---the company had a dozen vehicles, no roadside assistance or after hours plan. i had to argue with a manager to get help...FIVE MINUTES FROM THE OFFICE!

so i decided i was going to find a job, and then just QUIT. and i did. and when the boss got up with me to ask WTF i was doing i told him "i had to argue with that manager to get help the other day, 5 minutes from the office. god forbid i had been an hour or two away from the office or my home and had to argue with her over this crap, i would have cursed her out until she hung up on me!"

anyway, i left another job a month ago. it was a good place. they were really easygoing and gave me bonus PTO when my kids visited for the summers, and when my father passed away just told me to take the whole week. it was a good place with good people, but i had good reasons to move on. i gave them 2.5 weeks notice. that place deserved it, as much as the other one deserved to get kicked in the nuts.

Comment Re:I've been predicted that (Score 1) 415

i think whats a little more important is that a lot of what we have is built on inequality elsewhere. im not sure how i feel about it sometimes. i like having what i have - a decent house, modest car, good food, im not hurting at all. but even if i had half of what i did id be doing much, much better than people in 3rd world countries that slave away and...well, it's not exactly great

Comment Re:No problem (Score 2) 266

seriously. hospital IT has to lag way behind, often because vendor software doesnt support newer OS versions. I know a medical center that has thousands of desktops and only started rolling out windows 7 last year.

I was an intern there 5 years ago, and i was on the team that was deploying XP SP2 [yes, 2, not a typo] at the time.

many of their software vendors are the frickin worst.

there were some scanner pcs, like for x-rays or MRIs or something, i don tknow what, that ran Windows NT or Win2k--i would not be surprised if some of them were still there.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 1080

it will still have problems without a lot of oversight. look at car manufacturers -- now that is some capitalism, right? they want to make money, they need efficiency, they need talent, they need a work pool, they need a global supply chain...and they need oversight or they will get people killed over a frickin ignition switch or ruin the environment even more than we thought because they will lie about emissions tests and the like.

without oversight other companies would hire child laborers---which we are ok with as long as they arent *our* kids, in *this* country--or theyd give people shit pay and benefits and let the top execs take it all for themselves, or theyd dump chemicals in public water sources or do whatever they want.

capitalism can get a whole hell of a lot done, but i needs a whole hell of a lot of oversight not to fuck up everything in its wake as it moves us forward. i'm scared about the price we are paying for it sometimes

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 1080

to me its been decided by the supreme court. so have gun rights. women can have abortions. people can have guns. honestly i think both suck.

abortion is lousy, but i dont have a problem with it in some cases, and i have a huge problem with the lack of follow up of unfit mothers who can have umpteen fucking kids and raise them poorly to have more kids they will raise poorly.

i dont really like the ridiculous number of guns and gun deaths we have, but its a right and you can have them and everyone has them and people--innocent people--just keep getting shot. god forbid you do anything about the guns, but hey...

innocent people die in car accidents, too, and nobody is up in arms over *that* atrocious figure--we just want to keep our cars. those arent even a right!!

and people die in wars--a lot of people. its way easier to stop abortions and women's rights than it is wars, or cars, or gun owners--so i think people sort of gave up on those things

Comment Re:It should be illegal to geolimit (Score 4, Insightful) 191

i think the real maturation of internet tv is going to come when the exclusive content agreements stop. i thought music was on the way to getting this right, but...its not. you cant quite get everything on one music service, and video is way behind music in getting it right.

hell, i pay the NHL a few bucks a month for gamecenter live, but my local team is blacked out, and national games are blacked out. for the games i *CAN* watch, there are no commercials or half-time commentary or anything. its weird for a game to go to commercial, the tv to go silent, and the screen to say "we will be right back" and worse, theres NO option to pay a few more bucks a month to get my local games, or to get the national events, and i dont like commercials, but its a weird, weird way to watch anything on tv when there is a 2 minute or 15 minute silent intermission.

hell, id pay twice what what i do now to stream it so that i could watch what satellite/cable users can subscribe to, but thats not a thing. its bizarre.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Group! (Score 4, Insightful) 198

i'd say take the position and try to grow it from there, if you need to.
if you need data about configurations, ask for it anytime you need it. if they cant get it to you in a timely manner, complain up a few times, then try to get more access.
sounds like not having to change things is a good way to not get called to fix them, however. also sounds like you are being rewarded and should accept it. maybe you'll find they are open to you doing more once you prove you can continue to handle your duties well.

Comment Re:Johnny can't get a job (Score 1) 133

it seems like, since UofP started, a lot more Unis have upped their game for online-classes to get their standard degree. The local area Uni here let's you do a huge amount of online work for many bachelors and masters degrees at north carolina in-state tuition pricing. I finished my bachelors that way for a couple of reasons and had some pretty good classes that way.

Comment Re:Death to reboots (Score 2) 137

i go to about 1 movie per year, and i went to this because i showed my kids the original last year and they loved it. this did not disappoint, it was lots of fun.

not original, not complicated, not high-brow. not worth discussing its inaccuracies or irregularities. It was a sci fi special effects action flick.

it was dinosaur fights and it was fun.

Comment Re:This is mostly outdated service (Score 1) 280

im a uni student and get msdn-like access to microsoft software, and have even had access to vmware software (mainly workstation, but that was pretty handy)

i like to run servers in a whitebox vmware esxi server for testing things, sometimes just to learn, sometimes because the IT consulting company i work for doesnt have anything i can test in before i do things at a client, and there are times where i am looking to make a chance that might cause a lot of problems if i cant do some quick testing first. without that vmware/ms software i wouldnt have had the skills to get this job at home.

so my plan was to get technet after i graduated and keep it, id pay happily to keep getting server and desktop OSs that i can test with. meh. thanks, microsoft.

ill just have to hope the IT firm im at doesnt ever change their msdn login, as i dont want to be with them much longer....but i would like the software to play with :)

Comment Re:Upgrades aren't cheap (Score 1) 228

the medical group i worked with and sometimes consult for uses EPIC. not all of the clinics like it once they move to it, steep learning curve between systems apparently. never heard anyone bitch about the billing aspect, but they have been using it for several years now and are committed to it across 10 hospitals and dozens of clinics. I wasnt around when the main hospitals originally moved to it, so maybe it was something they had to deal with a while back. As it is now...nobody complains and the medical system is a non profit with revenues over expenses averaging 3 - 4 % annually and they continue to expand.

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