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Comment Re:Bad TV Adjust Box? (Score 2) 184

You can actually create scanlines, focus, tear blur effects etc with pixel shaders with no CPU overhead. It wouldn't be that difficult to take the framebuffer from MAME and use it as a texture to a shader to get any kind of distortion needed really. You could even make it appear as though the game is playing on a curved display.

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 3, Insightful) 626

Maybe some people look at the bigger picture, instead of purely their own selfish interests at that moment in time? Just because the discrimination might not immediately affect them today, it doesn't mean it doesn't affect their staff, family, friends, or the image of America.

Comment Re:Bit Defender (Score 1) 231

BitDefender on OSX is terrible. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone for any reason. It often thrashes the CPU, increasing heat, battery usage, and obviously having a massive impact on disk performance on overall system responsiveness. I've never used it on Windows, and likely never will. Windows Defender has always been fine for me on Windows, I've tried McAfee etc in the past, and they've all been much more trouble than they're worth. I can't deal with the massive performance loss, and strange abnormalities that often impede software testing brought about by AV software meddling in the filesystem and network layer.

There's a reason so many otherwise useful programs try to smuggle AV onto your machine unless you happen to notice it, and opt out. It's because nobody would willingly subject themselves to that.

Comment Re:AV is a joke (Score 4, Informative) 352

Exactly. I do the same, if we get a new PC with commercial AV installed (usually some trial) it's the first thing I uninstall to installing improve disk performance by 50-100%. The Windows 10 built-in AV works fine and doesn't make a PC perform like it has a 5400rpm drive from 2001, instead of a modern SSD.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 2) 142

You know, some people say this, but give absolutely no evidence for the assertion. I use a Windows desktop and 2015 Macbook Pro daily (as well as Linux on servers) and honestly prefer Win10 to OSX. The file explorer is much more intuitive for me, it handles multiple displays much better, and obviously there's whole gaming thing.

I think some Mac fanboys probably haven't used Windows since Win 95, and still think it behaves as badly. It's like me comparing Win10 to OS9 (which was truly terrible - I had to suffer through that!)

Comment "Then Apple Happened"? (Score 2) 130

Er, so MS managed to show off probably the best tool for creatives/artists at a fairly good price - totally bespoke design.

Apple? Another laptop, almost identical in performance and features to the one from 3 years ago, but more expensive, with a retina touchpad instead of a touch screen. Plus they kind of overlooked the fact a lot of people like to plug their phone into their laptops to leech power for charging. So there's a dongle for that.

Yeah, that "happened" I guess...

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