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Comment Re:More Sleight of Hand... (Score 1) 17

BSL seems like more of the same to me.

Monty has had a habit of playing silly buggers with the GPL (and FOSS licensing in general) right from the earliest days of MySQL - he wanted the PR and code-contribution benefits of the GPL but liked to deceive people that, even though mysql was GPL, a commercial license was required if the software was used for commercial purposes. This lie was pushed for many years on the official mysql web site, in documentation and other support material, and by mysql employees on forums and mailing lists.

On second thoughts, BSL isn't just more of the same. It's worse than that. BSL isn't a Free Software license covered with lies to confuse people, to trick them that it isn't actually Free Source, that they don't have the rights granted to them by the license. It's a non-open license with lies to pretend that it is open.

I'm as amused as anyone that Monty scammed $1B out of Sun/Oracle and then went on to build another company based around the exact same software he sold to them. But that doesn't make him a nice or even likeable person, or ethical, reputable, or trustworthy...or anything else but a scammer. Just another self-serving businessman.

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Journal Journal: Javascript Frameworks are Broken 1

Hint for any advertising-supported blog or news site: Cut back on the number of your Javascript framework supported advertisements.

Yes, the average client computer has more than 4GB of memory nowadays, but that doesn't mean people's browsers can re-download the same framework elements 20,000 times and hope that the article they're trying to read will ever load.

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