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Comment this is just a bogus scial engineering stunt (Score 1) 483

microsoft are trying to get win10 refuseniks to panic at the "loss" of their free "upgrade" option and voluntarily upgrade while they still have the chance.

In a few weeks, they'll "have a change of heart" and decide to continue offering it for free after all, and continue with their increasingly aggressive attempts to force people to install their spyware whether they want it or not.

expect them to go way beyond just trying to sneak win10 in to unrelated updates, if they haven't already, they'll soon start issuing win7 updates that introduce subtle instabilties. of course, this will partially flop because it'll be hard to distinguish from normal operation.


disclaimer: i use win7 solely for gaming and nothing else (and i don't allow my banking or credit card details to go anywhere near windows* - all steam etc purchases are done from my linux macine). There are some features from win10 that I wouldn't mind having, but not at the price of advertising, spyware, and other malware built in to the OS, and the inability to disable useless features like cortana (which is partly spyware and partly useless-i-have-no-fucking-need-or-desire-for-voice-control), or the inevitable transition to a walled-garden app-store (with other vendors increasingly locked out).

steam on linux is becoming an increasingly viable alternative to win7. by the time win7 is completely unusable, there's a reasonable chance I can convert my gaming machine to steam on linux (or steam on linux plus wine - i used to use wine exclusively for games until i built a win7 gaming box, most games worked fine).

* or android, either. there's no way i'm trusting either google or an insecure and easily lost or stolen device like my phone or tablet with my credit card, financial or other private/confidential information. I'm not missing anything, ignoring the uninstallable google apps, almost every android app i use is GPL or MIT/BSD or other free software anyway.....and 90% of everything is crap. In the case of app stores, it's 99.999999%.

Comment Re: This is why we shouldn't work with women (Score 1) 407

There was that one time... I was at a party and joked to my buddies "Why do people always say they're going to pick up a woman, but they never do? This is how you pick up a woman.", then turned around, grabbed the nearest cutie and thew her over my shoulder.

Then I carried her out of the apartment, down the street to my apartment building, up the stairs and through the apartment, threw her on the bed, tore her clothes off and fucked her brains out.

I never actually asked her for consent, but she was giggling the whole way there, so, I dunno... does that count?

Comment This is why we shouldn't work with women (Score 0, Troll) 407

The fact that women can and do tear down entire, functional and productive organizations and destroy mens careers like this with some tears and stories is why they shouldn't be allowed to participate in the first place.

If he assaulted you, you should be down at the police station with wounds you received defending yourself. If you didn't defend yourself, then quit asking us to take your claims of assault seriously.

This shit has to stop. These bitches need to start being publicly identified and shunned, along with the organizations that coddle them.

Comment Re:Yes, he says to choose the narrow gate (Score 1) 10

Seems like it at my parish. Of course, with the way the folk group bounces between Latin, Spanish, Tagalog, English, and all the others in Malo, Malo; you'd never miss Whoopi.

We've had some seriously tense discussions at my parish over a couple of Archbishop Sample's recent radio shows on the subject of Sacred Music in the Liturgy- especially seeing how often Dan Schutte features in the 8:30 Mass (yes, complete with the hymn he ripped off from My Little Pony).

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