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Comment Trump's opposition to globalism is wise. (Score 1) 128

What says that globalism, as practiced & supported by his opposition, is inevitable? The fear of Trump shows that jobs can come back with his kind of citizen-first policies.

Those people who you call "rubes" are wiser for rejecting your clerisy - as the country has been worse for blindly accepting globalism. Citizens have rejected the false promises, especially those centering around trade, as they have only seen harm.

Comment Re: Really, this happens in America? How?? (Score 1) 179

Proposition 13 froze the property tax rates of all homeowners in the 70s, and leaves them uncorrected for inflation. It basically creates a landed gentry, where you move in and pay the property taxes of your neighbors. I was angry about it and refused to buy a house in California, which turned out to be a good decision. I used to have a "repeal Prop 13" bumper sticker for a while, but when I would leave the car parked, people kept keying the car all round the front and back and ripping or tearing off the sticker.

Submission + - Twitter Permanently Suspends Milo Yiannopoulos (

sethstorm writes: After being unverified and temporarily suspended multiple times, Milo Yiannopoulos has been permanently suspended — due to allegations of targeted harassment and hate speech. While he is no stranger to controversy, Twitter has been known for punishing right-leaning individuals while giving a pass to harassment of Republican politicians.

Comment Items as well for Ingress (Score 3, Informative) 80

Some sponsored game items:

AXA, an insurance company, sponsors a shield item.
Mitsubishi's financial group (MUFG) sponsors an "interest bearing container" that randomly duplicates items
Softbank, a Japanese mobile phone network provider, sponsors a link booster.
Lawson, a Japanese convenience store chain, sponsors an energy cube booster.

Comment Re:Exactly why is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 268

Wow. A human being, in a free country with free speech, is going to speak at a public event. *Why* is this news?

It's news because so few human beings want to speak at this event. They're having trouble finding people willing to show up.

Sarah Palin is staying home. Ted Nugent has turned down invitations to appear. Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kid Rock are going to be in Cleveland but are "too busy". They almost snagged Mike Ditka but he chickened out. A spokesman for Ben Sasse from Nebraska announced "Sen. Sasse will not be attending the convention and will instead take his kids to watch some dumpster fires across the state."

The glory days of Clint Eastwood yelling at an empty chair are long gone- he isn't going either.

Comment Re:This is largely a myth (Score 1) 268

Hillary is a lot like JavaScript- you hate her, you love to complain about her, but you have to go with her because there really is no other option, at least not in the near future.

Bernie Sanders drew in two separate contingents of people who dislike HRC: Liberals who consider Hillary to be too conservative, vs. conservatives who couldn't stomach any of the clownish GOP candidates and who saw Sanders as a lifeboat. The liberal faction will hold their noses and vote for Hillary, while the conservative faction will hold theirs and vote for Trump. Sanders was a much more viable candidate, and did better than Hillary in every general election matchup poll, simply because he was able to siphon away a lot of voters from Trump.

Hillary strikes people as dishonest and disingenuous partly because everything she says sounds like it went through a committee. (Meanwhile Trump is tweeting in his underwear.) She likes insipid platitudes: "We're problem solvers, not deniers." "We don't hide from change, we harness it." "We can reform our government and revitalize our democracy so that it works for everyday Americans." etc. etc. etc. It sounds out-of-touch- she hasn't realized that people are sick of politicians always saying shit like that.

But the scandals associated with her are as boring as she is. They only gain traction because she doesn't know how to handle scandals. It's infuriating to watch her keep trying to sweep stupid little stuff under the rug even as it's being pulled away from her. Instead of handling things during one news cycle, she cops to things bit by bit by bit by bit... giving her detractors a prolonged orgasm.

Four Americans died in the Benghazi embassy attack- but let's get some perspective here. During the GWB administration, 60 people were killed in 13 embassy attacks. (All those attacks were one-day stories- since back then, nobody wanted to "politicize a tragedy".) The Benghazi investigations did uncover Hillary's email scandal- but seriously, why are we surprised that a 65 year old woman who still uses a Blackberry doesn't understand how to use email?

In 2007 the investigation of the U.S. Attorney firing scandal ground to a halt once it turned out that the GWB administration had conveniently "lost" five million emails relating to it, in violation of federal law. That's five million, with an "M", about a thousand times as many that were lost by Hillary. But that was also a one-day story- the Bush administration defused its scandals deftly.

People characterize Hillary's email ineptitude as reflecting poorly on her lack of judgment, and there's something to that. But she's running against a guy who just released a campaign logo showing the letters "T" and "P" having anal sex. At least the "T" was the one doing the pitching, not the catching, but it still shows a lack of judgement on his part as well.

Both of these two are narcissists. But they're different flavors of narcissism. She's opportunistic and careerist. But Trump has narcissistic personality disorder which is much more serious. All he talks about is Donald Trump, all his stories involve Donald Trump, and his press conferences are 100% about who is and isn't saying nice things about Donald Trump. He refers to himself in the third person. That's a big red flag right there.

Comment Does this sound like anyone we know? (Score 2) 268

This is from DSM-V:

The essential features of a personality disorder are impairments in personality (self and interpersonal) functioning and the presence of pathological personality traits. To diagnose narcissistic personality disorder, the following criteria must be met:

  • A. Significant impairments in personality functioning manifest by:
    • 1. Impairments in self functioning (a or b):
      • a. Identity: Excessive reference to others for self-definition and self-esteem regulation; exaggerated self-appraisal may be inflated or deflated, or vacillate between extremes; emotional regulation mirrors fluctuations in self-esteem.
      • b. Self-direction: Goal-setting is based on gaining approval from others; personal standards are unreasonably high in order to see oneself as exceptional, or too low based on a sense of entitlement; often unaware of own motivations.


    • 2. Impairments in interpersonal functioning (a or b):
      • a. Empathy: Impaired ability to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others; excessively attuned to reactions of others, but only if perceived as relevant to self; over- or underestimate of own effect on others.
      • b. Intimacy: Relationships largely superficial and exist to serve self-esteem regulation; mutuality constrained by little genuine interest in others' experiences and predominance of a need for personal gain.
  • B. Pathological personality traits in the following domain:
    • 1. Antagonism, characterized by:
      • a. Grandiosity: Feelings of entitlement, either overt or covert; self-centeredness; firmly holding to the belief that one is better than others; condescending toward others.
      • b. Attention seeking: Excessive attempts to attract and be the focus of the attention of others; admiration seeking.
  • C. The impairments in personality functioning and the individual's personality trait expression are relatively stable across time and consistent across situations.
  • D. The impairments in personality functioning and the individual's personality trait expression are not better understood as normative for the individual's developmental stage or socio-cultural environment.
  • E. The impairments in personality functioning and the individual's personality trait expression are not solely due to the direct physiological effects of a substance (e.g., a drug of abuse, medication) or a general medical condition (e.g., severe head trauma).

Tell me that doesn't send shivers down your spine.

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