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Comment Re:Ads. (Score 1) 95

3rd party clients and the official client run through different protocols. At the end of the day someone has to ensure it works day to day and after any software / hardware update. I wouldn't be surprised if the servers running this stuff are getting towards the end of their lives anyway so replacing them would be an expense. Point being there are valid reasons they might wish to shut it down.

Comment Re:I could not agree more (Score 1) 451

Bubble sort is something that should stick in your head like mental debris simply because you should have been exposed to it as a computer science student. It's like any number of other things from the standard curriculum that "smart people" seem to be ignorant of.

It's more along the lines of did you go to school for this? Did you attend class? Did you actually pay attention?

If you've forgotten everything you've ever been taught in the life just what value do you think you bring to any team?

Comment Re: Editors, you stripped the original title (Score 1) 511

Except some women like being grabbed by the pussy and will happily accommodate you given the right conditions. They have their own free will and sometimes they make choices you don't approve of. THAT was the whole point of the anecdote that certain people get their panties in a bunch over.

Screeching modern feminists have a problem accepting the idea that they can both be respected and a sex object. This is a pretty sad 50s idea really.

They want to control women's bodies every much as religious old men do. They just use a different pretense to come justify their actions.

Comment Re:Uber's angle should be obvious (Score 1) 318

I'm being facetious of course. The reality is that cab drivers, hackney or minicab should be held to a standard suitable for someone operating public transportation. That should being able to speak the country / area's language, pass a police background check, receive certain health & safety training and be driving a fully insured, taxed and inspected vehicle.

It's not hard to understand Uber's angle in all this. Foreign speakers represent a rich seam of low wage workers who they can exploit to run their service.

Comment Just what I want (Score 1) 51

When I buy a new phone what I REALLY want is a bunch of proprietary, unfamiliar, inconsistent features controlling the most fundamental actions of the phone. That's number #1 on the list of things I look for. Other important features would be a proprietary launcher, dialler and other core applications, infrequent / nonexistent firmware updates (caused by all that customized functionality) and maybe between 5 and 10 crapware apps baked directly into the firmware.

Yup, a phone with all those things is a guaranteed sale.

Comment Re: Good. (Score 1) 346

You call me a moron and yet you couldn't even be bothered to read the thread. Here let me toss you a clue to what I was responding to - "If I'm riding my bicycle down the sidewalk (which is illegal in this city btw, you're supposed to keep to the streets to avoid hitting peds) ". Riding along pedestrian footpaths is illegal practically everywhere which is why the analogy is a fairly reasonable concerning liability / culpability.

Want to triple down?

Comment Re: Good. (Score 1) 346

I think it's you who are the moron if you can't comprehend the point. Someone might not intend to crash into a person but intentionally riding on the pavement means they have culpability. Just as someone might not intend for their drone to drop on someone's head, but flying it over a crowd in a built up area still means they are culpable and held liable.

As indeed was the case with the drone operator. It's not hard to understand really.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 346

Now, in addition to any civil case she may file against me, do I deserve a month in jail?

I would consider riding the pavement and not paying attention to where you going makes you culpable for the harm you caused even if it was unintentional. You might have not meant to cause the accident but it wouldn't have happened without your intentional negligence.

The same for this guy. If there is a law about causing harm through negligence and it carries a custodial sentence, and if it can be shown that flying a drone above people in an area filled with hazards is negligent, then yes he deserves jail.

Comment This seems unlikely (Score 1) 187

SpaceX hasn't even demonstrated the Dragon 2 capsule that can take humans to the ISS, a trip which takes less than half a day.

Apollo 8 took about 6 days round trip to go to the moon and back. The difference in terms of life support (oxygen, water, heat, sleep, toilet), communications, telemetry, etc. are so significant that I wonder how they expect to pull this off in less than 2 years. Maybe they intend to rig the Dragon 2 to only hold a couple of crew and hope the lifesupport is sufficient for the trip around. Though I very much doubt even paying guests would enjoy the severe discomfort of the trip with little to do to occupy their time.

Maybe it's possible but not without delays and jury rigging. I also wonder if Musk is one of the guests himself. I wouldn't put it past him.

Comment Re:Was anyone else imagining... (Score 1) 277

Dr. Freeman worked in the anomalous materials lab, and his team was given a sample of "stuff" and had to figure out what it was based on its observable properties.

This is the opposite case: the material's identity is known, but its properties are not.

Therein lies the rub of anomalous materials: you don't know if the anomalous material will do something unfriendly like detonate when any given test is performed.

Hence, the hazardous environment suit and heavily armored chamber deep underground in an unpopulated desert.

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