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Comment Re:I wonder how much Facebook knows... (Score 1) 183

And this is a problem. There are potential employers, government investigators, etc, that actively use Facebook data when reviewing individuals. If they are relying on Facebook's assumptions about us, they may well be making decisions that affect us based on incorrect data. I get it that many people don't understand why we wish to not be featured on Facebook. We need to educate them. That may include some tough love ("No, I won't be coming for Thanksgiving dinner this year because I do not want to be featured on your Facebook account.") Sometimes, all of your options suck.

Comment The nature of the problem (Score 1) 290

A few dozen emails per day, probably not a problem. Many dozens, or hundreds, of emails per day, somewhat overwhelming.

The question is what's the nature of the problem? Email, in and of itself, is not the problem. It's the number of emails. Are you giving your email address to anyone who asks? I'm amazed at the number of retailers who ask for my email address. Maybe we don't need to give out email addresses like candy.

Beyond that, some people seem to love to spend a lot of their time sending out pointless emails. Maybe we need to set up filters to direct their emails to a separate folder that we skim over, say, once a week. Half, to three quarters, of the emails I receive at work are unnecessary and contribute nothing at all to my work - they typically get deleted post haste.

Comment Re:What is this "work" you speak of? (Score 1) 326

Let me preface this by saying that I know I have a problem.

I make my living writing code. Have done pretty much continually since 1986. I always have at least two personal programming projects on the go at home, and I have a long, and growing, list of projects I'd like to do. If I was unemployed, aside from diligently looking for a paying job, I'd be spending even more time working on my own projects.

I did say that I know I have a problem.

Comment Re:Sadly (Score 1) 326

Windows 10 (hey, it's better than 8)

... for some values of "better", maybe. Looking forward to renting your next OS?

Not in the least. Unfortunately, my target audience, at least for the time being, is mostly Windows-based, so I'm stuck using some form of Windows for now. When I review my comment, I consider it very sad that the best I can say about Windows 10 is that it's better than Windows 8. Am I the only one who feels that our OSes have not progressed, over the past 30 years or so, to the same extent as our hardware has?

Comment Sadly (Score 1) 326

my development desktop machine died (seriously dead) late last year, so I'm using my laptop for now: - MSI gaming laptop - I7, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD - Windows 10 (hey, it's better than 8) - Visual Studio 2015 Since I am planning a new desktop development rig, let me throw the question back to y'all. What do you recommend for Windows development in terms of HW? I want to be able to run multiple VMs simultaneously, so I'm aiming for 32GB of RAM. AMD or Intel? I5 or I7? I want lots of screen space. Would a 4k TV (say, 40 - 50 inch) be preferable to 3 or 4 1K monitors?

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 983

Cop salaries/benefits vary widely across the US. Some cops make not much more than minimum wage. Others do very well indeed, thank-you. Don't assume that the info from one police department translates at all to another, even if they are in adjacent jurisdictions. If I have to choose, I'd rather overpay than underpay as you are more likely to get better candidates if you overpay and you are more likely to reap corruption if you underpay.

Comment Re:My concern (Score 1) 167

That wasn't really my intent. There are, of course, lots of very interesting aspects to the issue. Many of those aspects had already been brought forward and I had no need to reiterate them. As best as I could tell, my point was new. England (not uniquely, unfortunately) does a lot of things that leave me thinking that their politicians believe that "1984" is a textbook rather than a warning.

Comment My concern (Score 2) 167

is that no filter is perfect. There will be both false positives and false negatives. If I was certain that their filter was only going to block porn, I'd be okay with it being on. But I'm quite certain that their filter will block things other than porn, possibly things of interest to me (I recall reports that previous filters blocked websites devoted to breast cancer, for example). So, were I a Sky subscriber, I'd be disabling the filter.

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