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Comment Re:Immediately turn phone off (Score 1) 432

At work, many of our doors require both card and pin. On those doors, the pin pads are randomized. So unless "they" can be close enough to read the keys you are pressing, simply noting the pattern of your finger movements won't help. At the end of the day, there is no 100% perfect security. Even then, I suspect that rubber-hose crypto would defeat your perfect security.

Comment The league owns the equipment (Score 3, Informative) 187

From the summary, the league owns the equipment and provides it to the team only during the game! So the users don't really get to learn to use the freaking things before the games!!! Make no wonder the users hate the things. They have to try and figure out how to use the tools at the very time that they are at their busiest. That's a planning fail on the part of both MS and the NFL.

Comment Don't forget to look at all sides (Score 0) 230

If (well, let's be realistic - in reality) the cars are not properly secured, they will be hackable. That means they will be hacked. Imagine a car on the highway suddenly jamming on its brakes. Or a car suddenly racing down a crowded pedestrian mall. Or an extremist government deciding to limit how far you may drive in a given year. Or limiting where you may drive. Much easier to do so if the cars are all controlled by computers. Until Snowden, people called me paranoid. Now, not so much.

Comment Re:like what? (Score 1) 537

That's an excellent question. There are probably problems that could be solved by technology, but do the relevant techies know about the problems? A previous post mentioned automating testing of, say, TB. Great idea. But how would I, a programmer, know that that particular need exists? I'm not psychic (possibly psychotic, but that's a different issue). If techies are not improving the world, if they're spending their time creating stuff like Angry Birds, maybe they simply haven't found anything more interesting. Or maybe they see a better potential ROI in Angry Birds rather than testing for TB. Solving problems is great. Having a roof over your head and food on your table is better still.

Comment Re:I Lol'ed, did you? (Score 1) 62

Every time I read about some idiot scheme like this, I'm very tempted to write a program that will take a file and randomly (okay, for well known file types, randomly with a bit of intelligence) change a single bit in the file. Wonder if I could sell it for a buck a copy? Think I'd call it NeenerNeener.

Comment Calm down (Score 2) 231

Let's put aside the ethics/morals debate for a moment and consider the math.

To send a spacecraft, using our current technology, to the nearest star would take tens of thousands of years. There is no reasonable expectation that a spacecraft built using our current technology could survive that long, so we cannot simply do this yet. Realistically, we're at least centuries away from being able to do this. That gives us a lot of time to research these planets.

Yay! Rationality!

Comment Because we don't know (Score 1) 470

We don't really understand the effect of mosquitoes on the overall biosphere. Is there something critical to us that relies, perhaps indirectly, on the little buggers? Quite possibly, but there is no one who knows enough to tell us. Better not to go with the nuclear option when we are in such a state of ignorance.

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