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Submission + - Intel Acquires Computer Vision Startup Movidius

Frosty Piss writes: Intel is acquiring computer vision startup Movidius for an undisclosed sum in order to bolster its RealSense gesture-sensing platform. In a blog post, Movidius CEO Remi El-Ouazzane announced that his startup will continue in its goal of giving "the power of sight to machines" as it works with Intel's RealSense technology. Movidius has seen a great deal of interest in its radically low-powered computer vision chipset, signing deals with major device makers, including Google, Lenovo and DJI. "We're on the cusp of big breakthroughs in artificial intelligence," wrote El-Ouazzane. "In the years ahead, we'll see new types of autonomous machines with more advanced capabilities as we make progress on one of the most difficult challenges of AI: getting our devices not just to see, but also to think. The company's Myriad 2 family of Vision Processor Units are being used at Lenovo to build the company's next generation of virtual reality products while Google struck a deal with the company to deploy its neural computation engine on the platform to push the machine learning power of mobile devices.

Comment Who? What? (Score 0, Flamebait) 43

1. Similar domain names have been a scam vector for so many years, if Bleep Whatever is so popular as to attract the ire of these assholes, maybe they should have been proactive years ago and bought up those domains? It's not a huge cost.

2. To be honest, I've never heard of either of these to groups, though the Scam Wear folks seem to be on a suicide mission. On the other hand, when Bleep Whatever vanquishes them, they will just show up under a different brand.

Comment Re:Emergency service call costs (Score 1) 213

In the worst case, they could just unscrew the wires from the thermostat and clip the bare ends together with a clothespin to turn on the furnace. That would at least keep the pipes from freezing and cost $0.

"Smart" thermostats ofter communicate with the furnace / cooling via a cat-6 or some other type of communications cable, they are rarly just a switch. On the other hand, you can often buy them at Home Depot / Lowes, and just install a new one yourself and then maybe reset the old one to factory.

Comment Re: Wow (Score 1, Troll) 343

Seriously true. Of course we have become a pansy "politically correct" society that is afraid of offending anyone and everything. Poor trans-this and LBGTQXYZ thats that can't live outside the bubble without getting butt hurt. Buy the way, I'm gay and have been out for 30 years, so get fucked with your "Oh, another hater" bullshit.

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