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Comment Re:Answer: No. (Score 1) 404

The last time I had to "re-architect" an existing website, I ended up putting in roughly twice the amount of time as the original "architects" (and I use that word very very loosely). Believe me, there's a lot of shit out there that will require a lot more effort to fix than originally went into building it.

Good thing they brought a "lot more effort" to bear then.
Not only more, but higher quality.

Comment Re:Answer: No. (Score 1) 404

True, But...

With Oracle doing JUST the database,
And Google and Redhat handling the server Cloud
and Google fixing the bugs in the existing code or rewriting large segments
it could conceivably get done in time, because it is just a software system with a web presence, not a baby.

Unlike a baby, you can LEGALLY dump the stillbirth into the trash and start over.

Comment Re:How quickly can you bury this? (Score 1) 100

Ask any big hospital in Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago.
Phantoms in the Snow was a political ass covering. Maybe you missed this disclaimer:

The authors acknowledge financial support from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (formerly the Medical Research Council of Canada) for this research.

The southward pilgrimage is rampant and shows little sign getting any smaller. In spite of the Obama administration trying to hide these facts, they become more clear every year.

Its proven such an embarrassment to the Canadian Government that in 2012 they undertook a massive campaign to reduce wait times. They actually made some progress. Then they realized how many major procedures they would have to add, they suddenly got very quiet.

Comment Re:Well that's easily remedied (Score 1) 161

How could one possibly read a web page without copying it?
Its copied to cache the instant you click the link.
Its copied to the screen immediately thereafter.
It stays in cache until I clear it or the cache reaches the maximum size.

You can not post something in public and forbid all copying at the same time. It makes no sense.

Comment Re:How quickly can you bury this? (Score 1) 100

And don't forget that Canada has rationed medical treatments.
There is still a HUGE flow of Canadians down to the States (And even to Mexico) for treatments on their on dime for which they would have to wait years in Canada.

Canada's health care system only works because its close to the US. That will soon stop in Obamacare.

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