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Journal FroMan's Journal: [relationship] Adding a few friends

+ Friend jmorris42 - I've noticed his comments regularly while browsing stories. While agnostic, he is rational and seems to call people on their foaming at the mouth Atheism. This fellow also seems to be a voice of reason when it comes to the Left, socialist, globalwarming, hate Bush crowd here on slashdot.

+Friend GeckoFood - This fellow marked me as a friend a while ago. I've been looking at his journal entries every now. He covers a range of interesting topics.

+Friend RailGunner is no more. Long live RailGunner^WNaqamel. Which I always wind up translating in my mind to Gargamel, which is funny since it is his band's name. I get a mental picture of RailGunner dressed up as a cartoon wizard and all sorts of smurfs on the stage with him.

As usual, when I add or remove friends or set foes, I remind folks that a friend gets +1 to their comments, which is often needed to counteract the group think around these parts. And foes get +0. Just because I don't like you doesn't mean I always avoid you comments. Mainly I mark foes so if I ever sustain I nasty crack to the head I've got a good reference point to say, "Don't think like that."

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[relationship] Adding a few friends

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