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Comment: Re:Here's a question you won't answer (Score 1) 16

by RailGunner (#48172567) Attached to: like hot ice
You know nothing of my family or where I came from.

So here it is in a nutshell:

I worked my ass off working shitty fast food jobs to pay my own way through college, got a degree, and a good job. Had nothing to do with my "family connections" or "white privilege" or any other lame ass excuse used by people that don't have any success.

YOU are to blame for your failures in life. Not your family upbringing, not your race, or any other secondary attribute.

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by RailGunner (#48140873) Attached to: As a conservative, I take full responsibility for ebola
A Christian's generosity wouldn't be so limited either.

Limited? I'm being very generous giving Wendy Davis anything more than a single digit IQ. Her supporters are even dumber.

And you are correct, I'm not a redneck.

But perhaps I should shamelessly rip off a famous redneck....

If you complain about the government mismanaging Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and yet clamor for even more government.... you might be a liberal.

If you complain that people aren't being compassionate when they don't want their taxes raised, and yet give nothing to charity... you might be a liberal.

If you think that it's not OK to kill an animal for food, but that it is OK to kill an unborn baby for convenience.... you might be a liberal.

They almost write themselves....

Comment: Re:Why do so many liberals despise Christianity? (Score 1) 124

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Which is why all those Africa nations that has had so many good Christians go over there and help them for over a thousand years (with no help from those atheists, according to the article smitty linked) is now so prosperous

Once upon a time, young liberal padawan, there was a country called Rhodesia that was the "Breadbasket of Africa", easily producing enough food to make the country a net exporter, and creating 400,000 jobs.

Then a Marxist named Robert Mugabe took over and turned it into a shithole called Zimbabwe.

So don't blame missionaries for trying to help, blame Statists for fucking things up like they always do.

Comment: Why do so many liberals despise Christianity? (Score 1) 124

by RailGunner (#48102127) Attached to: Why do so many liberals despise Christianity?
Simple -- Because Karl Marx realized that religious people would never submit to an all powerful State when they were praying to the all Powerful God. In other words, Christians living their faith, giving money to the poor and other corporal works of mercy don't need a nanny state to take care of them.

Karl Marx's biggest enemy? The Catholic Church.

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